This Disastrous Presidency (08/23/21)

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The utter chaos that has descended this week with the fall of Kabul, after Joe Biden ordered the abrupt withdrawal of the last of U.S. armed forces and suspension of all support for the Afghan army; including air support, without first carrying out a planned evacuation of the “unknown” thousands of American civilian contractors, businessmen, members of non-governmental organizations and journalists, the citizens of our NATO allies and those Afghans who had helped us over the last twenty years from the country, has created a totally preventable situation where these unfortunates could very well serve as hostages to the whims of the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Haqqani Network! The 1979 Iran Hostage crisis x thousands! (Why couldn’t the State Department utilize passport records to come up with a fair estimate of the number of Americans currently in the country?) In the irony-upon-irony department, the Taliban forces are led by Kharirullah Khairkhwa, one of the five Taliban leaders freed in 2014 from Guantanamo by the Obama-Biden Administration, and swapped for disgraced U.S. Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl! As President Biden famously conceded in answer to George Stephanopolous’ interview question, the fate of those thousands and of the loyal Afghan population at large, was “priced into the decision” of Biden’s sudden withdrawal! Summary executions and forced “marriages” are now proceeding as Taliban squads are going door to door in Kabul! Beatings of persons, including Americans, who attempt to gain entry to the Hamid Karzai airport occur by the minute! People are being crushed to death in the chaos, as thousands rush the few available gates to freedom, manned by the scant American military presence. Gun battles are taking place around the airport! Those imperiled Americans currently in Kabul have been instructed to “shelter in place” by the State Department until notified to try to get to the airport; the perimeter still held by U.S. forces, ignoring the facts that the roads to the airport are controlled by the Taliban and that the State Department had issued a bulletin that the U.S. cannot guarantee their safety in reaching Karzai airport! (Later, the State Department changed its advisory, instructing Americans not to go to the airport, due to a threat of an ISIS attack!) It has been reported that British, French, German, and even Dutch special forces are proceeding to get their nationals out of the country, unlike U.S. forces, which have been ordered by President Biden to stand in place at the airport and for American civilians to try to reach them! Unbelievable! The State Department bulletin further does not even address the hundreds, perhaps thousands of other Americans that are stranded in the outlying provinces of the country. What will become of their fate? The United States is relying on the goodwill of the Taliban to try to rescue its own citizens??

As of this date, the Taliban has now set the humiliating, non-negotiable deadline of August 31st, for U.S. forces to cease all evacuation operations and leave the Karzai airport, whether or not all who are to be evacuated are rescued, or the U.S. “will cross a red line!” Biden’s move to abruptly and chaotically leave Afghanistan, without any warning or even rudimentary planning, is just the latest in a series of decisions by this weak, frail, often confused, and largely absent president, that seems to deliberately sap U.S. power abroad, or are gauged to set the American people against each other at home:


On July 8th, President Biden gave a speech, reading words from the TelePrompter, where he assured the American public and the world, that his decision to abruptly pull out of the country would not cause the sudden downfall of the government from Kabul – as one pundit put it: “it’s not as if we will pull out of the country on Friday and the Taliban enters Kabul on Monday.” But that’s just what happened, as the President and his press secretary Jen Psaki were both on vacation during this most crucial week! (Have you noticed how seldom Biden is in residence at the White House, with all of the most sophisticated communication equipment at his disposal, preferring instead to “preside” from [the famous basement?] of his home in Wilmington, Delaware?) The Administration is now claiming that this turn of events was totally unforeseen; that Biden was misled by “false intelligence”. However, now the “intelligence community” and the Pentagon are leaking to their favorite conduits in the Press that detailed predictions of what just would happen with such an unplanned, abrupt pull-out of U.S. forces were put before Joe Biden repeatedly and he rejected their advice, instead of relying on an advisory council of one, himself! One must wonder whether the intelligence community, that worked so hard to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump, due to his only crime of being an outsider that wanted to streamline their bureaucracies, are now having buyer’s remorse for their role in installing the doddering Joe Biden!

Once Biden and press secretary Jen Psaki returned to the White House, as Afghanistan was dissolving before the world’s eyes, the president and his flacks predictably defended the decision to pull out of Afghanistan as “just carrying out the withdrawal plan of Donald Trump”, as if this is the first and only plan of President Trump that the Biden Administration was duty-bound to actually carry-out! Biden has since stated that in any event, “chaos was inevitable” (even with proper planning?) and when he gave his first incongruous public address after his return from his vacation on the need for COVID-19 booster shots (as the crisis in Afghanistan was spiraling out of control), he then purposedly strode off the stage, dictator-like, without answering one of the questions shouted even from reliably-handpicked reporters, about the unfolding disaster! Joseph Biden campaigned for president as the seasoned foreign policy expert with fifty years of experience; that “America was back on the world stage.” Of course, that boast ignored the comment of Robert Gates, the former Secretary of Defense who served under both the Bush and the Obama administrations, that Joe Biden had been “wrong on every crucial foreign policy decision over those fifty years!”. Yet, the record shows that Biden did not consult any of our NATO allies prior to his decision to abruptly pull out of Afghanistan (not even an email!) and made his first call about the resulting chaos, to British P.M. Boris Johnson, only upon his return to Washington. The United States now looks weak to its enemies and untrustworthy to its friends!

