The Slow-Motion Coup D’Etat Misfires?

The Washington elites (some from the GOP), aided by their Deep-State allies embedded within the intelligence agencies, the Justice Department and the administrative apparatus, and allied with the Left; its lap-dog Democratic Party, Academia and the virulently anti-Trump mainstream media-entertainment complex, all waited with saliva-dripping and palpitation-inducing anticipation for the testimony last week of fired FBI Director James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee.   Comey’s testimony no doubt would drive the mortal stake into the heart of the Incubus-in-Chief, Donald Trump, and his pledge to clean the Augean Stables of the District of Columbia; in this millennium manifested as the grotesquely expanded federal colossus, by unmasking President Trump as being guilty as charged; guilty of TREASON for being a Manchurian Candidate-like foreign agent of Russia and engaging in collusion with Vladimir Putin to subvert our democracy and (somehow)  “steal” the 2016 presidential election that rightfully belonged to Hillary Rodham Clinton!(This “Collusion Narrative” was allegedly cooked-up just days after Hillary’s surprise loss by none other than her top aide, John “Password” Podesta!)

James Comey’s appearance was sure to be the climax of this carefully-planned, slow motion Coup D’Etat to remove the offensive Trump Administration and its promises to trim the bloated DC Administrative State and curtail the all-powerful federal government (“The Swamp”), only months after Mr. Trump’s ascension to power!

But, a funny thing happened on the Road to Impeachment of this constitutionally elected president.   In the Hearing, James Comey readily conceded that, at least as of May 9th, the date of his dismissal, Donald Trump had NEVER been the target of any investigation for colluding with Russia to influence the 2016 election!   The time span of the investigation against Donald Trump and his campaign that Comey was alluding to, dates back eleven months to JULY, 2016.   Comey also testified that as of the date of his removal, NO evidence of collusion with Russia had yet to have been found against Donald Trump, OR any of his associates.   Further, Mr. Comey confirmed what President Trump had repeatedly asserted and for which he had been roundly mocked; that Comey had indeed personally assured Trump on three occasions, that he had never been a target of the investigation!

As Senator Rubio pointed out during the Hearings, the fact that the President had never been under investigation for collusion with Russia was the only important “fact” that was NOT leaked to the Left press, during these past tumultuous months!   Did the slow-motion Coup D’Etat to remove Mr. Trump, engineered with relentless coordination by the oligarchs of The Swamp since the surprise results of November 8th, misfire right in front of the Democrat senators at the Hearings and in front of all of the world?

Of course, with the GOP caving in to pressure to agree to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel to look into Russia’s involvement in the election, the Inquiry continues.    (Could you imagine Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch acceding to such a demand?).   The Swamp hopes against hope that the President will still somehow be tied into nefarious Moscow conspiracies that have been claimed to have been engineered by Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, et al.   But as Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz (a liberal Democrat and Hillary supporter) has repeatedly posited, if the shadow accusations of Russian involvement concerning any of these individuals are true, what specific constitutional provisions, federal statutes, or Code of Federal Regulations were violated?   Where is the crime?

Legal fact: meetings with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak are not illegal.   They do not violate any law, treaty or custom.   In fact, meetings with ambassadors; including Mr. Kislyak, are actually encouraged and are scheduled, and have been scheduled with both Democratic and Republican members of Congress, on a constant and continuing basis, in both official and unofficial settings, since the District of Columbia was a meadow with a commanding hill!    The goal is diplomacy and maintenance of peace; that’s why governments maintain embassies in all nations for which they have diplomatic recognition.

Sure, the Russian embassy in Georgetown is a hive of FSB activity (the post-Soviet KGB) as our embassy in Moscow is a CIA nest.   Everybody acts under diplomatic cover and everybody knows the players.   Is Kislyak the FSB rezident in Washington?    Probably not, most likely it’s his First Secretary, who nevertheless reports to him.   But Mr. Kislyak’s portfolio is irrelevant as everybody knows the players, even without a scorecard!   As Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified to before the Senate Intelligence Committee on June 13th, he recalled met with Sergey Kislyak, with several members of Sessions’ staff present, in his role as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee – a regular occurrence that happens with all members of Congress; Democrat and Republican alike.   (It was this meeting that Sessions had failed to include in his prior testimony, as he interpreted Senator Franken’s question as inquiring about meetings with Kislyak in his role as a Trump surrogate rather than as a senator).   Attorney General Sessions also met with Mr. Kislyak in a function in Cleveland during the Republican convention, a get-together that was also attended by Democrats!   Finally, he testified that he could not recall whether or not he greeted Kislyak at a function at the Mayflower Hotel, where Mr. Sessions was surrounded by hundreds of other people.

