Patient #1 (04/16/20)

The Chinese Communist Party’s lies on the origin of the world pandemic officially known as COVID-19, (China Origin Virus-Identification-2019) or the “novel” coronavirus, are finally being exposed. The truth is now coming to light despite the massive disinformation campaign being waged by Beijing that the deadly bat virus from the horseshoe bat originated in Wuhan’s Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market (the “wet” market) and not from the Chinese government-operated Wuhan Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only some three miles away. The claim forwarded by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is that the bat virus mutated into a species-hopping form that tainted the animals for sale for consumption at the wet market and then individually infected those persons who consumed food from the market. Beijing’s efforts to spin these falsehoods have been tirelessly aided by certain media outlets that have, shall we say, “financial interests” in maintaining a cordial relationship with Chairman Xi Jing Ping (and prefer instead to attack Donald Trump.) China’s spin efforts have also been assisted by the UN’s World Health Organization, whose director-general, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of Ethiopia, was successfully championed by China to ascend to the post in 2017. By then, Ethiopia had become a virtual vassal state of China, both financially and militarily. As China’s backed-candidate, Dr. Tedros has served his patrons well, trumpeting Beijing’s line to the world that the bat virus had no capacity for human-to-human transmission as late as January 14, 2020, when hundred of Wuhan citizens were already stricken and dying from the virus as far back as at least, December 10, 2019, most with no connection to the consumption of food from the wet market. In December, Wuhan opthalmologist Dr. Li Wenliang warned his colleagues about a new SARS-like respiratory syndrome and was jailed by CCP authorities for “spreading rumors.” He was forced to publically recant his warnings about the COVID-19 outbreak, under duress. Unfortunately, he died of the virus on February 7, 2020. Additionally, Dr. Ai Fen, the director of the emergency department of the Central Hospital of Wuhan, also attempted to warn the world about the virus. She disappeared on March 30, 2020 and has not been seen or heard from since.

China’s tale that the virus originated in the Huanan wet market was first challenged by an excellent article by Bill Gertz in the Washington Times on March 30, 2020, entitled “Chinese Researchers Isolated Deadly Bat Coronavirus near Wuhan Animal Market.” Mr. Gertz reported that Chinese government researchers had isolated more than 2,000 new viruses at the Wuhan Lab, including the deadly coronavirus from the horseshoe bat, and carried out scientific work on these viruses just three miles from the wet market that China had identified was the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. The report quoted biosecurity researcher Richard Ebright of Rutgers University, who noted that the Wuhan Lab in question was a biosafety level-2 facility, “which provides only minimal protections against infection of lab workers”, and not a high-security BSL-4 facility more suited for deadly viral research. He stated that “virus collection, culture, isolation or animal infection at a BSL-2 lab, with a virus having the transmission characteristics of the COVID-19 virus, would pose a high risk of accidental infection of a lab worker, and from the lab worker to the public.” Mr. Gertz noted that in recent months in 2019, Chinese state media had touted the virus research at the Wuhan Lab and had lionized in particular the key virus researcher at the Lab, Mr. Tian Junhua, as the leader in bat virus research. A video posted online in December, 2019 and funded by the CCP, boasted that China has “taken the lead” in global virus research (supplanting the United States), and showed Mr. Tian inside bat caves taking samples from captured horseshoe bats and storing them in vials, an activity that was described as difficult and dangerous. Tian reportedly had gathered thousands of bats for research work on bat viruses since 2012. He stated that “bats have a large number of unknown viruses on their bodies” and that “the more thorough our research on bats is, the better it will be for human health.” The video depicted workers in the Wuhan Lab under Mr. Tian’s direction wearing inadequate personal protective equipment and engaging in unsafe practices, according to Mr. Ebright. Mr. Tian stated: “I am not a doctor, but I work to cure and save people.” “I am not a soldier, but I work to safeguard an invisible national defense line”, with the goal of developing anti-viral vaccines. Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, no reference has been made to Mr. Tian or his work. He has not been heard from since.

