Thoughts on the “Resistance” (2/17/17)

As we approach the one-month “anniversary” of the Donald Trump presidency, it is instructive to review the full gamet of all of the Left’s multi-dimensional and fever-pitched, all-out daily attempts to discredit, delegitimize and mock the new administration and to continue to stymie the confirmation of as many cabinet nominees; and thereby frustrate the appointment of as many under-secretaries, administrators and staffers of the various federal departments, as possible.   One consequence: Obama political appointment holdovers and career staffers continue to wield power in many agencies and might very well be the sources of the wave of adverse leaks fed to a ravenously hostile Press, including those that led to the dismissal of national security advisor Michael Flynn on February 13th, as discussed below.   As was declared by some after Donald Trump’s upset election on November 8th, there will be no attempt to “normalize” relations with this president!   And, as was said by others, the goal of this coordinated and multi-faceted “Resistance” to President Trump, conducted by the Left and their handmaidens – the Democrat Party, is nothing less than to make the country “ungovernable” under Mr. Trump’s stewardship!   That towering legal intellect, Rep. Maxine Waters (D.-Ca.),  has declared that articles of impeachment are already in the works!   For what High Crime or Misdemeanor?

While admittedly, some of the chaos of the past few weeks can be attributed to President Trump’s tweeting – which often steps upon the story of a positive development the night before; his precedent-shattering “alternative” style in serving as president; the multiple power centers in the White House vying for the President’s ear; the current ad hoc status of the new administration’s nascent bureaucracy – caused by Senator Schumer’s delaying tactics, and the turmoil over the immigration order, inartfully-drafted by non-attorney Stephen Miller, the following are just some examples of the coordinated and integrated efforts of the Resistance by the Left over the last few weeks, carried-out with the one goal of making the nation “ungovernable” under this duly-elected president:

* Protests that occurred beginning on the night of Trump’s victory by college “snowflakes” quickly metamorphisized into coordinated rallies in dozens of U.S. cities protesting Trump’s win, illegally blocking freeways and city streets, and then in many cases turning into violent riots, most notably in Portland, Oregon, Oakland, California, Washington, DC and UC Berkeley.   Chants of “not my president” and “this is what democracy looks like” rang in the air.    All staged to what end?    To overturn the results of the election, due to vague charges that Russia somehow affected the outcome of the election?   That was already tried in the attempted electoral college coup of December 19th!  Or were these initial protests nothing more than thousands of primal screams melded into one, lamenting that their candidate did not win?

The reality that these demonstrations; while perhaps spontaneous in the first few hours, were quickly hijacked by the Professional Left/Media Complex is obvious: witness the identical professionally-printed signs that sprung up in such disparate locales as Seattle, Boston,  Miami and the Women’s March in DC and later, the posters of the Arab woman in the stars and stripes chador found everywhere during the protests over the immigration order.   Additionally consider the rioting anarchists, all identically-clad in hooded black garb.   Who outfitted them?  And who paid for all of the buses that transported and assembled all of these “organic” demonstrators at the hundreds of marches and demonstrations; some of which turned into riots, and at all of the airports upon the outset of the immigration order?   One can almost detect the whiff of George Soros’ billions behind this turmoil!   Was DNC dirty-tricks chief Robert Kramer’s fingerprints also on these operations?   Kramer was the Democratic apparatchik fingered by WikiLeaks as the coordinator of most of the mayhem that occurred within (and outside of) the Trump rallies during the campaign – violence, of course, blamed on the Trumpsters!   Further, was Kramer working on behalf of Organizing for Action (OFA), the rump organization formerly known as Obama for America and was OFA coordinating these protests on a nationwide basis?

The fawning press coverage lauded these protests (and excused the over-rambunctious rioters) as signifying the birth of a new Tea-Party-like movement of the Left, sprung spontaneously from the soil as a knee-jerk reaction to the expectations of the new Donald Trump presidency!   But are they?   Nancy Pelosi famously labeled the Tea Party as “Astroturf”; artificially created by the GOP rather than organically arising from within the body politic, to protest the policies enacted by Barack Obama.   The question arises: do these demonstrations signify a Left-Wing revolt that will catapult the Democrats to Congressional gains in the 2018 Mid-Term elections and the White House in 2020?   Or, are these protests the true Astroturf, with the only affect of destabilizing the new administration?

* Another facet of the Resistance of the Left is the inauguration boycott of the 54 Democrat Congresspersons, led by civil-rights icon Congressman John Lewis (D.-Ga.), ostensibly called for by Lewis to protest alleged Russian interference in Donald Trump’s election.   The Media failed to report that this was not the first time that Rep. Lewis boycotted a GOP inauguration.   In 2001, he boycotted the first inauguration of George W. Bush as he declared that Bush was “not a legitimately elected president” due to the Florida recount.   Further, there would have been a good chance Lewis would have also skipped the 2008 inauguration had John McCain won, as he had (for no discernible reason) called the McCain/Palin campaign a “throwback to (segregationist) George Wallace”.

Of course, in light of the fact that John Lewis, of Edmund Pettis Bridge fame, is an inviolable civil rights saint, the Mainstream Media did not bring up his past inaugural boycott and past statement about Senator McCain, nor questioned the wisdom of leading a boycott of a president that; like it or not, would be occupying the White House for at least, the next four years.

Nevertheless, John Lewis’ inaugural boycott certainly set the tone for the most contentious senatorial confirmation process in modern times. To date, only nine of the fifteen most senior positions requiring senatorial approval have been confirmed, 28 days into the new administration, despite the fact that the Democrats lack the votes to defeat any nominee.   Using any obstructionist tactic at their disposal, including unprecedented mass boycotts of committee hearings on multiple nominees, the Democrats are acting on the wishes of their inflamed base, which demands zero accomodation with the Trump administration!   What price may end up being paid by the country for this engineered turmoil?

* Another powerful front of the Resistance exists within the new Trump administration, in the form of Obama holdover political appointees, those Obama officials who transferred to career civil service positions and those ostensibly non-political bureaucrats who merely feel threatened by Donald Trump’s calls to shake up the bureaucracy, which may cost some jobs.   It appears that the agencies most infected with this behind-the-scenes Resistance are the intelligence agencies and the Justice Department.   These operatives of what has become in affect a “shadow government”, have acted daily to undermine and subvert the new administration, via selective leaks of highly sensitive intelligence and/or law enforcement communications that were monitored or wiretapped by the National Security Agency or other intelligence organs.