Jeff Sessions declared that the swirling innuendo that he and other members of the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia during the 2016 campaign was a “appalling and detestable lie” and further stated that the idea that he could have colluded with the Russian ambassador during the campaign season was “like looking through the looking glass” in Alice in Wonderland!   Not for nothing did Vladimir Putin exclaim to Megyn Kelly in her interview of him that “have you all lost your senses over there?”   While the Russians failed to hack into any of the individual states’ vote-tally systems, they were hugely successful in sowing massive suspicion and discord into the American body politic.   And the question must be asked: which American political party’s rhetoric and actions are (unwittingly) serving to advance Moscow’s nefarious designs to disrupt our democracy?

As with Jeff Sessions, no evidence of Russian collusion been unearthed to date over contacts that National Security Advisor-to-be Michael Flynn had with the Russian ambassador.   Short of some sort of conspiracy (to violate which statute?), conversations with Sergey Kislyak were not illegal.  Flynn had the absolute right to discuss the prospective fate of Obama-imposed sanctions on Russia once the new administration took office on January 20th.   The Trump administration was not bound by the executive order of Barack Obama.   Why Flynn kept secret his meeting with the Kislyak when questioned by Vice President Pence; which led to the stated reason for his ouster, is puzzling.   But the “illegality” of merely meeting with the Russian ambassador; as revealed by an leaked FISA intercept for which Michael Flynn’s identity was illegally “unmasked”, was not a viable reason, in itself, for the destruction of his career.   However, I predict that Flynn is one individual who now is in legal jeopardy – but for other reasons, as discussed below.

Then, there is Carter Page, Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner.   Page was one of five people named as foreign policy advisors to the Trump campaign back in March, 2016, through Mr. Trump claims that he never had met him.   Page is the founder of Global Energy Capital, a New York investment fund specializing in the Russian and Central Asian oil and gas business.   He reputedly was the subject of a FISA warrant that allegedly revealed he was dealing with Russian individuals that were subject to US sanctions during the pursuit of his Russian investments.   He left the Trump campaign in September, 2016.   While the extent of his legal trouble due to his business dealings; if any, is speculative, what do these facts have to do with the “fixing” of the US Presidential election for Donald Trump?

Paul Manafort was Donald Trump’s campaign manager from March to August, 2016.   A long time Republican political operative, Mr. Manafort had for the past decade been involved in lobbying on behalf of the Government of Ukraine and had served as a political consultant to former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, who favored closer ties to Moscow.   Manafort has denied working on behalf of Russian as opposed to Ukrainian interests and has claimed that he strove to move Kiev more in the direction of the West, rather than to Moscow.   Nevertheless, Paul Manafort was fired as Donald Trump’s campaign manager in August, 2016.   What the Mainstream Media now seems to forget, was that it was the Trump campaign that declared that the stated reason for Manafort’s removal last August was “due to his past ties with Russia” – the reason for the dismissal of Mr. Manafort was not broken by the Mainstream Media or revealed through the bombshell of some anonymous leak!   Paul Manafort has offered to testify before Congress.   But again, what do the facts concerning Manafort’s past lobbying activities have to do with the “fixing” of the US Presidential election for Donald Trump?   And as Professor Dershowitz asks: what crime has been committed here, in any event?

Finally, there is Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, now accused to seeking to open a back-channel line of communication with Moscow after the November 8th election.   While the claim that Kushner attempted to open surreptitious channels to Russia AFTER the election now blows to smithereens the Collusion Narrative to all but the most-remedial Anti-Trump “The Election was Stolen” Conspiratorial Maniacs, back channel communication links to foreign governments have been used by U.S. administrations since the beginning of the republic; the latest being the Obama contacts with Iran during the Iran nuclear deal.   Mr. Kushner has also offered to testify before Congress concerning the details of his attempt to open up a back channel line to Moscow.   As stated, such communication links are not per se illegal.