On Friday, August 20th, President Biden gave a short speech on the situation in Afghanistan, flanked by his “handler” Kamala Harris, that was so full of half-truths, wishful thinking, or outright lies that Jennifer Griffin, the Pentagon reporter from Fox News immediately observed that the speech was riddled “with so many misrepresentations that she did not have the time to perform a proper fact check.” Amazingly, Biden claimed, among many other Whoppers, that there were no intelligence assessments that the Afghan military would suddenly fall apart – ignoring the fact that provincial capitals were falling like dominos in the week beforehand; that “Al-Qaeda no longer has a presence in Afghanistan” – immediately thereafter contradicted by the Pentagon, and that he has received no criticisms but praise from our NATO allies for his abrupt pull-out from the country – as the British House of Commons formally condemned him for his actions!!!

Joseph Biden also repeated the defense that he was merely “carrying out the withdrawal plan of Donald Trump.” Of course, this rhetoric commingles and confuses the decision of whether to finally withdraw from Afghanistan, with how to withdraw from the country! The Trump plan to end American involvement in Afghanistan in no way resembled this catastrophic surrender: first, the gradual pull-out would commence only if the conditions on the ground were favorable and would begin only with the advent of winter, which pretty much closes off all travel for over four months in this land on the spur of the Himalayas known as the Hindu Kush, instead of withdrawing during the heart of the summer as Biden has done. (Of course, Biden was compelled to withdraw from the country during this summer, in order to carry out the cheap political stunt that it was his Administration that got us out of Afghanistan as of the twentieth anniversary of 9/11/01, not contemplating that the flag of the Taliban would be flying on the roof of the U.S. Embassy as of that date!!) The Trump plan of beginning the draw-down at the advent of winter would have thus have given the Afghan government months to consolidate its armed forces and administration before the “Afghan fighting season” commenced. Secondly, the Trump plan called for the invitation to the Taliban to join in a coalition government with the Afghan government to attempt to include all factions in governing the country. Lastly, and most importantly, the Trump plan called for the continuance of a small, but lethal American military force to remain in the country at the vast and virtually impregnable Bagram airbase, which would have included airpower, to act as an “umpire” to ensure that the Taliban would “behave” in this coalition government. (Why the Biden administration abandoned the Bagram base in favor of the largely indefensible Kabul airport is inexplicable!) President Trump made it clear in his negotiations with the Taliban leadership that should they get out of line after a coalition was formed, or if one American was harmed, that the Taliban and its radical allies, would immediately be struck long and hard!

Joe Biden’s decision to abruptly pull-out of Afghanistan, without regard to the Americans now trapped in the country, as the Taliban controls all roads to the Kabul airport, let alone the thousands of Afghans, and their families, that had aided the United States over the twenty years and the soon-to-be enslaved women of the country, is a signal to the world that the United States is in the decline, does not stand up for its allies and will invariably cut and run. Afghanistan will revert to what it was before September 11, 2001, a haven for Islamic terrorism and base for the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the Haqqani Network, only now the threat to America will now be greatly amplified with the terrorists now supplied with billions of dollars of American weapons and military equipment that were left behind due to the chaotic withdrawal from the country and, our now wide-open Southern border!

China state-run media has already started a propaganda campaign aimed at Taiwan that the United States will not support its defense of the island should Beijing finally move against the remnants of the democratic and capitalist Republic of China. With Joe Biden in the White House, the temptations of Xi Jing-Ping can only be mounting! The same temptations will urge Vladimir Putin to further subvert Ukraine, Kim Jong-Il to “reunite” the South, and the mullahs of Iran to accelerate their nuclear program with the goal of annihilating Israel. In the meantime, neither the Chinese nor the Russian embassies in Kabul have been evacuated, a clear sign that these adversary powers have reached a deal with the Taliban. The alteration of the political dynamics of all of Central Asia and beyond, by America’s chaotic and unplanned withdrawal from Afghanistan is incalculable!

Much has been said that it was time to end this “twenty-year war.” Yet it is a fact that not one American service person had been killed in Afghanistan in the last eighteen months. America has remained in Korea since 1950. Are we still involved in the “seventy-one year Korean War?”

