Dereliction of Duty

Until the Bush-Gore election of 2000; the election of the “hanging chad”, the American media strove to maintain at least an appearance of neutrality in regard to national and local politics. While subsequent disclosures have revealed that such journalistic icons as Walter Cronkite, Edward R. Murrow, and Huntley & Brinkley were dyed-in-the wool left-wing liberals; as were the great majority of their colleagues, at least the media attempted to project a veneer of objectivity. (One exception: ABC’s Peter Jennings’ utterance when faced with the revelation that Ronald Reagan was actually going to defeat Jimmy Carter on election night – 1980: “that Americans have thrown a hissy-fit.”). However, since the 2000 victory of George W. Bush, all pretense of neutral press coverage has been thrown out the window!   Today, the U.S. press is much like how the European media has been for the last century, with traditional  left and right wing publications and news outlets spouting predictable viewpoints on the issues of the day.

Fox News Channel was launched four years earlier  to provide an alternative counter to what many perceived to be this all-prevailing left-slanted bias in American news coverage.   As the result of the inception of Fox (and conservative talk radio), the lefty media’s monopoly on opinion was broken, as FNC offered alternative conservative views of the news.   Fox’s mere existence caused outrage in many quarters!   Did the arrival of Fox, at least in part, provoke the established media to shed all pretense of objectivity and raise their true colors?

Now, the mainstream media’s unprecedented and blatant cheerleading in favor of Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump has gone beyond mere obvious favoritism and selective reporting of news stories, from slavishly aping the day’s talking points as issued by the Clinton campaign, to engaging in affirmative dirty tricks.   To name one notorious example, this week CNN interviewed a gentleman who heroically rescued an infant left alone in a hot car, who, alas, was wearing a Trump for President T-shirt during the interview.   Well, that wasn’t going to be allowed to stand, was it?    CNN deliberately blotted out the lettering on the gentleman’s shirt when the interview was aired, and when called on it, said it was a “mistake”.   But CNN made its contribution for the day!

The all-out assault on the Trump campaign by the media may be taking its toll.    Donald Trump’s decision to have parents whose children were killed by illegal aliens join him on the stage near the end of his immigration speech in Phoenix last week, drew mixed reactions from Arizona residents.   Most of those residing in the southern third of the state that are most affected by the wide-open border, experience the full brunt of the uncontrolled incursions and identified with Trump’s decision to include the families of the slain on the stage.  Conversely, in Bullhead City in the northwest corner of Arizona; more remote from the frontier and perhaps more influenced by mainstream media spin, the reaction of many to Trump’s decision to bring the parents on the stage was the opposite: it was “hateful” and gauged to “incite violence”; inspired by the “lies” on Fox News!

The Press (with, by implication the clergy and the law) are the only professions specifically mentioned to be protected from governmental oppression in the Bill of Rights.   Why was the Press so specially identified?   Because the Founding Fathers correctly concluded some 230 years ago that the primary role of the Press (and today, all media), is to serve as the People’s watchdog to warn of governmental scandal, malfeasance and impending tyranny.  The Constitution does not state that the Press is to speak truth to power only when a Republican is in the White House!

Today, the mainstream media cheers for Hillary, obscures for Hillary and smears for Hillary.  Why should she agree to hold a press conference where an uncomfortable question about the Clinton Foundation and their accumulation of over $100,000,000 since Bill Clinton left office; or the deliberate destruction of 33,000 emails after being demanded by subpoena; or  her FBI testimony where she stated more than 30 times that she could not remember salient facts due to her 2012 concussion; or discrepancies from her sworn Congressional testimony about Benghazi, might come up???    The full apparatus of the mainstream media is covering for her.   The watchdog has gone to sleep!

Ben Franklin famously observed that “sunlight is the best disinfectant.”   However, with the mainstream media acting as the press secretary corps for Hillary, the sunlight illuminating the Clinton campaign has been eclipsed, and as a result, the pestilence of corruption may soon be rampant across the land!   Don’t cry for me, America!!!

-The Chicago Patriot





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