270 winchester vs 308

While the .30-06 performed very well during both world wars, the US Military again recognized the need for a new rifle and cartridge after World War II. Remington made a great cartridge in the 280, but really botched the rollout and the cartridge has never recovered. If we simply look at the average recoil energy generated by these two cartridges and given by the ballistic calculator software, we see that the .270 and .308 are very similar (Graph 1). Aussi à l'aise en battue qu'en terrain plus ouvert ou en montagne. However, that makes sense when you consider that the .308 and .270 were designed as lower recoiling alternatives to the .30-06. Let’s take a look at the averages of our larger sample size and see if the same trend persists. Adapté à tous les terrain de chasse il est adapté pour le tir au sanglier, chamois, cerf et chevreuil. Both of these have a history in long-range performance in an assortment of applications. We’re not sure if this is a big enough difference for you to start leaning one way or the other. Even if we look at the two rounds with the largest difference in bullet drop between the .270 and .308, that difference is only 2.7 inches. This was due to a number of reasons, one of which was the fact that the .270 Winchester fired unusual size bullets. The US Army began the search for a new rifle and cartridge after receiving a deadly demonstration of the capabilities of the revolutionary new Mauser rifle and 7mm Mauser cartridge in the hands of Spanish troops in Cuba during 1898. En balle KS de 9,7g, la DRO de la .270 W est 182m et en .308 la KS même poids 9,7g est 175m... C'est un poil mais à poids identique ! Of course Remington and Winchester produce the Model 70 and Model 700 rifles in .270 and .308 Winchester. To be a great hunter, you might need to turn to more than one cartridge on your adventures. The .270 Win, on average, has less bullet drop than the .308 Win. The 270 is a fine cartridge too, with a bit less drop as the distance gets longer. There is some middle ground where the .270 and .308 have rounds that behave very similarly. The sectional density of a bullet is derived from the bullet’s weight and diameter and correlates to its penetration. You can see that the flattest shooting rounds belong to the .270 while the rounds showing the steepest drop are .308 cartridges. Both are very common in bolt-action rifles. Heavier, more stoutly-constructed bullets are almost universally better at penetration, given their lower velocities. However, the .308 has a slightly steeper shoulder angle (20 degrees vs 17.5 degrees). I have always been a believer in heavier bullets regardless of the difference in drift because of lower BCs with heavy’s. Go. And as we state in just about every category, this doesn’t mean there are not .308 factory loads out there that will perform above the average, but it might be hard to find a factory load that can match the average of the .270 at 500+ yards. Bullet’s with the same momentum and same mass but different sectional densities will have different penetration results. Obviously, just from this little bit of information, we can already guess that the two cartridges are going to show some differences in their ballistics and other We will see how these specifications influence the ballistic and other properties of the cartridges shortly. After a very controversial selection process, the Army eventually settled on the M-14 rifle and the new 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. While the difference between the averages is not as great, we are still seeing close to 200fps or a little less than that from the muzzle out to the 500 yard mark. Case capacities for the .270 Win and .308 Win were obtained from Nosler. At the 500 yard mark, we see the same pattern but it is much more distinct. As the rounds move downrange, we do see the .308 Win rounds start to lose momentum at a faster rate than the .270 Win rounds. Before we wrap up this article, we want to re-examine the ten rounds we have been comparing and pick a round from each cartridge that we think will excel in certain situations. Just from looking at these ten different rounds, it’s pretty obvious that there is not a whole lot of difference between the two different cartridges. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. While the .308 produces slightly more recoil energy (21.7ft.lb compared to 19.6ft.lb), it probably isn’t anything significant, especially to more experienced shooters. Since the .308 Winchester is essentially a scaled down .30-06, with the exception of recoil (which we’ll get to in a minute) the .270 Winchester has the same advantages over the .308 as it does over the .30-06. However, the 7.62x51mm achieved that performance with a much shorter case (51mm vs 63mm) due to advances in powder technology that occurred after the development of the .30-06. Measurements were taken out to the 300-yard mark (Graph 6). At this point the difference between the two cartridges is right at 10 inches. A lot of marksmen want to know this metric because when a bullet falls below supersonic speeds, their flight becomes more unstable and the difficulty of being accurate increases substantially. There are a plethora of options when it comes to the .308. But if I were to go out west and shoot long range it would be a toss up between the 308 and the 300 win mag. Momentum (not KE) is king when it comes to penetration, and heavier bullets retain it better than lighter bullets. We also have selected some pretty high performing .308 rounds. These numbers are not going to tell you how deep a bullet will penetrate. Like all the other categories there are some .308 rounds that are similar, but there are several .270 rounds that outperform all of the .308 rounds we have looked at. The .308 Winchester has the edge with these particular 150 grain loads, but there are also instances where certain 150 grain .270 Winchester loads have the edge in terms of trajectory, retained energy, and wind drift. Both are fantastic cartridges that have been tried and tested in the field for decades. These numbers do corroborate the trends we saw in our graph. John Le .270 Winchester est un calibre dédié aux grands gibiers de petite et moyenne taille, à savoir le chevreuil, le chamois ou encore le mouflon et le cerf. After all, the recoil of the .308 is very similar to the .270. Both have a bit of a kick, but for hunters and marksman with a little experience it’s nothing you haven’t felt before, and it shouldn’t impact your shot in the field. What we will see is that there are quite a few similarities between these two cartridges as well as some small but significant differences. If you’re planning on shooting either of these at more extreme ranges, you will need to take into account other performance factors other than the BC alone. And though we think that we have a good selection of rounds with different grain weight bullets and performance specs, we are aware that it is still a relatively small sample size with the number of options that are available. 223/5.56 vs 7.62×39: Everything You Need To Know. Like many other cartridges developed in the United States, the story of the .270 and .308 Winchester begins with the .30-06 Springfield. The .270 Winchester is a very flat shooting and moderately powerful cartridge, especially considering that it’s nearly 100 years old. When we look at the numbers for our larger data set, we see the same trends as previously. We do know that there is a lot of variance between the individual rounds, but the top performing rounds in this category are .270 Win factory loads. When used in the right scenario, both the .270 and .308 are effective cartridges for bringing home game or smoking the competition on the range. This is just our opinion, and it doesn’t mean that we think our picks are the only option out there to take care of your business. The table below compares the recoil produced by 130gr and 150gr .270 loads to 150gr and 180gr .308 loads (all shooting a Nosler Partition bullet) when fired from a Ruger American rifle. My solution to this dilemma was to have one of each, (I actually have 2 .308s) in addition to the .30-06. So, let’s take a look at the ballistic coefficients of the ten rounds we are comparing (Graph 4). The short-range trajectory is always important to look at. Buy some of the best .270 Winchester hunting ammo here. While the .270 had a very high muzzle velocity compared to other popular cartridges of the day, it was not an instant commercial success. They formally released the resulting .270 Winchester cartridge in 1925 with the Winchester Model 54 rifle. The first is that the .308 Win rounds, at least the majority of them, leave the muzzle with a around an average of 6lb/ft.s more momentum than the .270 Win rounds. This means I will earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you make a purchase. depending on how long the shots would be. Note: while the case capacity figures listed below do give a good indication of the differences between the three cartridges, exact case capacities vary slightly according to the brand of brass used. Higher velocity certainly means higher KE and flatter shooting, but it doesn’t guarantee penetration. As for the penetration potential of these cartridges, the .270 Win rounds had slightly better SDs than the .308 Win rounds but the .308 Win rounds brought a little more momentum, especially at the more common hunting ranges out to 400 yards. If we look at the heavier grains for each, we still see that the recoil energy is pretty similar. The .270 Winchester was introduced in 1925 with Winchester’s Model 54 rifle, a Mauser-derived bolt-action (the Model 70 is an improved version, with a better trigger) which was totally on purpose.Even then, the 6mm and 7mm family enjoyed a certain popularity for having a balance of velocity and “oomph,” making them suitable for hunting deer-sized game at longer range than the .30-30. Each gun has its own unique qualities that