Donald Trump’s disparaging comments about the CIA in calling them “Nazis” (in commenting about the CIA’s role in the Russian prostitutes story; see below) while President Obama’s DCI John Brennan was still in full control of the intelligence apparatus, was a decision rife with potential peril!   The foremost critic of the intelligence community during the Obama years and of Obama’s foreign policy, was Michael Flynn.   Whether or not Flynn had conversations with the Russian ambassador on the issue of the fate of Obama-imposed sanctions under the incoming administration, is legally irrelevant as Flynn, the national security advisor-to be, had the perfect right to prospectively discuss the sanctions; consequently this episode did not run afoul, nor was even applicable, to the never-invoked Logan Act of 1799.  Yet Flynn, for whatever reason, apparently hedged on whether sanctions were brought up.   While the stated reason for his ouster was “lying” to Vice President Pence about whether he discussed the Obama-imposed sanctions on Russia with its ambassador (a knowing prevarication, or a mere lapse of total recall of the whole content of the December conversation?), the reason that Flynn was targeted in the first place by the shadow insurgents is the real story here.   What apparently was not known by Flynn, Trump or his inner circle at the time, was that  transcripts existed of Flynn’s December phone conversation, intercepted by Obama’s National Security Agency that were kept for the right time for release to the anti-Trump Media for the hit-job on Flynn.

The NSA regularly wiretaps foreign diplomats.   The applicable law dictates that when an American citizen is a party to a telephone conversation with a foreigner that is monitored by U.S. intelligence, a warrant must be obtained by the secret FISA Court to unmask the identity of the American who was a party to the phone call.   Was a warrant obtained to approve the release Michael Flynn’s identity to the Press?   The release of his identity without such a warrant is a Federal felony.   Additionally, these continuing leaks risk revealing intelligence means and methods.   The FBI should immediately launch investigations for this subversion that is putting the nation’s security at risk!

Obama holdovers and/or sympathizers may also be behind other leaks involving intercepted communications from within President Trump’s inner circle, like the much-criticized private telephone calls between the President and the Mexican president and between Trump and the Australian prime minister.    These are not the run-of-the-mill leaks of past administrations.   Like other examples cited here, these are organized, systematic and undermining efforts by this “shadow government!”

Who will be the next victim to have his/her communications be “outed?”

A word on the alleged Russian connection:  Democrat talking points that the Russians “stoled” the election from Hillary Clinton are baseless!   No evidence has ever been received that any vote count was tampered with and some states’ ballot machines, (like crucial Michigan) weren’t even wired into the Internet to begin with!    Despite what one hears on a daily basis in the liberal media echo chamber that Trump is a Kremlin tool, the hyper-critical New York Times reported on February 15th,(for a second time) that NO evidence has been unearthed that the Trump campaign, in any way, colluded with Russian intelligence during the election campaign!   Yet, daily headlines scream that unnamed Trump operatives were in constant contact with unnamed Russian agents throughout the election season, on unspecified dates and times!

Russian intelligence has engaged in campaigns of “disinformation” since the 1920s, initiated by the KGB’s great-great grandfather Felix Dzerzhinsky.   The FSB (the post-Soviet KGB) regularily floats misleading or discrediting stories to undermine elections in liberal democracies worldwide; the U.S. operation was not unique.  And let’s not forget, the Russians also attempted to hack into the RNC systems; they were better protected than the vulnerable DNC computers (perhaps due to the fact that the password to John Podesta’s gmail account was “password!”).  If WikiLeaks’ source for the hacking of the DNC systems were the Russians; denied by Julian Assange, the discreditation of the Clinton campaign by airing Hillary’s staffers’ own, undisputed words, wasn’t floated to aid Trump as much as to discredit Hillary Clinton, the odds-on favorite to win the election!    The simple fact is, that unless Russia has developed an all-powerful future-predicting Oracle, THEY WERE AS SURPRISED AS ANYONE ELSE THAT DONALD TRUMP WON!!!   The claim that the election was deliberately hijacked by the Russians with the specific intention of delivering a victory for Donald Trump, is pure malarky!!!

Donald Trump wants to pursue a strategy of attempting better relations with Russia, as Obama and George W. Bush had desired in the past.   His goal: a common front to destroy ISIS.   Franklin Roosevelt and the rabidly anti-communist Winston Churchill allied with Josef Stalin to defeat a common foe, Hitler’s Germany.   Rationalizing the alliance with the monstrous mass-murderer Stalin, Churchill famously stated: “If Hitler invaded hell, I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.”   President Trump has said he has never met Putin and does not know whether or not they will get along.  Are Trump’s desires for an anti-ISIS alliance with Vladimir Putin naive?   Maybe!   But that fact alone does not mean Trump’s strings are being pulled from Moscow!!

*The Resistance is also embodied by the relentless, one-sided and daily attacks carried out by the Mainstream Media, allied with the constant condensation, ridicule and undisguised hatred carried-out by Hollywood and the entertainment industry, fronted by Saturday Night Live.

While the Media’s relationship with Mr. Trump was near zero during the election season, things reached a new low with internet rag BuzzFeed’s release of a previously rejected, totally baseless and unsubstantiated yarn about a visit Donald Trump made to Moscow and his alleged dalliance with urinating Russian prostitutes, released in the week prior to the inauguration.   In light of the fact that Obama CIA chief John Brennan saw fit to brief incoming president Trump on this baseless story which had been floating out there for months and then released that fact to the Media, CNN saw justification to then label the tale as “news” and breathlessly aired this trash, which was then eagerly snapped up in a feeding frenzy by their comrades in arms!   The salacious rumor was then quickly debunked but the journalistic tone had been set to a new micro-decibel low!    Could you imagine such a rumor being advanced by any respected media source about Barack Obama?   Suddenly, after an eight-year Rip Van Winkle-like spell of dreamy somnambulism; in which the classic “hard-hitting” question posed to Barack Obama at the beginning of his presidency was the New York Times’ Jeff Zeleny’s: “Mr. President, what has enchanted you the most in these first one hundred days of your presidency?”, the Mainstream Media has suddenly rediscovered aggressive, investigative journalism!

With President Obama, the watchword was always “keep the family out of it”, which was admirable and correct.   Not so for the Trump household!   Melania Trump was a former call girl who over-stayed her visa.    Donald Trump has sexual desires (unrequited or consummated, depending on the account) with his daughter Ivanka.    Young 10-year old Barron Trump has ADHD.

Already, a magazine has hit the racks with a cover depicting a sniperscope aimed behind the ear of the image of President Trump’s head.   Will a recreation of the 2006 film “Death of the President”; a fantasy of the assassination of George W. Bush, be far behind for Donald Trump?