Biden flack Jen Psaki made a revealing comment in her first press conference after her return from her ill-timed vacation: that the U.S. will now undertake to accept thousands of refugees from Afghanistan including (in order!), “Afghans, U.S. citizens, and other endangered groups.” Note that “America First” is never a thought that crosses the minds of these people! The chaotic departures from Kabul of these refugees to date, seem to have been carried out without any vetting of who are, in actuality, going to be “processed” to be admitted to the country, and who may now try to infiltrate from the wide-open border with Mexico. Citizens of over 60 countries have been processed entering the United States from Mexico due to the Biden Administration’s conscious decision to erase our Southern border. Why wouldn’t members of the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, or the Haqqani Network be among those infiltrating, without the welcome of the Border Patrol, across the Rio Grande?

The Border Crisis:

Among the first decisions taken by Joe Biden, on the day he ascended to the presidency, was to enact the constitutionally dubious Executive Order to halt the construction of the border wall, which was legally appropriated by Congress and signed into law by Donald Trump, which has resulted in large gaps in the unfinished wall that serve as inviting ports of entry for illegal migrants entering the country, and his Executive Order to end the highly successful “Remain in Mexico Agreement” that Trump had made with Mexican president Obrador, that required migrants claiming asylum to remain in Mexico as their claims were being adjudicated. As current U.S. immigration laws only allow asylum in the United States for political or religious persecution and not for economic hardship – “I want a better life for my family” is not a legal justification, the statistics have shown that few asylum seekers have a viable legal claim. However, with Biden now in charge; who famously stated that he wants open borders because “I Am a Nice Guy”, the Border Patrol has been ordered to welcome asylum seekers into the country rather than for them to wait in Mexico for a determination of their claims. Reports have shown that due to the enormous crush of individuals seeking asylum from all over the world that have stormed the border and not just from Mexico and Central America, only some have been given a summons for a court date with an immigration judge, while most are merely released into the country and instructed to call for a court date once they have settled in the U.S.! Along with Biden’s other executive order that halted deportations by I.C.E. (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), this influx of illegal aliens into the United States will not be stemmed soon.

A large percentage of these migrants have been trafficked across the desert to the border by ruthless Mexican drug cartels, who often extort the life savings from these individuals as a fee for their “services.” Many souls have perished in this dangerous journey, including many children, others have been left for dead and abandoned in the desert. Further, a large percentage of the female migrants, including minors, have been raped during the journey by ruthless cartel operatives, or assigned against their will to serve as sex slaves once they have entered the United States. In addition to profiting from this “trade”, of which this allegedly so-caring Administration is well aware, the cartels have additionally taken advantage of Biden’s choice to erase our national sovereignty at the border by smuggling huge quantities of illegal drugs into the United States, including heroin, cocaine, and especially fentanyl, of which even a tiny dose could be fatal. The fentanyl is produced by Communist China, which has partnered with the Mexican cartels to smuggle this dangerous drug across the now wide-open border, in a most devious way of carrying out chemical warfare against the United States! Yet the Biden Administration does not seem to care as overdoses mount, choosing the ideology of open borders for cheap labor for their corporate donors and altering the electorate to the apparent advantage of the Democratic party, over safety, security, national sovereignty, and even national identity! The heat of the summer Southwest, which usually coincides with a drop in border-crossing attempts, has not abated the crush of migrants. Almost 200,000 migrants have been “welcomed” by the Border Patrol in July alone, this figure of course does not include the thousands that surreptitiously crossed the border, including MS-13 gang members previously convicted for murder, rape, and other violent felonies! Over one million illegal aliens are expected to breach the border this year alone! Further, over 15% of those that have been processed by the Border Patrol have been found to be positive for COVID-19! Yet, the Biden Administration has enlisted the Border Patrol and even the military, to transport these individuals, even those that are COVID-positive, in the dead of night into the interior of the country; often to Texas and Florida, without notice to local governmental officials. Border towns and the states that they are located in are swamped, COVID infections are up in all areas where migrants have been placed, illegal aliens are trespassing on the properties of American landowners along the border on an hourly basis, violent crime is soaring and hospitals are overwhelmed! The educational and welfare systems will next feel the brunt as local tax structures will collapse!

Biden’s oath upon taking office to “faithfully execute the laws of the United States” has been repeatedly breached on this issue, as on a plethora of others! It seems that the ultimate goal of the Democratic Party and the Left is to create chaos in the United States. In this, they are succeeding!

Politicization of COVID-19:

The relentless politicization of the COVID-19 pandemic by Joseph Biden, Kamala Harris, the Democratic Party, and their allies in the Mainstream Media, that without doubt caused the defeat of Donald Trump, has continued unabated. The Biden Administration has refused to acknowledge that the Phizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines were developed in “Manhattan Project-like” record time by the Trump Administration during Operation Warp Speed! Before the election, both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had famously stated that they were not going to receive the vaccine as “they didn’t trust Trump”, as if Donald Trump was personally wearing a white lab coat and mixing the vaccine ingredients! (And they wonder why a significant segment of the population is now skeptical of receiving the jab, a large percentage of which are Democratic-voting African Americans!) Yet after their election victory, both Biden and Harris received the Trump vaccine!

