The Last Gasp of the Clintonistas?

The Democrats utter inability to “accept the results of the election” (remember that?) has metamorphized through the first two of the Five Stages of Grief; Denial and Anger and for the last several days has been focusing on the third stage of grief, Bargaining.   To that end, the Left has viciously attempted to extort, intimidate, harass and/or threaten the lives of the 306 presidential electors who represent the states that voted for Donald Trump, to cajole them to become “faithless electors” and change their vote for someone other than Mr. Trump.   If Trump supporters had been pursuing these tactics if Hillary Clinton had won a close electoral vote victory, Loretta Lynch would already have had the Grand Jury hand down indictments for violations of Federal voter intimidation statutes!

As  part of this campaign, Martin Sheen, Mike Farrell, Debra Messing and other faded Hollywood luminaries have seen fit to cut television commercials directed to certainly one of the smallest intended audiences in mass communication history: the 538 presidential electors, urging them to “vote their conscious” and abrogate the will of over 62,000,000 voters by overturning Donald Trump’s electoral college victory!    Why would these Tinseltown “superstars” believe that these electors, largely from Middle America, would listen to them now, when their constituents; the citizens of forgotten, Fly-Over America, tuned them out on and before November 8th?

The fourth Stage of Grief; Depression, will set in once the electors convene at high noon today at the fifty state capitals (and Washington, DC’s city hall) to cast their ballots for president and vice president.    Donald Trump and Mike Pence hold a 36 electoral vote majority over the magic number of 270, to be ratified as the incoming president and vice president.   By all accounts, only one GOP elector, a gentleman from Texas, has publically pronounced that he intends to buck his state’s vote for Trump/Pence and cast his ballot for another Republican (not for Hillary).    There have been nine “faithless electors” that chose to reject their states’ presidential choices in the 17 elections since World War II.    The Democrats and the Left would need a total of 37 Republican electors today, to betray the voters of their states by not voting for Trump and thus deny him the 270 vote majority, which would be historically unprecedented, to say the least!   By all odds, the electoral process will be constitutionally complete today with Trump’s and Pence’s ratification by the electoral college and the fourth stage of Depression will fully set in – as Michelle told Oprah: “we are now feeling what not having hope feels like.”   Will the Democrats and the Left ever reach the fifth and final Stage of Grief: Acceptance??

To what end is this attempted Leftist coup, directed behind the camera by WikiLeaks star John Podesta and in front of it by Democratic California elector Christine Pelosi (the daughter), attempting to accomplish? To merely deny Donald Trump the 270 electoral votes to throw the election into the House of Representatives and delegitimize his election, as described below?   Or to cajole enough Republican electors to defy their constituents and vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton as President of the United Ststes today?   For Hillary to win the electoral college in what would amount to a banana republic-like coup (we’re now drifting into the realm of fantasia!), 38 Republican electors must become so “faithless” as to not only reject their respective states’ election of Donald Trump, but cast their ballots instead for the opposition Democratic candidate as opposed to an alternative Republican!

The Constitution directs that if no presidential candidate achieves a majority of electoral votes, the incoming House of Representatives will choose the new president and the incoming Senate shall choose the new vice president, once they convene on January 6th.  However, there is a catch to this constitutional process in the event that no presidential candidate achieves a majority of the electoral college: each state, regardless of its population, gets an equal vote in the House of Representatives’ election in determining who will be the new president.

There are seven sparsely populated states that due to their small populations have only one representative in the House of Representatives: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming.   Of these seven, only Delaware and Vermont are under Democratic control.  Under the Constitution and the Twelfth Amendment, each of these one-representative states has the same voting power to choose a presidential candidate who has not attained the requisite 270 electoral vote majority, as Democratic behemoths such as California with 53 representatives and New York with 27!   All told, in the 115th Congress to come, Republicans will control 32 state delegations, the Democrats only 17 and one state delegation (Maine) is tied.   In light of the political control of these delegations, there is no way Hillary Clinton would ever be elected president by the House of Representatives if enough GOP electors became “faithless” to deny Donald Trump 270 electoral votes.       Conversely, Trump would need only 26 of the 32 Republican controlled delegations to be elected by a majority of the states and thus be elected president, if the choice did devolve upon the House.    In such a scenario, the vice president would be elected by the Senate, with each senator having one vote.    Mike Pence would no doubt be elected,  most likely by a tally of 52-48.

So, what is the true motivation behind this Leftist Kabuki theater?   38 Republican electors defintely are not going to buck their respective states’ voters and vote for Hillary Clinton!   37 GOP electors are not going to cast their votes for another Republican candidate and throw the election into the House.   If such a GOP defection, unprecedented in history, would against all odds happen, Donald Trump nevertheless would most likely win at least 26 House state delegations and be elected president.   Vox Populi, Vox Dei!   So is this entire show merely an attempt to delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency even before it gets off the ground?

The Democrats are still reeling from Hillary Clinton’s upset defeat.    Nefarious conspiracies must have been afoot to deny her the presidency; after all, no right-minded American could have rejected the Democratic platform entitled “Stronger Together!”   Progressives believe that the arc of history is inexorably moving in their favor.   How could this have happened?   To have been beaten by Donald Trump???

It was the Comey letter!

(Well, you shouldn’t have set up a private server in the first place!).

The polls were hacked; that’s what happened!   Let’s have Jill Stein demand recounts for us in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

(Well, Trump won 131 more votes on the Wisconsin recount. And none of Michigan’s voting machines were wired into the Internet to begin with!)

Clinton won the popular vote!   As the majority of Americans voted for her, the electors should ratify the People’s Will!

(The Founders saw a danger in Boston, New York and Philadelphia – the population centers of their day, deciding the presidency every time.   A successful presidential candidate is required to seek support from disparate areas of the country, and not just population centers such as California (which alone put Hillary over), New York, Texas, Florida and Illinois.   Middle America would never again see a presidential candidate if the Constitution is amended and a popular vote system is instituted!)

The Russians hacked and influenced the election via WikiLeaks!

(There has been zero evidence that the Russians tampered with the vote count.   Further, not one member of Clinton’s inner circle ever denied the veracity of their respective emails!   So, the electorate was tainted by being supplied with too much information??)

Perhaps Hillary Clinton was just an arrogant, out-of-touch, self-entitled relic from the past with no explanation for her candidacy (other than it’s my turn), who was surrounded by an elitist, out-of-touch staff, who ran in a change election year as the status quo candidate, who escaped prosecution only because of who she was, who was burdened with a ton of other corrupt baggage including a Foundation that was a transparent pay-to-play scheme, who took too many states for granted, who due to hubris and a lack of respect for her opponent did not campaign hard enough in the closing weeks, who offered no economic message of hope for struggling blue color Americans and who exuded utter contempt for the average citizens of Middle America.   Maybe that’s what happened!

It’s time for the Fifth Stage of Grief, Democrats!

-The Chicago Patriot





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