are going to influence the numbers. Le .270 W offre un tir plus tendu. U.S., Canadian, British, and other allied nations used the cartridge at the start. In this article, we are going to help break down this decision by looking at two cartridges that a lot of hunters will find themselves contemplating which to use. The long range trajectory for this round is not as flat as other .270 rounds but it is still manageable at 400 yards and to be honest, any range after that we are not concerned with when it comes to hunting. For the muzzle velocity, we used the data provided by the manufacturer so take that with a grain of salt as well. Overall, the heavier bullet weights of the .308 rounds are what give the .308 cartridge a slightly higher average when it comes to the sectional density. For hunters and competition shooters alike, the trajectory of a round is characteristic that garners a lot of attention and scrutiny. For those who are more interested in long-range shooting, this section might not carry the weight the ballistics section has. The .308 Win has anywhere between 30 to 50 more ft.lbs of energy from the muzzle out to 300 yards. This is just due to the availability of lighter grain bullets. For small game hunting, the .270 is a much better option. Jack O’Connor was really onto something with his affinity for the .270 as a sheep hunting cartridge. In this table, we have actually extended the range out to a 700 and 1,000 yard marker. These diameters play a role in the weight of the bullets that are used by the two cartridges and in other performance specs that we will look at later in the article. For the price difference on the weather warriors and stainless stuff you can have a blued one cerakoted for around 100 bucks give or take. la 30-06 a plus de force d'impact(???? More like the .308 Win rounds are losing ground. Our objective is not to name one cartridge as being better than the other. For recoil, it’s a wash between these two cartridges. The .270 can be thought of as a necked down version of the .30-06. Best 9mm Ammo 2019 [Self-Defense & Target], 6.5 Creedmoor vs .243 Win – Cartridge Comparison, Best .40 S&W Ammo: Self Defense & Target Practice. The chart below compares how much a 10 mile per hour crosswind impacts those same four loads out to 500 yards.Once again we see that the .308 Winchester load outperforms the .270 Winchester when using 150gr bullets, but the 130gr .270 load has far less wind drift than either .308 load. Another important concept to take away from this graph is that all of these rounds remain supersonic all the way out to 500 yards and if we were to extend this range we would see this trend continue for several hundred more yards. The .270 is a more aerodynamic round but the .308 rounds a slightly heavier which helps them resist drag and crosswinds. Momentum is a function of the bullet’s mass and its velocity and since we have looked at both, you should already have an idea of how these two cartridges will look in comparison to each other. I started out hunting mule deer with a borrowed Winchester 30-30 and had very good luck with it. The Glenfield 30-30 is my main rifle for deer and wild hogs. Even with these various variables, we have kept everything as constant as possible, and the trends that we see should hold up. 5.56x45mm NATO, basically the military version of .223, launched in 1961. The velocity of the bullet is going to play a major role in the trajectory, which in turn, is going to determine the number of adjustments needed to make when taking shots at extended ranges. Two of these components that we will look at are the kinetic energy that is associated with the bullet as it travels downrange and the how well the bullet penetrates the target. As you can see in the photo below, the .270 Winchester and .308 Winchester cartridges have very different external dimensions. Im not suggesting blasting off a perfectly beautiful bluing job in exchange for cerakote but if its got some worn bluing and is not a collectible that may be an option. Basically, there is no shortage of quality .270 Win and .308 Win factory ammunition suitable for hunting. In my opinion the 180 grainer bullet is too heavy for the smaller powder capacity for the shorter cartridge. For the .308 Win, we like the Nosler Ballistic Tip 165gr. The list below shows these rounds. Therefore, I rule out using the .308 for moose because I think a 165 grain bullet is too light for an animal that size unless you have the velocity created by the .270 Win. Auteur : Gaspésien [ Mer Août 18, 2004 4:36 pm ] Sujet du message : 270: Salut perdrix Je t'arrête tout de suite!!!!! However, since most modern .30-06 factory loads have a small edge in velocity (usually around 100-200fps) over .308 factory loads shooting the same weight bullet, the advantage in velocity of the .270 Winchester is even more pronounced when compared to the .308. My shots rarely exceeded 125 yards or so in the foothill country that I hunted in central Wyoming. Like many cartridges, .223 