Before the onset of the Delta variant of the Coronavirus, the Biden Administration attempted to claim sole credit for the effect of the (Trump) vaccines on the suppression of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths from COVID-19! However, with the increase in infections with the Delta virus, Biden and his Media lackeys have switched the blame for the cause of the increase in infections to Republicans: – the 74,000,000 Americans who voted for Donald Trump, in general, who are claimed to be the center of the rabid anti-vaxxers, and Republican politicians in particular, specifically Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, being the most apparent threat to Democrats holding on to the White House in 2024, should Donald Trump choose not to run for a second term. Yes, Joe Biden has promised to “bring us all together!”

As far as the first canard goes, statistics have shown that, as of late May 2021, 37% of the population of the United States remained unvaccinated, for whatever reason. Within that figure, 29% between the ages of 18 to 29 and 41% between the ages of 29 to 50 remain unvaccinated- certainly, the first group is not part of the core of the GOP voting block. In contrast, over 14% of the Black population and over 19% of the Hispanic population remained unvaccinated, both groups of which are reliable Democratic voters.

The attempt to hang the blame on the rise of Delta variant infections on Republican leaders and specifically on GOP governors such as DeSantis, for which there is no documentary proof, centers on the debate on whether or not to shut down local economies to try to stop the virus, on whether or not to issue governmental mandates to compel the wearing of masks indoors and to force children to be masked while attending school, and now recently, on the drive to compel unvaccinated Americans to be forced to be vaccinated, whether by governmental decree and now recently, by private corporations, with those who refuse to be vaccinated to be shunned from society!

Almost invariably, those who have advocated for forced lockdowns, masking, and vaccinations since the pandemic began are Democrats and Leftists, while those who champion the freedom to make a living, the freedom to choose whether or not to take the vaccine, and the freedom to utilize common sense in determining in a particular situation whether to wear a mask or engage in social distancing, are Republicans. The American people have been hectored for over a year and a half by the Left to “follow the science.” Yet, science has shown that individuals who had contracted COVID-19 and recovered, and have natural immunity far superior to the immunity gained from vaccinations, are discarded by the vaccine extremists! All must be vaccinated! Further, the documented physical, psychological and educational harm of children wearing masks for long periods are ignored! The unholy alliance between the Biden Administration and the Teachers’ Unions will no doubt condemn the youth of America to another year of being masked, if not be forced to undergo remote “learning” at home! On the issue of mandating vaccines, should not the decision on whether or not vaccination is right for a particular individual, be a decision that should be made between that person and his or her physician, instead of some politician? While the Delta variant has temporarily increased infections but not greatly increased the rate of serious illnesses or deaths in Texas and Florida (with a large percentage of COVID-positive illegal migrants being directed to those two states), few unbiased observers can conclude that the tenures of Governor Greg Abbott in Texas and Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida, and other Republican-administered states, have not been shining examples of prosperity, freedom and fewer hospitalizations and deaths since the onset of the pandemic, in comparison to New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, and California, to name a few; states run by Democratic governors who clamped down on their respective states in every possible way to battle the virus, unsuccessfully, with increased hospitalizations, deaths and untold adverse consequences to their respective economies and citizens! The Biden Administration and its C.D.C., run chaotically by Dr. Rochelle Walensky, are being pushed by the far Left and the Teachers’ Unions to mandate the most extreme of these pandemic measures!

Further, the decision of Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York to order the readmission of COVID-positive nursing home patients back to their nursing homes rather than being admitted to coronavirus hospital wards, caused an estimated 15,000 deaths of these senior citizens in New York. While Cuomo has announced his resignation due to much less “serious” (and politically-charged) reasons, the fact remains that the same orders to direct COVID-positive nursing home patients back into their nursing homes, were also made by the following other Democratic governors leading to untold deaths: Phil Murphy of New Jersey; Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. On July 25, 2021, Attorney General Merrick Garland conveniently announced that the Biden Justice Department was not going to pursue any investigations into whether Cuomo’s order violated the civil rights of the deceased nursing home patients by causing their deaths; this ruling of course also serves to cover the fatal decisions of Democratic governors Murphy, Wolf, and Whitmer! There will be no justice for the families of these unfortunate seniors that will be rendered by the Biden Administration!