Around the same time as the release of the BuzzFeed garbage, actress Meryl Streep initiated what had now become a continuing hectoring assault of Mr. Trump at the Golden Globes Awards, where she lectured him that “disrespect invites disrespect and violence incites violence” and implored the “principled” press to hold power to account; to call them on the carpet for every outrage…”  While that would have been refreshing to hear from golden Hollywood during the IRS scandal with Lois Lerner, the only violence that had been perpetrated as of that date, and currently, has come from the Left!

After the laughable Hollywood/ Television boycott of the inauguration (as if half of the country that had voted for Trump had not already tuned-out what they had to say), the Women’s March was staged and organized in Washington on the day after the inauguration.   Among the plethora of vulgar signs and chants, Madonna mused that “she wished she could blow up the White House” (which would rate a knock on the door in any other age) and Ashley Judd said the new president “looked like he bathed in Cheeto dust”.   (I thought skin color was out of bounds!).   In the meantime, Chelsea Handler equated Melania Trump’s accent with stupidity (can Handler speak five languages?) and Sarah Silverman; so in love with the Constitution, calls for the U.S. military to stage a coup against the duly-elected president!   The relentless assault by the entertainment glitterati has continued daily, with the spearhead being the now unwatchable, mean-spirited Saturday Night Live, with Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond did a much better job); Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer and perhaps still, Rosie O’Donnell as Steve Bannon.

The lockstep hatred of Trump by the entertainment industry, along with the movement started in San Francisco to chase Trump-labeled products off the shelves; starting with Ivanka’s fashion line, is evidence that the elites and the glitterati prefer to sing to their own choir and have deliberately chosen to consciously write-off the other half of the country that voted for Trump, especially Middle America!

* The fracturing of the United States of America that is occurring before our eyes, which started with the sanctuary cities movement and the agitation for unlimited and uncontrolled illegal immigration, has gone to critical mass with the election of Donald Trump.   This is another facet of the Resistance.   Since the election, a referendum has been launched for California, Oregon and Washington-State to succeed from the Union to form the nation of “Pacifica” (they want Las Vegas too!).   In the meantime, California has declared that it will become the first “sanctuary state.”   There are now over 200 sanctuary cities nationwide; all controlled by Democrats, that have sworn to not only not cooperate with Federal immigration agencies but actually resist their operations!

In 1830, the powerful Senator John C. Calhoun of South Carolina formulated the political doctrine of Nullification, which postulated the idea that “states’ rights” superseded federal law and thereby a state need not follow a federal law and could therefore “nullify” a federal law if it so chose.   The issue at hand was, of course, slavery, and the Nullification movement predated the Civil War by thirty years.

With the Left keeping the kettle of hatred and the refusal to accept the results of the election to a boil, are we witnessing the potential of a new civil war: Left vs. Right as opposed to free soil versus slave soil; the Coastal Enclaves vs. Middle America as opposed to North versus South?   Do sanctuary cities represent a new doctrine of Nullification?   What steps must be taken to reign in this unconstitutional anarchy?

Open border protesters staged demonstrations and shut down freeways last week to “resist” DHS Secretary Kelly’s first raids of illegal inmigrants with criminal convictions, which netted aporoximately 600 individuals.   A couple of points of irony: (1) these raids were planned months before by the Obama administration, and (2) President Obama could well have been labeled the Deporter-in-Chief, by ordering the removal of over 3,000,000 illegals during his tenure, which provoked nothing but silence from the Left and the Mainstream Media!

A further fracturing of the body politic is evidenced by the sudden infiltration of out-of-district, Left-wing agitators to disrupt town hall meetings in reliably Republican congressional districts, such as ones of Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R.-Ut.) and James Sensenbrenner (R.-Wi.).  Mainstream Media reports inaccurately identified the agitators as constituents “dissatisfied with Trump’s progress to enact his agenda” (after only three weeks?).    In actuality, these infiltrating disrupters were actually leftist agitators; paid members of OFA:  Organizing for Action, formerly Obama for America, now reputedly 32,000 strong and growing. (They gave themselves away with chants of “this is what democracy looks like” and agitating against the repeal of Obamacare!)  OFA menbers may have also been involved in the blocking of the public school that new Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was attempting to visit in DC, the day after her confirmation.   Will OFA operatives be utilized as the spearpoint of the anti-Trump Resistance from coast to coast?

The de facto central node of control of the Resistance will be shortly established on Kalorama Circle, a couple of miles North of the White House in Washington, DC, once he has had his fill of windsurfing in the British Virgin Islands.    Barack Obama will be the first former president in modern times to stay in the capital to appraise; from not very far, the policies and decisions of his successor – a president from the opposite party who defeated his handpicked choice in a most bitter election!   Obama has spoken out once already in this short month.   He will not offer the courtesy of silence to Donald Trump that was afforded to him by his predecessor, George W. Bush.   Barack Obama will not go gently into the night!   His residence on Kalorama Circle will rapidly be seen as the headquarters of the Government-in-Exile and the Mainstream Media will no doubt flock to it seeking his latest pronouncement on the issue of the moment.   Perhaps the most potent facet of the Resistance!

* The final front of the anti-Trump Resistance has turned out to be the Federal judiciary.   In an exercise of blatant forum shopping, the Trump Administration’s immigration Order banning entry of residents from seven predominantly Muslim countries that lack effective central governments so that the identity of entrants from these countries can not be positively identified, was challenged in the courtroom of U.S. District Judge James Robart in Seattle, Washington, on the “Left Coast”.   While it had been reported that Judge Robart was a Republican appointee by George W. Bush, in reality; via the tradition of Senatorial Courtesy, the choice of Judge Robart was left up by President Bush to left-wing Senator Patty Murray (D.-Wa.), “the senator in tennis shoes.”

Though the Immigration Order was admittedly flawed for calling for “extreme vetting” of entrants that had permanent resident status and bore both Green Cards and U.S. passports, in addition to individuals with no prior contact with the U.S., Judge Robart chose not to strike down the Trump administration’s Order on these narrow grounds, but instead staged a judicial coup d’etat that, without constitutional or statutory basis, enacted a sweeping injunction that usurped the executive branch’s primacy in matters of immigration, control of entry into the country and foreign affairs (and parenthetically, enjoined a ruling by the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston; a court superior to Judge Robart’s court, that found the Immigration Order constitutional).    The Judge, in a novel and perhaps vindictive view, found that the Democratic-controlled plaintiff states of Washington and Minnesota had judicial “standing” to stand in the shoes and represent non-present, but aspiring entrants from the seven countries, who claimed some sort of affiliation with business firms or educational institutions in the two plaintiff states.   But the court did not stop there!