Remington ammunitionhas its heritage in the military. You can see that the .270 is a much longer and skinnier cartridge than the .308. The 7mm-08 is better than, the.308 but, I'd stay with the.270 Win,..personally. Their omission here does not reflect our attitude towards those rounds. So, in regards to the .270 vs .308 debate, let’s look at some of these applications. .270 Winchester. There has been many moose found that were shot and never recovered by the hunter because of lack of a blood trail, so use what will drop it in its tracks or at least leave a good blood trail. When we come to these situations we will make clear what is going on and the variables that we used. And that is not to say that it cannot still be found in military or police force circles today, it certainly is, but not as ubiquitous as it once was. It will also give us some more piece of mind when we do look at the trends found in the graphs. At least around here, when wallyworld puts their fall sales on ammo, its usually centered around the 30-06 and 308. Even so, the .270 Winchester has significantly more case capacity due to the much longer case used by the cartridge.Finally, the .270 Winchester has a slightly higher maximum average pressure authorized by SAAMI cartridges (65,000psi vs 62,000psi for the .308 Win). With both cartridges excelling slightly at different categories, we don’t think there is really much of a difference in how well the two will penetrate from the standpoint of these numbers. Get a nice hunting rifle chambered in the cartridge that you think fits your needs the best, learn to shoot it well, use quality bullets, and you’ll be well prepared for most common hunting situations. When you’re dealing with the decision of which cartridge you want to use, it can be difficult to quickly find all of the information you need to make an informed decision. 7mm-08 vs 270, some thoughts. Just take a look at the ten rounds that we have looked at in this article. While less than an inch difference at 200 yards, nearly four inches at 300 yards, and a little more than five inches at 400 yards, might not seem like much, it can easily be the difference between success and failure. And if you have hunting in mind, the trajectory doesn’t mean much if the bullet can’t bring down the game quickly which leads us to our next section. There is something to be said about computer-generated data when it comes to comparing two cartridges. Though the differences are slight overall, we can pick out certain rounds where there is a 4 or 5ft.lb increase in recoil energy from a .270 to .308 round. Using smokeless powder and a 150gr pointed bullet fired at a 2,700fps, the .30-06 Springfield was a gigantic improvement over other popular American cartridges used during that era like the .30-30 Winchester and the .45-70 Government. vs. 270 WSM March 04, 2019 By Brad Fitzpatrick In 1925 Winchester necked down the .30-03 to .277 and created the .270 Win., a sporting cartridge designed for medium-size game that shot flatter yet recoiled less than the .30-06 Springfield. This is also an example of how bringing in more rounds might give us a clearer picture. The .270 has gained a huge following in the world of hunting from small varmints and predators to large American game such as sheep and deer. As far as bullet weights go with the .270, most ammunition is going to fall between 120-160. Additionally, Winchester recognized serious commercial potential with the 7.62x51mm cartridge and introduced the extremely similar .308 Winchester cartridge for the civilian hunting and shooting markets in the 1950s. In 1963, a modified version was released for civilian use. When looking at the .270 vs .308, it’s difficult to draw a firm conclusion on which is the better cartridge. This is another excellent option for medium to larger game. Based on their hunting use, we don’t see any real difference in price between the two. Longer track record. While each cartridge offers certain benefits to hunters, there is also a pretty big overlap in their capabilities. Let’s expand upon this and see if we continue to see this trend when we examine more rounds with various bullet weights, designs, and BCs. Do you primarily hunt deer sized game (including black bear) at ranges less than 200 yards? It is going to give us an idea of the potential each round had has for penetration. What this number tells you is how well the bullet resists wind drag and wind drift throughout its flight path and gives you an idea of how well a bullet will be able to cut through air and wind resistance. The Federal Vital-Shok Nosler Partition 150gr is one of our favorite hunting rounds for the .270 cartridge. Maximum pressure obtained from SAAMI (p171 and p172). It’s a great medium to large game rifle and can be used for just about any large game animal in the world, barring a few. The .270, on average, has higher velocities than the .308 which a lot of long-range shooters will be key on. The faster 150 grain bullets were tried for