As of the date of the publication of the article on March 30th, some U.S. and international researchers have dismissed reports linking the new novel coronavirus to the Wuhan Lab, insisting that the virus jumped naturally to humans and then began spreading from person to person. But others noted at the time that a growing body of evidence indicated that the horseshoe bat virus may have been under study in the Lab and escaped, either through an infection of a worker or through an infected lab animal. This theory was amplified by an article in the Washington Post dated April 14, 2020, that revealed a State Department memo from the US consulate in Wuhan from January, 2018, which warned of unsafe and inadequate safety measures at the Wuhan Lab and referred directly to bat virus research, which the memorandum theorized could lead to a “new SARS-like epidemic.” Further, on April 15, 2020, Fox News was able to report with “increasing confidence” from several sources, that the horseshoe bat virus escaped from the Wuhan Lab via an intern – Patient #1, who was accidentally infected within the Lab, then went into the town and to the wet market, and then infected her boyfriend. The CCP’s attempts to blame the wet market are a deliberate campaign of disinformation to deflect blame from the Chinese Communist regime’s negligent operation of the Wuhan Lab! (Remember at one point, China actually blamed the United States, for the COVID-19 outbreak!) No information has been forthcoming of the fate of the intern or her boyfriend. One source suggested that this “could be the costliest government cover-up of all time.” Representative Michael T. McCall (R.-Tx.), the ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, stated “this is one of the worst cover-ups in human history, and now the world is facing a global pandemic” and that “China should be held accountable for the pandemic.”

In the meantime, China had all horseshoe bat virus samples destroyed in the Wuhan Lab, banned all foreign reporters from Wuhan, denied all requests from the US Center for Disease Control and other Western health agencies for access to Wuhan or for any information on the sequencing of the virus, and imposed total censorship on any information on the origins of the virus, without prior approval from the Communist party. Furthermore, the CCP cornered the world market in protective face masks and made a veiled threat to halt life-sustaining medications and antibiotics, produced in China, from being shipped to the United States. As of this date, the United States has reported 33,490 deaths from 654,343 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with a death rate per one million persons of 102.4, which is greatly exceeded by Belgium at 425.2, Spain at 409.4, Italy at 366.0, France at 256.3 and the United Kingdom at 205.5. In the meantime, China currently claims a mere 3,342 deaths from 82,341 confirmed cases; a death rate of 2.4 per million! These figures bely reports of ill Wuhan residents being entombed in their apartments as soldiers soldered shut their apartment doors, more than 60,000 funeral urns being shipped to Wuhan, 24-hour cremations proceeding around the city and estimates of at least 2,900,000 cases of COVID-19 in the Peoples’ Republic, with an unknown number of death caused from the virus!

Three facts tend to blow a hole into the Chinese Communist Party’s deception about the origin of the pandemic: (1): the horseshoe bat is not native to Wuhan or Hubei province – that particular species of bat lives no closer than 450 miles away from Wuhan; (2): the Huanan market never sold the horseshoe bat for food at the wet market, and (3): with the reopening of Wuhan, the wet markets are back in operation as of April 13th. If the CCP actually believed that the wet markets are the source of COVID-19, would they have allowed these markets to reopen?

Only on January 21st did the CCP official organ, the Peoples’ Daily, mention for the first time a human-to-human transmitted respiratory coronavirus epidemic and Chairman Xi’s actions to fight it. Two days later, Mr. Xi ordered the Peoples’ Liberation Army to cordon-off Wuhan and the entire province of Hubei; some 65 million people, almost the population of the United Kingdom. All domestic travel and commercial traffic in and out of the province was forcibly halted, however, curiously, international travel out of Wuhan’s international airport proceeded unabated, during the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, amounting to some five million unscreened people! There were three direct flights a week from Wuhan, China to Milan, Italy, that no doubt seeded the horrible virus outbreak in Northern Italy as well as the rest of Europe, before the routes were suspended by Italy on January 31, 2020, the same day President Trump imposed a travel ban on China and then upon the E.U., ten days after the first novel coronavirus case was reported in the State of Washington.

Communist China’s increasingly apparent complicity in negligently causing the release of this new pathogen into its own country and then, through its unpardonable cover-up, through the rest of the world, has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, the loss of trillions of dollars of wealth and the interruption and perhaps extinction of millions of people’s livelihoods worldwide. The 21st Century has been predicted by many to be the “China Century.” Will this Andromeda Strain-like pandemic cause a halt to Beijing’s ascendancy? And what recompense can the United States, and the rest of the world, expect from China, for its recklessness, negligence and duplicity?

-The Chicago Patriot

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