“Discovering” additional rights in the Constitution in the “penumbras” that he apparently saw between the lines of the written text; as in Roe v. Wade more than forty years before, Judge Robart found that individuals who had no prior contact with America had a constitutional right to a due process hearing on their desires for entry into the U.S.   Talk about an open borders philosophy!    So denizens of Mogadishu, Aden or Khartoum, from across the seas, can now remotely petition the Federal judiciary for entry into the United States!

Robart did not stop there.   Near the end of the text of the Constitution, there is an obscure clause that states “that no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”   Obviously, the clear meaning of that constitutional provision is to prohibit the requirement that any person seeking a position in the federal government be forced to first submit to a religious quiz or test.   Though the plain text of the Immigration Order made no reference to single out Muslim entrants for “extreme vetting”, and though the plain text of the religious test clause is only applicable to persons seeking federal employment, Judge Robart  “discovered” a further “penumbra” between the lines of that clause of the Constitution and held that the Immigration Order amounted to an unconstitutional religious test for entrants from the seven nations involved, in violation of the Constitution!

Robarts further went beyond the “four corners” of the Immigration Order and cited statements made by Mr. Trump in the election campaign as evidence that the Immigration Order unconstitutionally discriminated against Muslims, despite the fact that the Order only affected 15% of Muslims worldwide.   The use of extrinsic election campaign rhetoric to derive a hidden motivation in determining that a legal Order is unconstitutional, rather than ruling on the plain text of the Order, is highly improper!

The tip-off of the fact that Judge Robart’s injunction halting the Trump Administration’s Immigration Order in its tracks was blatantly unconstitutional, is the fact that his decision and ruling made no mention and ignored 8 U.S.C. Section 1182(f), the federal statute that grants a president “the authority to suspend the entry of any aliens or class of aliens into the U.S. if he believes they would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.”

In order to win a temporary restraining order (TRO), a petitioner must show: (1) that irreparable harm would occur if the injunction is not granted and (2) that the petitioner would likely prevail at trial on the merits.

Despite the problem with standing; despite the novel interpretations of alleged constitutional rights of the citizens of the world, and despite the the clear wordage of Section 1182(f), Judge Robart held that the petitioner states would likely prevail at trial, and issued the injunction!

A study had concluded that liberal, activist judges are more influenced by how their decisions would be received by their friends at cocktail parties and are more guided by their political affiliations, rather than by following the plain meeting of the Constitution, statutes and case law in making their rulings.   This phenomenon is a good argument for the confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch!    It is obvious that these factors were in play here, to explain Judge Robart’s ruling.

So when the administration appealed Robart’s ruling to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco (the future supreme court of Pacifica?), that appellate court would set things straight, right?    Well, no………….The ultra-liberal Ninth “Circus” Court, the most reversed Appellate Circuit in the system, apparently also had cocktail party attendees to impress and upheld Judge Robart’s constitutionally-unsupported injunction!   The final stage would be an appeal to U.S. Supreme Court, a risky proposition as the Court is still tied at four liberals and four conservatives as Justice Scalia’s seat is still left unfilled.   A tie would leave the Ninth Circuit’s ruling stand, emasculating the president’s power to control the nation’s borders!   Bad rulings make bad law!

All the facets of the integrated and coordinated anti-Trump “Resistance” of the Left and the Democrat Party, to reject “accepting the results of the election” continue to fire on all cylinders!  How long will this turmoil continue?   Until the 2018 mid-term elections?   For the entire four years of the Trump presidency?  And, irrespective of how long this agitation goes on, can the nation survive it?

-The Chicago Patriot

The Last Gasp of the Clintonistas? (12/19/16)

The Democrats utter inability to “accept the results of the election” (remember that?) has metamorphized through the first two of the Five Stages of Grief; Denial and Anger and for the last several days has been focusing on the third stage of grief, Bargaining.   To that end, the Left has viciously attempted to extort, intimidate, harass and/or threaten the lives of the 306 presidential electors who represent the states that voted for Donald Trump, to cajole them to become “faithless electors” and change their vote for someone other than Mr. Trump.   If Trump supporters had been pursuing these tactics if Hillary Clinton had won a close electoral vote victory, Loretta Lynch would already have had the Grand Jury hand down indictments for violations of Federal voter intimidation statutes!

As  part of this campaign, Martin Sheen, Mike Farrell, Debra Messing and other faded Hollywood luminaries have seen fit to cut television commercials directed to certainly one of the smallest intended audiences in mass communication history: the 538 presidential electors, urging them to “vote their conscious” and abrogate the will of over 62,000,000 voters by overturning Donald Trump’s electoral college victory!    Why would these Tinseltown “superstars” believe that these electors, largely from Middle America, would listen to them now, when their constituents; the citizens of forgotten, Fly-Over America, tuned them out on and before November 8th?

The fourth Stage of Grief; Depression, will set in once the electors convene at high noon today at the fifty state capitals (and Washington, DC’s city hall) to cast their ballots for president and vice president.    Donald Trump and Mike Pence hold a 36 electoral vote majority over the magic number of 270, to be ratified as the incoming president and vice president.   By all accounts, only one GOP elector, a gentleman from Texas, has publically pronounced that he intends to buck his state’s vote for Trump/Pence and cast his ballot for another Republican (not for Hillary).    There have been nine “faithless electors” that chose to reject their states’ presidential choices in the 17 elections since World War II.    The Democrats and the Left would need a total of 37 Republican electors today, to betray the voters of their states by not voting for Trump and thus deny him the 270 vote majority, which would be historically unprecedented, to say the least!   By all odds, the electoral process will be constitutionally complete today with Trump’s and Pence’s ratification by the electoral college and the fourth stage of Depression will fully set in – as Michelle told Oprah: “we are now feeling what not having hope feels like.”   Will the Democrats and the Left ever reach the fifth and final Stage of Grief: Acceptance??

To what end is this attempted Leftist coup, directed behind the camera by WikiLeaks star John Podesta and in front of it by Democratic California elector Christine Pelosi (the daughter), attempting to accomplish? To merely deny Donald Trump the 270 electoral votes to throw the election into the House of Representatives and delegitimize his election, as described below?   Or to cajole enough Republican electors to defy their constituents and vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton as President of the United Ststes today?   For Hillary to win the electoral college in what would amount to a banana republic-like coup (we’re now drifting into the realm of fantasia!), 38 Republican electors must become so “faithless” as to not only reject their respective states’ election of Donald Trump, but cast their ballots instead for the opposition Democratic candidate as opposed to an alternative Republican!