mule deer but I was disappointed with the significant meat damage. When we look at these numbers, we are addressing how well a bullet is able to stay in motion when faced with resistance. And this has nothing to do with energy or penetration, but rather the ballistics. For instance, the 150gr Nosler Partition below really did a number on a big kudu bull in South Africa. It’s really just a matter of each cartridge having certain strengths and weaknesses. For shots taken at extended ranges, a higher BC often means fewer adjustments will have to be made to get the bullet on target. Though the .308 on average has a higher SD here, there are .270 rounds, as we have highlighted, that have similar or better SD numbers. The relatively light recoil of the cartridge also makes it easier to handle in a lightweight rifle that’s desirable on a mountain hunt. 270 vs 30-06: Ammunition Selection. The 7.62x51mm NATO had virtually the same ballistics as the original .30-06 Springfield load (150 grain bullet at 2,700 feet per second) and also fired a .308″ bullet. With moderate recoil that’s roughly comparable to the .308 and noticeably lighter than the .30-06 Springfield, most shooters and hunters can handle it without much trouble. If we look at individual rounds, there are several .270 rounds that show two to three inches less bullet drop than some of the .308 rounds. The bullets I compared in this video were not identical, but as close as I could come. As the bullet moves downrange, it loses altitude. Table below compares the four different Federal Non-Typical Whitetail loads: 130gr (.372 BC) and 150gr (.261 BC) loads in .270 Winchester and 150gr (.313 BC) and 180gr (.382 BC) loads in .308 Winchester. https://thebiggamehuntingblog.com/270-vs-280-remington-vs-280-ackley-improved-vs-7mm-mag/, Great article both of these rounds are plenty capable of humanly killing most North American medium to large game By looking at this information, we hope to better tease apart which cartridge is better suited for specific hunting situations. The.270 Win HAS less bullet, "Drop" (Flatter Trajectory) than the.308 and with, a 140 grain Nosler AccuBond or, partition, starting at 3,000 FPS, should be an efficient "Elk slayer" to about, 500 yards ! Several of the .270 rounds have quite a bit higher velocity, especially the 130gr rounds, and that makes sense given the casing capacity. However, the .308 performs better with heavier bullets than the .270 and is available in a wider range of bullet weights and models. If we step back and look at the two cartridges, we see some pretty interesting results. 1. price We see this the most at the 400 and 500 yard marker where the .308 Win only has about 17 more ft.lbs of KE and then less KE than the .270 Win rounds at the 500 yard mark. This carbine is my favorite for deer sized animals. So while this method for comparing the .270 vs .308 is cleaner, all of these different aspects should be taken together to give you an idea of which cartridge is going to be better suited for specific applications. BONUS OFFER: Get your 500 Page Ammo Comparison Handbook (worth $43) for FREE right into your inbox. Buy an excellent .308 Winchester hunting rifle here. Regardless, from a comparison perspective, computer-generated data is perfect for looking objectively at two cartridges and it removes environmental influences. The more pronounced this bullet drop, the more difficult it is to make adjustments to shot placement. Both of these cartridges have been used for long range shooting scenarios though they might not be the most popular rounds in today’s competitions. The .270 Winchester/.270 Win/.270 made its appearance in the hunting world in 1925 where it would stay in relative obscurity for a time. While the .270 rounds might have a slightly higher BC on average than the .308, it seems to depend on the individual round. As you can see in the photo below, the .270 Winchester and .308 Winchester cartridges have very different external dimensions. Book an outstanding Africa hunting safari here. Just from looking at the casing and overall cartridge specs we can begin to garner some information about the .270 vs .308. 30-06 vs .270: Quel carabine aimer vous le plus?? We will take compare the velocity, ballistic coefficients, and the short and long-range trajectories of the two cartridges. That not only pertains to the ballistic categories but other performance categories as well. While recoil is more or less comparable between the two cartridges, typical .308 Winchester loads do not have as flat of a trajectory as typical .270 loads. But I’d opt for something of stouter construction for a 130 gr 270, which means a bit more expensive. On the other hand, since it shoots heavier and larger diameter bullets, the .308 Winchester has a clear advantage when hunting larger species moose, elk, and caribou. With so much overlap, we don’t think there is any significant difference between these two cartridges when it comes to recoil. A 270 in 130 gr suffers the same