Finally, throughout the 2020 presidential campaign season, the Democratic Party, the radical Left, and their lackeys in the Mainstream Media and Big Tech spared no effort in rejecting as preposterous, the claim that the COVID-19 pandemic, that has killed millions worldwide, originated from a leak from the Wuhan, China virology lab, instead claiming, without evidence, that the virus originated as the result of “species-hopping” at the nearby Wuhan wet market! The facts that the Wuhan lab was one of the few laboratories in the world that manipulated the DNA of viruses to make the virus more transmissible and lethal (“gain of function” research) and specifically manipulated the DNA of the coronavirus of the Horseshoe Bat, which was not native to Wuhan but only found in caves 900 miles away, was totally rejected by the Left as utterly irrelevant. The fact that the Horseshoe Bat virus is virtually the exact template for the COVID-19 virus was rejected as inconsequential. The fact that the Wuhan lab had a past poor safety record for viral leaks, and that subsequent to the onset of the pandemic, the Chinese Communist Party erased all records of the viral research conducted at the Wuhan lab and “disappeared” potential witnesses of the research performed there, were rejected as “conspiracy theories” by the Democrats, the radical Left, the Media and Big Tech! Why did the Left expend so much effort to hide the role of the Chinese Communist Party in unleashing this plague upon the world? Because of course, Donald Trump and his administration declared that the evidence showed that the almost certain origin of the pandemic was the leak from the Wuhan lab, and not from some natural cause. Because Donald Trump declared it, it had to be wrong! And China must be shielded from any blame for this worldwide plague so the blame for the coronavirus deaths in America can be placed squarely on the head of Donald Trump! It is now “curious” that the theory that the pandemic came from the leak from the Wuhan lab is suddenly gaining credibility, once Joe Biden has now been safely ensconced in the White House!

Fiscal and Economic Insanity:

On the day he ascended to the office of the presidency, Joe Biden issued an Executive Order canceling the Keystone Pipeline. With a stroke of the pen, over 16,000 well-paying jobs were eliminated. Heartless comments were made that these unfortunate career workers “would just have to learn how to code”. Seven days later, Biden issued a further Executive Order suspending all new leases for oil or gas exploration on federal lands. Gasoline prices soon thereafter rose by an average of at least one dollar per gallon and continue to rise! These actions of Biden effectively ended the United States being self-sufficient in energy production and a net exporter of petroleum, for the first time since the 1960s. Biden’s orders have devastated domestic petroleum production! Once again, America will be dependent on the importation of oil from the Middle East, from countries that hate us. On July 18, 2021, Joe Biden unbelievably asked OPEC to increase production so that the United States can increase its importation of Middle East oil! Donald Trump was very proud of his role in enabling the United States to be self-sufficient in energy production for the first time in sixty years, yet during Trump’s tenure, at the same time domestic petroleum production was mightily revived, CO-2 levels in the United States fell to 1992 levels! Nevertheless, despite that statistic, despite the boost that domestic oil production made to the U.S. economy and reduced the unemployment rate, despite the fact that increased domestic production caused gasoline prices to settle at acceptable price levels, despite the fact that self-sufficiency in domestic petroleum production is a matter of national security, like everything else, Joe Biden had to reverse these Trump achievements!

The Biden Administration crippled domestic energy production, ostensibly to battle “climate change” and reentered the Paris Climate Accords on February 19, 2021. However, the Accords only apply to restrict the economic growth of the developed world, leaving “developing countries” such as India and China (soon to be the largest economy in the world!) not having to comply with the Accords until 2030! Reportedly, China is opening a new, coal-fired power plant on a weekly basis! Then on May 19th, Biden inexplicably waived sanctions to allow the construction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany and Western Europe, effectively making our Allies energy hostages to the whims of Vladimir Putin! So, the Keystone Pipeline is ruinous to the future of the world, but Russia’s pipeline is okay? Joe Biden and his always-inept climate czar John Kerry, obviously haven’t figured out that the earth is a sphere!

Laughably, the Left claims Climate Change is the true cause of the Taliban’s seizure of Afghanistan as well as the real reason for our Border Crisis!

Since Biden has taken office, the dreaded silent tax of inflation has bitten into the weekly income of every American. In addition to the rise of the cost of oil, which increases the price of everything, the inflation spiral has also been exacerbated by the reckless spending and even the threat of future insane spending of trillions of additional dollars in the so-called “infrastructure bill” favored by Nancy Pelosi and the far Left members of Congress, which has little to do with the rebuilding of roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, etc. but what in actuality is packed with the trillions of dollars of the downpayment for the Green New Deal, a massive grant of amnesty for (future Democratic voting) illegal residents, the federalizing national elections laws to make permanent the unconstitutional changes in voting procedures, ostensibly past due to the pandemic before the 2020 election, that invalidates all state laws preventing voter fraud (that cast such a cloud on the results of the election), and ending the independence of the judicial branch by “packing” the Supreme Court.