The Constitution directs that if no presidential candidate achieves a majority of electoral votes, the incoming House of Representatives will choose the new president and the incoming Senate shall choose the new vice president, once they convene on January 6th.  However, there is a catch to this constitutional process in the event that no presidential candidate achieves a majority of the electoral college: each state, regardless of its population, gets an equal vote in the House of Representatives’ election in determining who will be the new president.

There are seven sparsely populated states that due to their small populations have only one representative in the House of Representatives: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming.   Of these seven, only Delaware and Vermont are under Democratic control.  Under the Constitution and the Twelfth Amendment, each of these one-representative states has the same voting power to choose a presidential candidate who has not attained the requisite 270 electoral vote majority, as Democratic behemoths such as California with 53 representatives and New York with 27!   All told, in the 115th Congress to come, Republicans will control 32 state delegations, the Democrats only 17 and one state delegation (Maine) is tied.   In light of the political control of these delegations, there is no way Hillary Clinton would ever be elected president by the House of Representatives if enough GOP electors became “faithless” to deny Donald Trump 270 electoral votes.       Conversely, Trump would need only 26 of the 32 Republican controlled delegations to be elected by a majority of the states and thus be elected president, if the choice did devolve upon the House.    In such a scenario, the vice president would be elected by the Senate, with each senator having one vote.    Mike Pence would no doubt be elected,  most likely by a tally of 52-48.

So, what is the true motivation behind this Leftist Kabuki theater?   38 Republican electors defintely are not going to buck their respective states’ voters and vote for Hillary Clinton!   37 GOP electors are not going to cast their votes for another Republican candidate and throw the election into the House.   If such a GOP defection, unprecedented in history, would against all odds happen, Donald Trump nevertheless would most likely win at least 26 House state delegations and be elected president.   Vox Populi, Vox Dei!   So is this entire show merely an attempt to delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency even before it gets off the ground?

The Democrats are still reeling from Hillary Clinton’s upset defeat.    Nefarious conspiracies must have been afoot to deny her the presidency; after all, no right-minded American could have rejected the Democratic platform entitled “Stronger Together!”   Progressives believe that the arc of history is inexorably moving in their favor.   How could this have happened?   To have been beaten by Donald Trump???

It was the Comey letter!

(Well, you shouldn’t have set up a private server in the first place!).

The polls were hacked; that’s what happened!   Let’s have Jill Stein demand recounts for us in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

(Well, Trump won 131 more votes on the Wisconsin recount. And none of Michigan’s voting machines were wired into the Internet to begin with!)

Clinton won the popular vote!   As the majority of Americans voted for her, the electors should ratify the People’s Will!

(The Founders saw a danger in Boston, New York and Philadelphia – the population centers of their day, deciding the presidency every time.   A successful presidential candidate is required to seek support from disparate areas of the country, and not just population centers such as California (which alone put Hillary over), New York, Texas, Florida and Illinois.   Middle America would never again see a presidential candidate if the Constitution is amended and a popular vote system is instituted!)

The Russians hacked and influenced the election via WikiLeaks!

(There has been zero evidence that the Russians tampered with the vote count.   Further, not one member of Clinton’s inner circle ever denied the veracity of their respective emails!   So, the electorate was tainted by being supplied with too much information??)

Perhaps Hillary Clinton was just an arrogant, out-of-touch, self-entitled relic from the past with no explanation for her candidacy (other than it’s my turn), who was surrounded by an elitist, out-of-touch staff, who ran in a change election year as the status quo candidate, who escaped prosecution only because of who she was, who was burdened with a ton of other corrupt baggage including a Foundation that was a transparent pay-to-play scheme, who took too many states for granted, who due to hubris and a lack of respect for her opponent did not campaign hard enough in the closing weeks, who offered no economic message of hope for struggling blue color Americans and who exuded utter contempt for the average citizens of Middle America.   Maybe that’s what happened!

It’s time for the Fifth Stage of Grief, Democrats!

-The Chicago Patriot





Revenge of the Fly-Overs (11/15/16)

There is a famous sketch that appeared on a March, 1976 cover of the New Yorker magazine entitled “View of the World from Ninth Avenue” that (jokingly?) depicts a New Yorker’s perceived view of the total insignificance of the United States beyond the Hudson River.   The illustration shows the last three blocks of the Western extremity of Manhattan from Ninth Avenue on, to be as large as the rest of the United States put together!   The country beyond the Hudson River is depicted as a sparse desert land with varied scattered rocks in front of the Pacific, which is drawn only slightly wider than the Hudson!   On the horizon are flattened landmasses labeled China, Japan and Russia.

Did this Manhattan-centric bubble-view of the rest of the U.S., somehow contribute to the suppression of media curiosity on what voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin were really feeling about their choice in this presidential election?

The shocking triumph of Donald J. Trump as the future 45th President of the United States; no doubt the greatest upset in U.S. political history, has caused stunned Democratic leaders, politicos, hacks, strategists, retainers, media lackies and myopic pollsters to begin the post-mortem autopsy of the Democratic Party, an organism that until approximately 10:00 pm Central Standard Time, had been thought to be vital, viral and ready to resume the march forward in lockstep to a confident future!

The liberal elites in their coastal enclaves along the Acela Corridor and the Left Coast rejected all anecdotal evidence that was mounting by the week in the land they contemptuously call the Fly-Over States, of hundreds of highway miles being lined with Trump lawn signs in states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin.    The attendance of 10,000, 15,000 or even 20,000 at Trump rallies around the country was dismissed by the pundits as having no relevancy to gauge electoral support – after all, didn’t Mitt Romney have large crowds at the end?   But did the almighty seers consider the fact that the attendees at the Romney rallies did not wait in line to get in to the arenas for four, five or six hours, like the Trump supporters?   Did the Romney backers queue up to two hours just to buy a campaign cap?   Donald Trump’s supporters were more than mere “likely voters!”   These voters  were bound to show up on election day, no matter what!

The mainstream pollsters and the Clinton Media almost universally predicted that the Rust Belt states of the fabled “Blue Wall” would once again stand impregnable for the Democrats in this election, as they based their prognostications on the turn-out models of the 2012 Obama-Romney election.   But, Oh Masters of the Universe, Obama was not on the ballot this year!    Was the use of the 2012 turn-out model based on a glaring misconception, or were these “predictions” used to attempt to SHAPE rather than to GAUGE the vote on November 8th?   Obviously, the turn-out models from the 2010 and 2014 Congressional elections; elections which did not have President Obama on the ticket and went disastrously for the Democrats, all bore the hallmarks of a more accurate predictor.  Perhaps through ignorance, overconfidence, or fear, the Media elites and their polling arms didn’t want to venture down the path of the 2010 or  2014 turn-out models!