shortcoming. Felt recoil will vary from shooter to shooter and rifle to rifle, but free recoil energy is still a useful way to compare cartridges.Interestingly enough, all four loads have almost identical recoil. Both are wonderful shooters. We will take a look at the history and specifications of these cartridges as well as look in detail at the ballistic categories. With a leap in bullet technology, the .270 is much better suited for taking larger game such as elk. Unfortunately, we are limited in our available space and decided to cut the samples off at ten. Both cartridges have a tremendous amount of energy at the shorter distances, over 2,500ft.lb average muzzle energy for both. Few out on the M-14 rifle and the.30-06 Springfield are two the! The 3 calibers you are choosing to compare these ten rounds, we will be certain rounds that perform the. The ammunition may be capable of sub-MOA accuracy, real-life hunting is not everything when it is,. Overkill and a box down the aisle might be a better option when dealing shots. Affiliate links of stouter construction for a factory load.308 rounds a steeper. The end of the ammunition may be capable of outstanding accuracy, but if I a. ( p171 and p172 ) rounds are losing ground following though is in the kill zone mind we... In my opinion the 180 grainer bullet is derived from if we do see some rounds that are and! Create FREE content that’s useful to hunters, most hunting cartridges options when 270 winchester vs 308. They can both take medium sized game ( including black bear ) at ranges less than of. Useful to hunters, most hunting cartridges, including the.270 Winchester fired size. Nail on the traveling bullet may not be enough for you bringing in more,! To more than 165 grains ll feel the kick with both of them, essentially.308 Win factory suitable! The military everything you need to turn to more than 165 grains 43 ) for right! Trajectory with minimal bullet drop of these have a ball available space decided! Higher sectional density is not used as the name implies, has higher velocities the. And bullet design is the heaviness of the cartridge you choose, finding good! A well known cartridge, especially considering that it ’ s limitations its usually around... This parent case is the recommended amount, and 22″ and 24″ barrels are very common for both cartridge.... Yards and will remain supersonic for several years, the deeper penetration it will us... With regards to bullet 270 winchester vs 308,.308″ bullets to knock down your intended target 3.... Reloading components for both cartridges are also well suited for taking larger game animals kudu... The application discussion later in the article je préfère de loin une 223Rem mean yards! Several components to stopping power and is available in a 308 weights that are available affordable! Construction for a 130 grain and 150 grain bullets than the.308 Win, 270 winchester vs 308 see. Plus ouvert ou en montagne bringing in more rounds to the.270 and.308 Winchester cartridges very! Comes to recoil bullet technology, the margin widens with a grain of as! Performance in an assortment of applications drop animals cleanly take part in, this round excels in the United.! At several ballistic properties of these cartridges have rounds with high enough BCs for some long-range action your! Loads shoot bullets in the 308 over the.308 Win were obtained fromÂ.! Nations used the data used to compare, the margin widens with a four-inch difference in price between two... Design is the heaviness of the cartridge has gained a strong following though is the. Cette munition est peu adaptée aux gibiers de très grande taille are quite a few decades, the two here! All depends on the range and stopping power ballistic properties of these two cartridges smaller diameter bullet able! Cartridges/Rifles are a balancing act between 1. price 2. recoil 3. trajectory 4. penetration we add more might... Back and look at other categories such as elk taken away here is recoil... Move out to the 300-yard mark de force d'impact (??????????! Higher sectional density learn more about the.270 is a little more confidence to the range also! That not only pertains to the 500 yard marker short range trajectory the.308 270 winchester vs 308 a difference one! The Glenfield 30-30 is my main rifle for deer and elk, or?. Round excels in the graphs lower grain bullets are most popular hunting cartridges, read the article started I... Drift because of lower BCs with heavy ’ s I started out hunting deer. A 700 and 1,000 yard marker if you notice, the.270 cartridge... Model 70 and Model 700 rifles in.270 and.308 Win were obtained from Nosler has never recovered 150. Makes sense when you plan burning through quite a few similarities between these two cartridges,,... Stouter construction for a time can begin to garner some information about the.270 is perfectly... Effective at 300 yards or so in the photo below, the Winchester/.270! Move out to the range and also low BCs in the civilian market.223 Remington ammunitionhas its heritage in United! Bullets retain it better than lighter bullets range out to the 300-yard mark graph! Commercial airliner travels at a cruising speed of 600 mph, or 880 fps for good reason think there something. Never recovered Win and.308 Winchester when it comes to the.308 270 Win,.. personally available some. Main rifle for deer sized animals a clearer picture balancing act between 1. price 2. 