Politicization of the U.S. Military, “Wokeness”, Critical Race Theory and the 74,000,000 “Insurrectionists”:

Just before the fall of Kabul, Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security, led by Alejandro Mayorkas, release a bulletin that ranked the threat to the homeland posed by terrorists. No, Al-Qaeda, ISIS or the Taliban did not top of the list, neither did the Mexican drug cartels, MS-13, or other unknown individuals sneaking across the now wide-open Southern border, nor did Black Lives Matter or Antifa make the list. No, the top two terrorist threats posing a threat of violence to the domestic security of the United States are, according to Joe Biden’s DHS and in order: (1) those Americans who object to wearing face masks and taking other mitigating measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 and, (2) those Americans who question the outcome of the 2020 presidential election! Yes, once again, Joe Biden promised to “bring us together!”

Among the first of the Executive Orders enacted by Joe Biden upon assuming the Oval Office, was to cancel Donald Trump’s order that stopped mandatory lectures promoting Critical Race Theory in federal agencies, which had been going on without President Trump’s knowledge, and to direct the Department of Education to support the teaching of the “1619 Project” and Critical Race Theory, in public schools.

The 1619 Project, originally written as an essay by radical black New York Times journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, theorizes that the history of the United States actually started in the year 1619 with the arrival of the first African slave to Jamestown, Virginia and that the history of our country did not begin with the American Revolution of 1776, which was racist in origin. Hannah-Jones postulates that the entire social framework and culture of America was, and is, based on the subrogation of persons of color, which persists to the present day, and the roots of this “system” emanated from the arrival of the first African slave to our shores in 1619. Ms. Hannah-Jones also claims that the American Revolution was not fought to obtain the freedoms denied by the British crown; those aspirations set out in the Declaration of Independence and later the Constitution, but to prevent London from abolishing slavery in the colonies, which of course, was at the time part of the British Empire.

The 1619 Project has been almost universally panned and derided by American history professors and professional historians nationwide, which is surprising considering the “wokeness” of American Academia! Hannah-Jones’ thesis cites few if any credible sources to support her theories. For one, the United States of America did not exist in 1619, the importation of African slaves into the colonies originated with the British. There is no basis for her claim that the American Revolution was fought to preserve slavery. While the British did eventually abolish slavery in the Empire, that event did not happen until 57 years after the onset of our Revolution, in 1833. Finally, Hannah-Jones thesis totally ignores the Civil War, in which hundreds of thousands of Americans gave their lives to free the slaves; ignores the constitutional amendments that outlawed slavery, gave full rights to the freed slaves and the right to vote, and ignored the judicial decisions and cultural changes of the twentieth century that corrected many of the Jim Crow laws and attitudes of previous decades that prevailed primarily in the South. Yet, the Biden Administration has supported the teaching of this false hooey in public schools! When one wants to “fundamentally change” a society, one must first erase its past!

Allied with the 1619 Project is “Critical Race Theory”, the current foremost advocate of C.R.T. being Ibrahim X. Kendi. Originally titled Critical Theory, this dogma originated in Europe in the 1920s by Marxists, led by one Herbert Marcuse. The theory was based on the proposition that for communism to spread beyond the newly created Soviet Union, the proletarian working class must be sufficiently agitated about supposed inequalities to rise up against the capitalist landowners and owners of the means of production to spark a Marxist revolution. Critical Theory did not spark the revolutions that it intended in the 1920s and Marcuse eventually fled to America with the rise of the Nazis. He then showed his gratitude for his newly adopted country by attempting to spread Critical Theory in the United States, but shortly realized that in America, the working class generally had it too good to rise up and revolt. He shortly thereafter realized that for revolution to succeed in the United States, race, rather than class, would be the catalyst to achieve a revolution in America. Critical Theory became Critical Race Theory.

Critical Race Theory is based on the simple concept that all White Americans, especially Male White Americans, are inherently Oppressors, based not on their political, cultural, or even religious beliefs, but solely on the pigmentation of their skin, and that all People of Color in America are the Oppressed, also based solely on their pigmentation! The history of America dictates these “facts!” So, in order to rectify these inequities, C.R.T. requires that White Americans must denounce the unfortunate fact that they were born Caucasian, do everything they can to atone for their Whiteness, and must reject their (and here is that term): “White Privilege”, despite the fact that the White individual may have grown up in a more poor or disadvantaged home than the Person of Color who is now supplanting him! Color of skin is all that matters! And Joe Biden has reinstituted C.R.T. lectures in all federal agencies and supports the teaching of the Theory in public schools! No more harmful doctrine to harm race relations can be found, than this crackbrained, maliciously devised theory!