Good thing that Hillary ordered the Hudson River fireworks show planned for election night, to be canceled the day before!   Did she have a hint?

One of the central themes of Donald Trump’s campaign was to renegotiate globalist trade deals such as NAFTA and the TPP which were supported by Republican and Democratic “Free Traders” alike, but left blue collar workers in the Rust Belt states, staring through locked gates of their now closed factories, relocated to Mexico and other countries.   Other workers were fired in favor of illegal immigrant laborers who were eager to perform the same tasks at half the wages.   Those workers who protested their livelihood being shipped off to Mexico or replaced by “undocumented” labor were decried as “racist” and “xenophobic” by the smug coastal elites and the Clinton campaign.    But did the Clintonistas and the Left ever consider that the protests of these workers were grounded on something other than the skin tone of their replacements?

At the same time, coal miners in Pennsylvania, and Ohio were informed by Hillary Clinton in no uncertain terms that their  industry was to be sacrificed on the altar of the theory of Man-Made Global Warming.  They were vaguely told they would be “retrained.”

Hillary Clinton and her cohorts were counting on an electoral college victory by cobbling together a coalition of independents, African- Americans, Latinos, women, the millennials, the college educated and union members.   Those groups were expected to repulse any assault upon the blue ramparts by the rest of American voters, whom Hillary famously stated were “irredeemable” and were consigned by her to her now famous “Basket of Deplorables!”

However, independents were repelled by Clinton’s serial lies concerning her private email server, the controversies that keep swirling about the pay-to-play corruption of the Clinton Foundation, and the massive increases in Obamacare premiums and insurance deductibles scheduled for the coming year.   Trump won independent voters by a ratio of 48-42%.

African-Americans remained uninspired by Hillary’s candidacy as predicted, and their turn-out was greatly reduced from 2012.   Of the Black Americans that did vote,  Trump got 8% of the vote, 2% more than Romney received in 2012.

Surprisingly, Latinos weren’t universally offended by Trump’s comments about the incursion along the porous Southerm border, proving that the financial status of some citizens with Hispanic surnames can also be threatened by illegal immigration.  Others seemed almost titilated by some of Trump’s more boorish comments (“He said I ate like a pig”) and reveled in Trump’s anti-P.C. machismo!   Many who were interviewed after the election said they voted for Trump because “all laws, including immigration laws, should be enforced.”   Like African-Americans, Trump amazingly picked up 2% more Latino voters than Romney and snared 29% of the total Hispanic vote, a far greater percentage than was predicted!

Concerning the Gender Gap, Hillary Clinton carried the female vote, but only by 12 points, 54-42%.   53% of all White women voted for Donald Trump and 32% of all Latino women voted for him, a major shock to the pollsters!   The Gender Gap worked both ways in this election, as Trump ran up the White male vote by an astounding margin of 63-31%!   He won the total White vote by a ratio of 58-37%.

For the Millennials; so enthralled with Bernie Sanders, the WikiLeaks revelations of how Debbie Wasserman- Schultz and the DNC “jobbed” the Sanders’ campaign to the extent of feeding debate questions to Hillary in advance, over 1/3 of Millennials did not even show up to vote.   Of those who did, Clinton won 55%, but Trump banked 37% of that voter bloc!

Of college graduates, Hillary Clinton won that demographic, but only by four points, 49-45%; a great disappointment, perhaps due to her serial prevarications!   Male college grads actually favored Trump, 54%-45%.

Finally, the union vote, so concentrated in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio, was won by Hillary Clinton by 8%, but that was the smallest margin by a Democratic presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan’s second election in 1984!   As examples, Romney lost the union vote by 18%, McCain by 20%, Bush by 19% and 22%, Bob Dole by 30%!    The rising of the forgotten blue collar voters to largely reject Hillary Clinton’s steaming platter of the status quo was nothing less than the revolt by the Deplorables; those flown-over by the Elites as they transited between their secure coastal enclaves centered in New York and Hollywood!

The simple fact is that Hillary Clinton, who liked Teddy Kennedy in 1980 could not articulate a reason for her candidacy (other than the argument that “it’s now my turn”), got five million less voters than Barack Obama received in 2012!   Of those voters that found Clinton and Trump both distasteful, Donald Trump snared that group on election day by an amazing 2 to 1 margin; true evidence that this was  a “change election!”

The Democratic Party rigged the primaries for Hillary in any way it could, as revealed by WikiLeaks.   It wasn’t a nomination as much as a coronation!  Yet, Hillary Clinton lost due to the fact that she was such a deeply-flawed candidate.   Memo: a major American political party should avoid the temptation of nominating a candidate under past (or future) FBI investigation!!!!   It will be quite interesting to see if there will be a precipitous drop in contributions to the Clinton Foundation in the coming year, now that Hillary has been denied access to the levers of power!   If so, that would be compelling circumstantial evidence that these “charitable” contributions were in actuality bribes for future considerations!!!

Hillary outspent Trump by better than two to one in waging her relentless negative campaign against him.   Further, she had everyone behind her: President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, President Bill Clinton, almost all of the electronic and print media, almost all of Academia, almost all of Wall Street, virtually all of Hollywood, Saturday Night Live and Alec Baldwin, the late night talk shows and television in general, and let’s not forget, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Lena Dunham, Bruce Springsteen, etc.    It was no secret that the only time Hillary drew big crowds was when one of the glitterati appeared on stage with her!   Isn’t it worth the price of admission to see the revelation on Miley Cyrus’ face that few gave a damn about who that intellect favored for president???

Yet, despite the huge financial advantage and the non-stop torrent of anti-Trump messages from all directions that it was futile to even get out of bed on November 8th, Hillary lost decisively, in the electoral college vote, 306-232!

In the aftermath of Trump’s shocking victory, pampered, emotionally -crushed Leftist college students are too distraught by the results of the election to take scheduled tests and must be soothed in their designated “safe spaces” with hot chocolate, play-doh, crayons and therapy dogs!   At the same time, professional anarchists, no doubt funded and coordinated by the DNC as before with help from George Soros and “usual suspects” Marxist groups, are bussed in to stage their nightly riots in an attempt to instantly delegitimize Trump’s election.