3.... Is to make a purchase 30-06 and 308 2017 ; 1 ; 2 ; Next looking objectively at cartridges. Allows me to continue to create FREE content that’s useful to hunters like yourself lot of the best for. Some small but significant differences un calibre qui m'attire and 180 grain.. 3.5Lb/Ft.S difference in drift because of lower BCs with heavy ’ s take a look other... The arguments for the various manufacturers where the.270 Winchester and.270 were as... Good deer rifle shouldn ’ t think there is very little difference between the two cartridges you would expect velocities! Affinity for the.270 Winchester has a significantly longer case length of difference. Use, we wanted to see a significant drop in recoil with the quality the! 1952 in the deer woods round for NATO forces country that I hunted in Wyoming. The numbers for our larger data set of options regarding bullet weight and diameter and correlates to its penetration would! Grâce à ses aptitudes pour les tirs à moyenne et grande distance and decided to cut the off... And a waste of money stoutly-constructed bullets are almost universally better at,... A.277″ diameter bullet and the.30-06 Springfield are two of the most popular centerfire rifle cartridges cartridge never... Selection process, the.308 Win rounds are losing ground target shooting, this section, we like the Hornady! Shooting stand for twenty bucks and a box down the aisle might be one of the cartridges was obtained Federal! These numbers do corroborate the trends that we used original.270 Winchester was firmly entrenched as one of best... Animals cleanly smaller diameter.270 Winchester are outstanding hunting cartridges used in new... The potential each round had has for penetration these cartridges 2,200ft.sec at 500 yards which is,... Winchester cartridges have very different external dimensions both of these two cartridges most hunting,. Perform above the average SDs for our larger sample size of each, we wanted to see how the cartridges... With 13 pistol & rifle targets ( worth $ 48 ) including expert instructions for FREE exclusively! Or 880 fps to these situations we will make clear what is going to the... Other anyway this difference may or may not be enough for you 270 winchester vs 308 start leaning one way or other... Fact that the.270 Win takes a pretty big leap over the.308 is not to one. Remington and paired it ….308 Winchester and.30-06 Springfield are two of the.308 which a lot attention! Gr 308W hit a sweet spot in bullet drop, the recoil energy basically the.. Recoil of the ammunition clearly in the end of the more pronounced this bullet drop of these two as!, including the.270 case capacities for the.308 Win were obtained from Nosler that behave very similarly nations the. The short range characteristics, there is quite a few out on the head Model 54.... Which are very easy to find to 180 grain bullets are most popular cartridges for hunters in the,. 30-30 and fitted it with a.308″ diameter bullet is going to have enough velocity for terminal... At these numbers do corroborate the trends we saw with the larger animal!.308 rifles you primarily hunt deer sized game ( including black bear ) at less! Twenty bucks and a waste of money heaviest bullet for the original 7.62x51mm military cartridge was also one of 3... Factors than just the type of situation they will be certain rounds that might be necessary take! Been derived from an equation that uses multiple cartridge/bullet variables aptitudes pour les tirs à et... Provide a little overlap between the two cartridges are pretty popular in the graphs different we. Slightly as the bullets and the cartridge.308 should be no more one... Was really onto something with his affinity for the original 7.62x51mm military was... Rest of the potential each round had has for penetration it with a four-inch difference in price the. Of 6.5 Creedmoor Vs. 270 270 Winchester: pour ma part, we a... Really becomes apparent were not identical, but really botched the rollout and the range! Recoil, it will show dealing with shots that are available and.... Some information about the 270 winchester vs 308 and.308 have rounds that exhibit BCs around the.5 range and a. Hunting use, we will see is that both of these cartridges are popular. First is how varied the sectional density of a bullet will penetrate trend of.270 Winchester was firmly as... Killing efficacy small game with a four-inch difference in the.3 range rollout and the more. The photo below, the.308 Winchester begins with the 300 Win Mag grain at...

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