The FBI’s investigation of Mr. Trump and his campaign dating back to last July, included James Comey’s payment of a taxpayer-funded bounty (for how much?) for the purchase of the now-infamous and totally discredited dossier cooked-up by former British MI6 agent Christopher Steele that was originally commissioned by a Republican Never-Trump lobby group, that claimed; among many groundless accusations, that Donald Trump had golden showers administered upon him by Russian prostitutes on a bed in a Moscow hotel suite formerly occupied by Barack and Michelle Obama!   This baseless and totally unsubstantiated report was the apparent pretext that prompted longtime Democrat operative and Obama CIA Director John Brennan, to brief the President-Elect that the Russians claimed to have compromising information on him.   The briefing was then promptly leaked (by Brennan himself?) to the Buzzfeed website and then to CNN, who breathlessly reported its salacious details on the day before Donald Trump’s Inauguration.

However, what was unknown on that date, was that the FBI’s acquisition of this “evidence” provided the pretext for James Comey and the Obama administration to obtain warrants from the FISA Court for electronic surveillance to ostensibly seek information on the “facts” relating to this unbelievable dossier.   As subsequent developments have revealed, Obama operatives such as John Brennan, Susan Rice, Ben Rhoades, and most curiously, Samantha Power over at the UN, apparently used the wiretaps authorized by the FISA warrants to surveil Trump campaign personnel and perhaps the candidate himself during the 2016 campaign, and then illegally unmasked the identity of Michael Flynn and other Trump operatives during otherwise “incidental” conversations with foreign (and not only Russian) individuals and/or entities.   This surveillance continued well after the November 8th election and persisted right up to the Inauguration and even beyond – consider surveilled and leaked telephone transcripts of Donald Trump’s conversations with the prime minister of Australia and the president of Mexico in the opening weeks of his administration.

Section 1804 of Title 50, U.S. Code, stipulates that a “significant purpose” of a FISA intercept must be to obtain “foreign intelligence information” and that “appropriate minimalization procedures are in place”, to safeguard American individuals’ identities that are incidentally ensnared in a FISA cyber dragnet.   This national security apparatus was unconstitutionally and with corrupt intent, maliciously launched upon the Republican challenger to Hillary Clinton and his campaign by the Obama administration for naked political purposes, in true KGB style!   Talk about Russia!   What now appears to be just the tip of the iceberg, the Obama Administration’s wholesale trashing of the Fourth Amendment throughout its tenure, via its misuse of the FISA statute to pursue electronic surveillance for which the “significant purpose” was NOT “foreign intelligence information” but eavesdropping on electoral opponents and members of the Media (for example, James Rosen of Fox News), is the true scandal here.   THIS IS THE TRUE COLLUSION!

Have you noticed that since the testimony of James Comey at the Senate Intelligence Committee, the Russian Collusion Narrative has now largely taken a back seat in the drive to unseat Donald Trump, in favor of other schemes to force his removal, such as accusations that the President should be impeached for being guilty of Obstruction of Justice?   Well at least Mr. Trump can now remove the “TRAITOR” sign that the unhinged Left has rhetorically thrown around his neck!

Of course, the testimony of James Comey at the Senate Intelligence Committee also provided other theatric bombshells to the DC feeding frenzy.   Comey claimed that the President asked him “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go”, during a private dinner in the Green Room in the White House right after Mr. Trump supposedly demanded loyalty from the FBI Director.   (The Left immediately dubbed the meeting the “Loyalty Dinner” and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews; always Godfather-centric, has likened the meeting to an audience with Don Corleone!)   Comey was coy on opining whether Trump’s words amounted to Obstruction of Justice in an attempt to thwart the investigation of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn (who had been dismissed by Trump the day before), stating that whether the President is guilty of obstruction should be decided by others.   However, later in the Hearing, Comey launched a second bombshell in revealing that he was the leaker of the notes that he supposedly contemporaneously took after his meeting with the President, by relaying them to a Columbia law school professor friend for the expressed purpose of having the memo leaked to the New York Times, after Mr. Comey was fired!   He further testified that he engineered the leak of his notes with the intention of forcing the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the President, whom Mr. Comey had cleared of any Russian collusion only minutes before during the Hearing!   One may reasonably speculate that Comey has been one of the main sources of leaks, if not the prime leaker, since Mr. Trump’s electoral victory.   Is James Comey the “Deep Throat” of the new millennium?