On June 10, 2021, just weeks before the debacle of Afghanistan, Biden’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on another of Joseph Biden’s Executive Orders, to teach Critical Race Theory in the U.S. Military and, to investigate and root out “White Supremacists” from the military, which many interpreted to purge the military of servicemen that had the temerity to vote for Donald Trump! For the first time in memory, the United States military, which has been sterlingly apolitical throughout most, if not all of its history, was now for the first time to be forged as a political weapon for the party in power – the Democratic Party! While during the hearing Secretary Austin had the tact to skirt around this highly controversial subject, General Milley was a little more direct, claiming that his role as the Chairman required him to be versed on various theories: “I studied Marx, but that did not make me a communist” he declared, and then went on to state that he also read Ibrahim X. Kendi’s thesis on Critical Race Theory, in order to understand “White Rage!” While Milley apparently was referring to the January 6th riot at the Capitol about protests that the presidential election was stolen (there were also non-White rioters at the Capitol), the General was also referring to Biden’s E.O. to hunt for White Supremacists from within the ranks! Note that this was the same Chief of Staff who refused Donald Trump’s order to invoke the Insurrection Act to call out federal troops to quell riots that were burning U.S. cities across the country last summer as the result of the killing of George Floyd. Milley recently wrote that he basically singlehandedly stopped Donald Trump from staging a coup! With Afghanistan collapsing only weeks after that hearing, perhaps General Milley and Secretary Austin, should have devoted more time to studying the Art of War, rather than studying Critical Race Theory, “White Rage” and engaging in political insubordination! In any other era, these leaders would have resigned in disgrace!

The U.S. Government, like so much of corporate America, has also gone “woke” with all of the Marxist-based, Leftist theories of anti-capitalism, race, class, social engineering, the anti-growth movement, climate change, gender studies, pansexuality, etc. One must wonder whether the catastrophe in Afghanistan was even minutely caused by the propagation of wacky Leftist theories preached by some deputy assistant secretary for cultural affairs from our embassy to our Afghan allies, on subjects such as “gender fluidity”, or that “men can bear a baby!” If I was a Muhadajeen sitting on the fence, choosing between fighting for the Afghan government or the Taliban, those lectures may just have very well sent me over to the terrorists, right then and there!

On January 6, 2021, an estimated 100,000 Americans marched upon the U.S. Capitol as Congress was set to tally the electoral vote total that would elect Joseph Robinette Biden President of the United States, to protest their heart-felt beliefs that the November 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump. In his speech at the Ellipse on that day, Trump urged the crowd to march on the Capitol and “peacefully make your voices heard” and that “if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.” He did not urge the crowd to breach the Capitol grounds. Of the 100,000 or so protesters, perhaps 700 at best, breached the building when the protest turned into a riot, some by entering through broken glass windows, but many by walking through open doors, curiously welcomed by U.S. Capitol Police! Despite the narrative by the Leftist Media, the protesters were not armed. Despite the narrative by the Media, the protesters were not all White. Despite the narrative of the Media, the vast majority of those who breached the Capitol were peaceful; did not engage in any acts of vandalism, and even walked within the velvet rope lines set out for tourists! Despite the narrative by the Leftist Media, of the five individuals who died during the riot, the only one that was deliberately killed was Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed Air Force veteran who was shot in the neck, without warning, by a yet undisclosed U.S. Capitol policeman, as she attempted to climb through a window into the Speaker’s Lobby. No, U.S. Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick was not “beaten to death with a fire extinguisher”; this claim was endlessly harped by the Mainstream Media for weeks after the riot; he died the following day of natural causes from a stroke.

Donald Trump was impeached, the second time, by the radical House of Representatives led by Nancy Pelosi for the President exhorting the crowd at his rally to “peacefully make your voices heard” and that “if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.” Of course, these words do not even come close to words that are geared and intended to incite a riot, as defined by long-standing case law precedent. Of course, Trump was acquitted the second time by the Senate, though this time, seven uninformed GOP senators voted to convict Mr. Trump for his words!

The events of January 6th have thereafter been endlessly characterized by Democratic Party, the Left, and their lackeys in the Mainstream Media as an “Insurrection that Threatened to Overturn our Democracy”. However, anyone who has studied the history of revolutions and insurrections knows that insurrections are not usually led by “Q-Anon Shamans” clownishly dressed in Chewbacca-like fur outfits and wearing Viking helmets, or morons taking selfies of themselves while sitting in the office chair of Speaker Nancy Pelosi! Insurrectionists come armed to the teeth with the intent to kill! Yet the FBI has spared no effort, nationwide, tracking down every individual who breached the Capitol building that day, and many who did not, and have had these people thrown into solitary confinement in the D.C. prison for months on end, until the present day, without trial and without being admitted to bail. Their crimes? Not treason“, notinsurrection, not sedition“, but “illegally entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds!” Solitary confinement with no bail for that??? Other protesters were summarily fired from their careers by “woke” employers for the crime of merely attending the speech of President Trump or even just being in Washington, DC that day!

Yet, on Friday, August 20th, the FBI announced that it “has found scant evidence that the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was the result of an organized plot to overturn the presidential election result and that the violence was not centrally coordinated by far-right groups or prominent supporters of then-President Donald Trump.” So now, when are the imprisoned going to be released from solitary confinement and admitted to bail by Joe Biden’s Justice Department, to await trials for basically trespass offenses?