New York magazine had an edition ready to go with a cover sketch of an unflattering depiction of Trump’s face with a red ribbon plastered across his nose bearing the word LOSER!  The magazine cover of The Week was ready with a sketch showing archetypal Trump-supporting grubby rednecks, blue-color workers, hardhat construction workers, bikers, Nazis and Klan members marching in protest of his loss, well-armed with AR-15s!

Still waiting for next week’s magazine covers that lampoon the Left’s violent protests….!

So, who’s not accepting the results of the election now???

-The Chicago Patriot

The “Unshackled” Donald Trump and the Shiny Object in the Room (10/13/16)

Hyper-liberal MSNBC talking head Chris Matthews observed over the summer that Donald Trump obviously had lived a life in which he never seriously contemplated running for the presidency, until last year! Appearing on a show like Howard Stern’s to brag about your sexual conquests, would have never been considered to be a safe career move to gain the Oval Office by the likes of Adlai Stevenson or Edmund Muskie!

Donald Trump’s past words and past actions have offered unlimited targets of opportunity for Hillary Clinton’s oppo. research team and they have taken full advantage of the rich landscape of The Donald’s past – aided royally by many of his more contemporary choice comments!   The well timed Access Hollywood video of Trump’s “locker room talk”, which NBC reportedly had possession of for over a year (its release delayed to ensure Trump’s nomination as Clinton’s weakest opponent?), was coordinated with the Washington Post to be dropped on the Trump campaign within the same hour as the Wikileaks emails of HRC’s aides.   The all-too predictable parade of Donald’s alleged victims that has now followed, have all but drowned out the far more substanative revelations that have been exposed, TO DATE, about the true Hillary Rodham Clinton:

(1)  Hillary’s “dream” of a Western Hemisphere EU-like Free Trade Zone with unfettered immigration into the United States and a total relaxation of whatever still exists of border controls on the Southern border;

(2)  Hillary’s admission that it is “neccessary” to hide her real views on issues such as trade and Wall Street reforms, which were made to her fat-cat donors in her secret Wall Street speeches, from diametrically opposite opinions expressed to her adoring throng –

(to Bernie voters – you just can’t HANDLE the truth!);

(3)  Reassurances to Wall Street leaders in Hillary’s secret speeches that they will be delegated the power to regulate themselves, as they know their business best –

(to Bernie voters – ditto!);

(4)  The sage observation by John Podesta that the Mrs. Clinton often has problems telling the truth


(5)  A warning by John Podesta to Hillary that her contempt for the average American was becoming all too obvious and that rallies should be organized to counter that appearance

(An observation that can only be characterized as “deplorable!”);

(6)  Views exchanged by Clinton aides that express utter contempt for the faith and belief systems of American Catholics and Evangelicals that have “severely backwards gender relations.”   (Can you imagine substituting the term “Islam” in that phrase?)    The same email also spoke disparagingly of Southerners and “needy Latinos”;

(7)  The blatant (but no longer shocking) interplay of the Main-Stream Media, the Obama Justice Department and the FBI with the Clinton organization, in a coordinated campaign to suppress the reporting and minimalize the impact of the Clinton email scandal;

(8)  The fact that CNBC reporter John Harwood took marching orders from the Clinton campaign on how to best bait Donald Trump in a GOP debate (he asked him whether he was running a “comic book candidacy”), prior to serving as an ostensibly neutral moderator at the debate;

(9)  The fact that a question about the death penalty that was to be posed to Hillary in a Town Hall debate with Bernie Sanders by an uncommitted voter, was leaked to Clinton’s campaign the day before (to craft a well-thought out “spontaneous” answer) by CNN contributor (and past and present DNC chairperson) Donna Brazile;

….with more to come.

Note that with the exception of Clinton communication director Jennifer Palmieri’s claim that she does not remember the email concerning Catholics and Evangelicals, there has been no response from the   Clinton campaign that the content of the hacked emails released so far by Wikileaks have, in any way, been altered or fabricated.   They prefer instead to slay the messenger instead of the message, who they claim is Russia.

Yet, in light of these revelations, and all of the scandals swirling around Hillary Clinton and her serial lies and unprecedented corruption, all her dutiful Main Stream Media wants to talk about is Donald Trump boasting that he is “attracted to beautiful women like a magnet” and of his claimed ability to carry out unsolicited sexual advances because of his fame.   It’s the shiny object in the room meant to divert attention from the smoke coming from the basement!   (“Lookee here” says James Carville!)  Truly, these are issues that are hugely relevant for the uncertain future of all Americans!   But it’s working….

Trump had a far more successful second debate and had Hillary on the defensive for much of the contest.   His promise to have a special prosecutor appointed to look into the irregularities of the FBI email probe and Clinton Foundation, and his off-hand comment she’d “be jailed” if justice was allowed to take its course, has evoked outrage that if Trump were to be elected, the “banana republic” tradition of jailing the electoral loser would be instituted!    Yet, with all the details of the FBI whitewash mounting by the day, while ordinary government employees are jailed for 1/1,000th of the secutity violations committed by Mrs. Clinton, aren’t we Nicaragua now???

As the result of the relentless character assassination assault upon Trump by the Clinton campaign and its media lackies (whether each charge is justified or not – it’s ALL she’s running on) in this mad dual race to the bottom, Mr. Trump has retaliated by bringing up the past claims of forced sexual assault and rape committed by Bill Clinton.  Prior to the debate he held a most unusual “press conference” where Juanita Broddrick related her account of bring raped by Bill Clinton in the ’70s; Paula Jones being sexually assaulted by him in the ’80s and Kathleen Willey being groped by him (in the White House) in the ’90s.    Hillary was implicated as coordinating the character assassination of all three of these women (along with Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky), as the de facto head of what was facetiously described as the Clinton Bimbo Eruption Squad!    Additionally presented at the Trump event was Kathy Shelton, who at the age of 12 was raped by a drifter in Arkansas.    He was represented in court by the young Hillary Rodham who got him off on a technicality and was then caught on tape laughing and bragging about it.   How do these accounts square with Hillary’s past statement that all women who claim they were sexually assaulted must be believed?   Not for nothing was Hillary Clinton described in the ’90s as “having the soul of an East German border guard.”

The affect of Trump’s controversial tactic with his “press conference” and his performance in the second debate have yet to be fully gauged.   It is true that a large percentage of millennials, who Hillary needs to come out to vote for her (who were toddlers during the Bill Clinton presidency), have little knowledge of the details of the Bill Clinton saga.  In this heightened age of PC conduct concerning male-female relationships, how will the millennials react to these claims about the past conduct of both Bill and Hill?    Will they hold it against her and largely stay home?    Will many vote for Johnson or Stein as a protest?   Would some actually vote for Trump?   Or will it be a wash?