Legal fact:   Donald Trump had the supreme constitutional right to fire James Comey, for any reason, or no reason!   In fact, as Chief Executive, he has the perfect constitutional power to order the shutting down of any investigation, though it may not be politically wise.    Despite what many pundits on the Left claim, the FBI does not have some sort of independent watchdog status under the constitutional framework; neither does the Justice Department, they are both organs of the executive branch and report to the president.   J. Edgar Hoover’s tenure as head of the Bureau of Investigation in 1924; which became the FBI in 1935, spanned seven administrations, from Calvin Coolidge through Richard Nixon, when Hoover died at the helm in 1972.   Most historians have concluded that Hoover survived as head of the FBI for that long a period because he maintained a file of incriminating or embarrassing evidence for each successive occupant of the White House.   Did Donald Trump fire James Comey because of the Russian probe; because of poor morale at the FBI; because of his handling of the Hillary email investigation, or because Comey refused to reveal to the public what he had reported to Congress and admitted to Trump on three separate occasions, that he was never a target of the Russian Collusion investigation?   For whatever reason, James Comey served at the pleasure of the President.   And does Comey’s deliberate leaking of his notes of the dinner with the President after his firing; which Comey admitted was deliberately calculated to force the appointment of a special prosecutor (which turned out to be one of his best friends, Robert Mueller), be the sort of retaliation worthy of a Hoover, one that would have earn him the moniker that some commentators have hung on the former Director; that being J. Edgar Comey?

Most legal experts are in agreement that there is insufficient evidence to credibly claim that the President was engaging in Obstruction of Justice in asking James Comey “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go”, even if Comey’s recollection is to be believed, word for word.   There must be proof of corrupt intent.   An entirely plausible argument could be made that, in light of Trump’s firing of Michael Flynn the day before; an act that the President obviously felt bad about and concerned a loyal individual who had a sterling thirty-year career serving his country, that Mr. Trump was asking James Comey for mercy for Flynn, for whom he felt had been through enough.

Further, Trump’s alleged statement was couched in term of the fact that he “hoped” that the investigation of Michael Flynn would end.   When questioned by Republican Idaho Senator James Risch during the Hearing, Mr. Comey claimed that he took Trump’s words about the Flynn investigation “as a direction”, though Trump’s words were not couched in the form of an order.   However, Comey was forced to concede to Senator Risch that he knew of no other prosecution in which someone had been charged with Obstruction of Justice “for hoping something.”

The greatest irony of this situation is that Michael Flynn is the one individual in this saga who most likely will be faced with criminal prosecution; not due to his contacts with Sergey Kislyak, but by failing to register as a foreign agent under the Registration of Foreign Agents Act, as a lobbyist for TURKEY, not Russia!   This news broke on March 10, 2017, some five weeks after the “Loyalty Dinner”.   Was that fact the gist of Trump’s comment?   Was the President even aware of Flynn’s Turkish involvement at that point?

While the statements of a defendant in a Obstruction of Justice prosecution must be couched in unambiguous terms, as opposed to “hoping” for a certain legal resolution, Donald Trump is not out of the woods on this issue.   Special Counsel Mueller will look into other conversations about the Flynn Affair that the President may have had with NSA director Mike Rogers and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, and perhaps others.   How were the President’s precise words phrased with these individuals, concerning the Flynn investigation?   Mr. Trump should have long ago realized that he is the president now; he can no longer couch his conversations as if negotiating with wildcat strikers who had interrupted the construction of one of his buildings!   The words of a president have fine, precise legal meanings.   While cleared of being a Traitor in the Service of the Kremlin, Trump’s indiscipline may have opened up a self-inflicted wound allowing for a new avenue of attack from the Left.

While an impeachment proceeding has a legal basis – the Constitution requires “High Crimes or Misdemeanors”, it is ultimately a political process.   There is no such thing as a Motion to Dismiss the charges, for the failure to prove the required elements of an offense.   Impeachment can only occur when 2/3 of the House of Representatives votes to impeach (i.e., to indict) and then 2/3 of the Senate votes to convict an individual for removal of office.   A subsequent criminal prosecution of the person could then proceed in a court of law.    At the minute, the Democrats have 193 members in the House and 48 in the Senate.   Assuming all Democrats would vote to impeach, they would additionally need 90 Republican representatives to join them in the House to impeach, and a further 19 Republican senators to join all Democratic senators to vote to convict after a trial in the Senate, for Donald Trump to be removed from office.   The evidence against Mr. Trump must be pretty clear cut and egregious for that many Republican members of Congress to join their Democrat brethren in the ouster of the winner of the 2016 election.   Unless the tentacles of the Washington Elites and the Deep State are that far reaching and pervasive!