Another curiosity of the events of January 6th involves the formal indictments that have charged the protesters that remain in prison. These indictments refer to over twenty alleged “co-conspirators” mentioned in the indictment that are unidentified and their identities are under seal. Could these individuals have been undercover FBI or CIA operatives, exhorting and urging the masses to violence, in order to entrap them into committing the crime of breaching the Capitol grounds? The FBI has utilized these sorts of tactics before, the most recent being the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Joe Biden and his lackeys in the Media have repeatedly characterized the protesters of January 6th as “Insurrectionists” and “White Supremacists”, though many non-White protesters were also present at the rally at the Capitol! He has further gone on to attempt to tar the entire 74,000,000 people who voted for Donald Trump as also “Insurrectionists” and “White Supremacists” – as if the rioters acted as the agents of the Trump voters! As previously stated, Biden’s DHS has recently listed “those Americans who question the outcome of the 2020 presidential election” as the second greatest threat to the domestic security of the United States! So are we all now Enemies of the State??? Once again, Mr. Biden, you vowed to “bring us all together!”

Rising Violence in Democratic-Controlled Cities:

Finally, violent crime is surging across America, with murder, rape, assault of elderly citizens, gang violence, and arson going out of control and property crimes such as looting and now, brazen shoplifting of up to $1,000.00 in merchandise, being all but condoned by Democratic prosecutors and occurring almost exclusively in Democratic-controlled cities! While this crime wave was initiated with the killing of George Floyd, and aided and abetted by Democrat allies Black Lives Matter and Antifa (on call to take to the streets if Trump had been declared the winner!), it has only continued to rise, exacerbated by hair-brained Democratic laws that eliminated cash bail; resulting in offenders being out on the street the next day to continue committing crimes, and the Democrat-run, insane drive to “defund the police.” Since the George Floyd killing, police officers have been leery to properly enforce the law or to take measures to defend themselves, worrying that their actions will be on the next cell phone video to make the news! Some officers have been murdered as the result, others have chosen to turn in their badges and have taken early retirements. The rosters of police forces in most of these cities are running dangerously low and recruiting of new police officers is at an all-time low; why choose a profession for which you are relentlessly vilified by the Press and large segments of society? The defund the police movement keeps advocating “reimaging the police” by substituting psychologists for a fair share of the officer corps. Let us see how that will turn out when the first psychologist is shot while he/she attempts to reason with a violent offender!

During the riots last summer (the True Insurrection!), Nancy Pelosi referred to the police attempting to quell the nightly riots in Portland, Oregon as “Trump’s Stormtroopers.” Other Democrats, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, made similar disparaging comments about the hard-pressed police attempting to restore order in Democrat-controlled cities; Harris famously directed a drive to raise bail money to free violent rioters! Since he became president, Biden has failed to take a public stance in favor of the police and law enforcement and has supported passing a law eliminating cash bail nationwide; a further example of Mr. Biden being a frail puppet of the far Left and of the “defund the police” movement, which serves as further evidence of the far Left’s planned goal of unraveling American society, to be replaced by a structure of their own making.

In Conclusion:

Just before the presidential election, the New York Post, the oldest continually-operated newspaper in the United States, founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1801, broke the story of the abandoned laptop of Hunter Biden, which in addition to storing the vast content of pornographic material with him as the lead male, also contained much evidence of the millions of dollars that Hunter Biden solicited in schemes involving Ukraine, Russia, Romania, and China, that was nothing less than a project to purchase access to his then vice-president father, with 10% of the cash received (bribes!) “being set aside for the big guy!” This story was utterly suppressed by the Mainstream Media, as if these reports became known it would have harmed Joe Biden’s election chances against Donald Trump! In coordination, the Post’s websites were then suspended on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Instagram, until well after the election, so the laptop scandals could not reach a larger audience! For those who did hear of these accounts, it was declared that the content of the laptop was “Russian disinformation”; proven to be false when it was revealed, again after the election, the FBI had had a copy of the laptop’s hard drive for over a year to investigate Hunter for tax evasion, but did not reveal that fact to the public!

It was subsequently reported that 17% of those who voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election would have changed their vote, if they knew about the scandals contained on Hunter Biden’s laptop, or of the fact that Joe Biden might very well be subject to blackmail by China, Russia, or other adverse powers, who no doubt also possess this damaging information!

For those of you Independents that voted for Joe Biden over Donald Trump, ostensibly to return “normality” to America, or for you moderate Democrats that voted for the supposedly moderate Joe Biden, but do not favor the far Left’s “transformation of America” that is currently happening before our very eyes under Biden’s (supposed) watch, I simply ask, are you still happy with your choice for president?

-The Chicago Patriot

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