There is no doubt that due to Trump’s undisciplined, incessant tweeting about Miss Universe after the first debate and now the Access Hollywood clip, he has has lost his September momentum and has now fallen behind in most of the polls.   As the result of his raw talk with Billy Bush, Speaker Paul Ryan and many other prominent Republicans have now disavowed their candidate, fearing Trump will take the whole ticket down with him.   In response, Donald Trump has declared war on the GOP; claims he doesn’t need the party’s support; claims he will win it all on his own and says he now feels liberated to be “unshackled” from the Republicans!!!   A winning strategy?  The only remaining questions, now that he is “unshackled” and with the final debate coming up, is how much further “unconventional” can Donald Trump go?  And in this most unusual election year, can his scorched earth strategy lead to victory?

-The Chicago Patriot



A Deplorable Week (9/15/16)

Since Kellyanne Conway took the reigns of the Trump campaign as campaign manager on August 17th, the candidate has become somewhat more disciplined, with a greater focus on prosecuting the case against the Obama/Clinton record.   Together with overtures to tempt the resisters in the Republican base and (perhaps) Black Americans in the inner cities (“what do you have to lose”), the polls have suddenly tightened in this most unpredictable  of elections.    But the affect of these Conway-directed strategems toward tightening the polls, may end up paling in comparison to the impact of the blunders committed by Hillary Clinton; intentional or inadvertent, in this “deplorable” week that could very well become a watershed in the race for the White House. Continue reading “A Deplorable Week (9/15/16)”

Four More Years of Scandal? (8/22/16)

The declaration by Bill and Hillary Clinton this weekend that if Hillary becomes President, The Foundation will no longer accept donations from foreign governments and companies, offers cold comfort to those who found the interplay of Hillary Clinton’s official and “private” roles troubling. If the acceptance of foreign money by The Foundation at least raises the “appearance” of impropriety with HRC as the Chief Executive; as this declaration suggests, how was this arrangement any less acceptable with Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State…..or U.S. Senator?

Examples of official favors bestowed by Secretary Clinton to foreign personages that gave massive “donations” to The Foundation – the “pay to play” scheme – have already begun to trickle out – that is, those examples that were not contained within the 33,000 emails that were deleted from Hillary’s home-brewed server that was most likely hacked by foreign powers. The potential for blackmail is manifest- one of a number of reasons why the whole scheme is unethical and manifestly illegal and, at the minimum reeks of bad judgment! It is now obvious why HRC went to such trouble to set up this unsecured private server, that with apologies to FBI Director Comey, Hillary so recklessly and negligently exposed some of the nation’s top secrets that were transmitted in addition to her “private” Foundation communications!   The server was not set up solely to safeguard Chelsea’s wedding plans!

The release of future hacked emails from Hillary’s server are to be expected.   The only question: whether to wait until after Hillary’s potential inauguration to exert “influence”!

The Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative have documented track records of being among the worse charities in regard to the percentage of funds that actually reach those in need. The rest of the money allegedly goes to “expenses”. Not for nothing has The Foundation been described as the Clinton’s private Superpak and their personal slushfund!   Their tax returns have revealed that they have written-off a large percentage of their annual income by making charitable contributions to their own Foundation!   In effect, they made contributions to themselves! Over $100,000,000 has been netted by Bill and Hillary since Mr. Clinton left office in 2001 “dead broke”!   No wonder they looted the White House silverware on their departure!!!

Now, with the polls currently showing Clinton as the victor in the Electoral College, it appears that Hillary Clinton will be the Nation’s 45th President. Those of us old enough to remember the 1990s, recall the never-ending Clinton scandal machine, with Bill Clinton’s paramour Gennifer Flowers serving as the subject of the first Clintonian scandal that made the national news, which erupted during the 1992 election. It turns out Gennifer was merely the appetizer, as Miss Flowers was succeeded by the scandals involving Hillary’s investment in cattle futures, the Whitewater land deal and the White House travel office, followed by the far more salacious scandals involving Paula Jones and Troopergate, Juanita Broderick, Kathleen Willey, etc. and of course, Monica Lewinsky. Hillary called all of these swirling controversies as part of a “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” and Monicagate would have been chalked up as just another figment of the turgid imagination of sweating-under-the-collar conservatives, if not for the presence of a little blue dress!!!   Bill Clinton’s perjury under oath about the Jones Affair led to his impeachment in the House followed by acquittal by the Senate, with the Democrats marching in lockstep; all voting for the President. “It all depends on what the definition of “is”, is.” Well, at least Bill Clinton was disbarred by the Arkansas State Bar for his perjurous statements (not for foolin’ around). It’s too bad, how is he going to make a living?

Now, we have Foundation, with all of the ethical issues that that arrangement raises. Throughout the 1990s, the Clintons were ably served by their corps of talking heads, headed by James Carville, Lanny Davis and Sidney Blumenthal, who appeared nightly on television defending the indefensible!   If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, are we in store for four more years of this sordid carnival in defending the Clinton Foundation, as the office of the President of the United States; so damaged by William Jefferson Clinton, sinks even lower in the hands of his wife?

-The Chicago Patriot

The long awaited pivot? (8/17/16)

News that the Trump campaign has kicked campaign manager Paul Manafort upstairs to become chairman of Trump’s campaign, to be replaced by Breitbart News mogul Stephen K. Bannon as CEO of the campaign and respected Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway as campaign manager, may (once again) finally signal the long awaited “pivot” to attempt to resusitate Donald Trump’s sputtering race for the White House.  Together with generally well-received speeches this week on combating ISIS and the law-and-order speech attempting to reach out to African-Americans delivered outside of stricken Milwaukee, could Trump has finally got the message that his preaching-to-the-crowd GOP primary message is now outmoded?

Trump’s first campaign manager Corey Lewandowski let “Donald be Donald” and the results of that strategy won the Republican nomination, but the continuation of that tactic has contributed mightily to the current Electoral College deficit.    His successor, Paul Manafort rarely traveled with Trump on the campaign trail and was not on hand to whisper in the candidate’s ear to redirect him toward the “better angels of his nature.”    It is reported that the talented Kellyanne Conway will be at his side at all times, to keep Donald Trump focused and directed on the change vs. status quo message that a majority of the country favors.  Since the GOP Convention, Trump has been rejected as the messenger of that theme, largely due to his own self-destructive tendencies.   The question arises: is it already too late?

-The Chicago Patriot