Compare the evidence to date, of Donald Trump’s alleged Obstruction of Justice in attempting to impede the investigation of Michael Flynn, with just some of the Byzantine machinations of Hillary and Bill Clinton and their respective staffs, and of the Obama Administration, in squelching the Hillary Clinton email investigation:

(*)  Early 2014: Hillary Clinton’s aide Monica Hanley mailed  a copy of the “Hillary Clinton email archives”, downloaded from Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized, private server in her home at Chappaqua, New York, which was utilized during her tenure as Secretary of State, to Clinton’s new I.T. provider – Platte River Network (PRN), located in Denver, Colorado.   Hanley downloaded the emails onto an Apple MacBook with a copy on a thumb drive.   Upon receipt, PRN loaded the emails to a G-Mail account for transfer to a PRN server, then deleted the emails from the G-Mail account, but inadvertently failed to erase some 940 emails of which 56 were classified and 302 were not among the 55,000 State Department emails subsequently released by Hillary Clinton in December, 2014.

(*)  Early 2014:  PRN allegedly mailed back the Apple MacBook and the thumb drive back to the Hillary Clinton offices and they are promptly “lost”.

(*)  December, 2014:  Hillary Clinton released 55,000 State Department emails.

(*)  December, 2014:  An unknown Clinton staff member instructed PRN to delete the entire Clinton email archive from PRN’s server.

(NOTE:  Deletion of ANY of the emails from the Hillary Clinton email archives was in violation of the Federal Records Act.)

(*)  January, 2015: Hillary Clinton staffer Heather Samuelson was tasked to determines which emails were personal (to be deleted) and which were work-related from the Chappaqua server, which resulted in the deletion of over 36,000 emails.   Then both Samuelson and Clinton staffer Cheryl Mills requested that all emails from the hard drive of their respective computers also be eradicated using the BleachBit software.

(*)  Hillary Clinton orders all emails older than 60 days to be deleted.

(*)  March 2, 2015:  The New York Times released an article showing that Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server violates State Department rules.

(*)  March 4, 2015:  Hillary Clinton received a subpoena from the House Select Committee on Benghazi instructing her to preserve all emails from her private server and deliver them to Congress.

(*)  March 25, 2015:  An undisclosed PRN staff member had a conference call with a member of President Clinton’s staff.

(*)  March 25-31, 2015:  An undisclosed PRN staff member realized he forgot to delete the Hillary email archives from the PRN server as instructed in December, 2014.   Said PRN staff member proceeded to eradicate the hard drive of the server using BleachBit, despite later admitting that he “was aware of the existence of the preservation request and the fact that it meant he should not disturb Clinton’s email data on the PRN server.”

(*)  June, 2016:  FBI discovers the 940 emails that were uploaded by PRN to the G-Mail account in early 2014 that were inadvertently not deleted, contrary to orders by the Hillary Clinton staff.

(*)  June 10, 2016:  FBI reached immunity deal with Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson.  The FBI granted both of Hillary’s aides immunity from prosecution and also agreed to limited their search of the Hillary Clinton emails to only those generated up to January 31, 2015, meaning investigators could not review subsequent communications after the email server became public, thus tying the FBI’s hands on any inquiry concerning measures taken to obstruct justice; including destruction of evidence, after that date!   Further, the deal called for the FBI to destroy the laptops of both Mills and Samuelson after they finished reviewing them and thus kept the computers out of the hands of Congressional investigators!   A highly improper deal, as the FBI could have subpoenaed the laptops and seized them, condition free!

(*)  Late June, early July, 2016:  As related by James Comey in the Hearings of June 8, 2017, Comey met with then Attorney General Loretta Lynch to produce a sensitive document about the Hillary email investigation; its been existence having been unknown to Lynch, which caused a “frostiness” and a “steely gaze” from the Attorney General.   The meeting concluded with Ms. Lynch instructing Comey that the Hillary inquiry was to be referred to as a “matter” rather than an “investigation.”

(*)  June 27, 2016:  Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton engaged in a secret rendezvous from their private jets on the tarmac of Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix, Arizona.   Their respective staffs are excluded from the private meeting.   The story of this surreptitious rendezvous is broken by a tip to a local Phoenix TV host.   The Attorney General and the spouse of a target of an investigation being run from her office, allegedly talked for 35 minutes “about their grandchildren”, eight days before the disposition of the email investigation was announced.

(*)  July 2, 2016: Hillary Clinton was finally interviewed by the FBI at their headquarters.   She was not required to be put under oath.   She was allowed to be accompanied to the meeting with Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson as “her attorneys”; highly improper as both were witnesses to the investigation.   Reputedly, Hillary told the FBI that she didn’t know that the (c) on many of the emails put before her, meant the communications were confidential or classified.

(*)  July 5, 2016:  James Comey held a press conference announcing the details of the investigation and concluded that Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” in the handling of classified emails.   However he then misstated the terms of the applicable criminal statute for mishandling classified communications stating “there was no evidence that Hillary Clinton intentionally or willfully mishandled classified information” –  the statute actually only requires proof of “gross negligence” which is the same as “extreme carelessness!”   As a result, Comey concluded that as the FBI found no evidence that Clinton intentionally or willfully mishandled classified information, it was “our judgment that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”   The email investigation was, (as it turned out, temporarily) closed.

(NOTE:  There are several individuals serving prison sentences at the minute, convicted of mere Gross Negligence (as opposed to intentional and willful intent) in mishandling classified documents.    Clever defense attorneys are already utilizing “The Hillary Rule”, to try to get these charges dismissed against their clients!)

(*)  In the week of July 5, 2016 after Comey’s declaration:  The Hillary Clinton campaign indicates that Loretta Lynch will be highly considered to stay on as Attorney General in the new Hillary Clinton administration. (!)

The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees several rights, one of which is that no federal prosecution can proceed without an indictment from a grand jury.   As it is clear from the above narrative that Loretta Lynch (and President Obama) had no intention of EVER empaneling a grand jury to review the evidence of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, no indictment could thus ever be issued to bring any charge against Mrs. Clinton, pursuant to the Fifth Amendment!   Is that the real, underlying reason that James Comey stated that it is “our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case?”

Susan Rice has already refused to testify before Congress concerning the “unmasking” probe; probably Loretta Lynch will also refuse to appear when summoned to The Hill to testify about this chronology.   A crisis will no doubt be forced.   The Democrats are past masters at taking the stance that Republican congressional majorities don’t have any legitimacy and their demands; let alone their subpoenas, need not be honored.   If the Republicans force the issue, the Democrats will label the GOP as being mean spirited, call their demands outrageous if not actually illegal, claim that their efforts are merely wasting taxpayer money and then turn the Mainstream Media on them!   It’s nice having powerful friends!

The actions of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and their respective staffs in destroying evidence; the decision of Bill Clinton to surreptitiously meet with Attorney General Lynch as a decision was looming about the disposition of the investigation against his wife; thr improper conduct of Attorney General Lynch in meeting with President Clinton and in impeding a true investigation of the Hillary Clinton email scandal: THIS IS THE TRUE OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE!

The election of Hillary Clinton would have empowered her to become the final architect of the all-powerful, unanswerable and unresponsive Administrative State, and set a final seal on the Progressive dream; dating back to Woodrow Wilson, of a nation ruled by panels of unelected experts in an all-powerful and unreachable bureaucracy – set above and beyond the reach of the unwashed masses!   Obamacare is an example of that template.   The American Constitutional framework would have been forever altered!  However, Hillary Clinton was barely defeated; against all odds, by the little people (and not by Putin!); common folks largely from Middle America; by those Americans who dared to demand for limited and representative government and for adherence to the Bill of Rights, as set out by the Constitution and the Founding Fathers.    And the unlikely vessel of their heart-felt petitions that ended up serving as their messenger and their champion, amazingly became Donald J. Trump! The Left has never, and most likely will never, get over it!

The Anti-Trump forces describe themselves as “The Resistance”; as if their griping and sniping against the new administration is akin to the heroic French resistance against the Nazi occupation in World War II!   What nonsense!   However, the Resistance has been effective in largely bringing to a screeching halt the many facets of Donald Trump’s agenda – all the Democrats and the Media want to talk about is Russia, Russia, Russia!   Or maybe now Obstruction?   At the minute, it is as if Donald Trump is tied down with the bind of innumerable threads, like the fabled Gulliver!   However, the tactics of the Democratic Party; the stalking horse of the The Swamp and of the Left, may exact a perilous self-inflicted price!   If the 24-hour news cycle impeachment frenzy does not ultimately bear fruit; if Donald Trump is not forced from office; if the President is exonerated; if Robert Mueller only comes up with an indictment of Michael Flynn for his undisclosed lobbying efforts for Turkey and not much more, the majority of Americans will see this campaign as a failed and naked attempted Coup D’Etat to nullify the legal results of the 2016 election!   And see it as a colossal finely orchestrated charade and fraud!   And see it as a colossal waste of time while vital issues are left unattended!   And see it as a colossal waste of money!   And the Democratic Party will pay…..

-The Chicago Patriot




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