The current state of the presidential race (8/2/16)

As the polls come in following the slickly- produced and star-studded Democratic Convention, it appears clear that Hillary Clinton has gained a substantial bounce, of at least nine percentage points in the race for the presidency, no doubt aided by Donald Trump’s ill-advised retort to the speech of Kzihr Khan at the DNC.    Why oh why, does Trump insist on charging Custer-like, into every trap set by the Democrats, especially one as obvious as this one!    While Trump reels from criticisms from such conservative organizations as the VFW for his insensitive and tone deaf comments about the Khan family, his indiscipline has prevented focusing on the true weaknesses of the Obama/Clinton era: an anemic 1% GDP growth rate; the worse economic recovery from recession since 1949; the rise of the ISIS terror army and the thousands murdered and enslaved to date; the use of the IRS and the Justice Department for political coercion and to chill free speech; the true U6 unemployment rate of from 9.9 to 13.4%; the doubling of the national debt in eight short years, etc., etc.   On top of that, the unindicted Mrs. Clinton continues to lie about her handling of top secret communications, claiming  in an almost Alice in Wonderland statement that FBI Director Comey AGREED that she did NOT send and receive classified emails on her home-brewed server!  She’s starting to feel invulnerable, isn’t she!

Why is Trump so indisciplined as to not hammer on these issues on a daily, hourly basis?   Is it true that deep, down inside, he really doesn’t want to be president – that capturing the GOP nomination was an ego-fueled maniacal romp, but the prospect of actually governing for four long years now seems to be a confining drudgery?   Or, as some have posited, is the 70-year old candidate now exhibiting early signs of dementia?   As an example, when asked this weekend if he had ever met fellow Manhattan billionaire Michael Bloomberg, Trump said that Bloomberg had never been to his office and that he met him perhaps one time…..Of course, Trump’s statement was then countered by a slew of photographs showing Trump and Bloomberg together at a myriad of functions!!!

Whatever the pathology of Trump’s “inconsistencies”, the state of the race now clearly favors Clinton, with all that portends!   God help the GOP!

-The Chicago Patriot






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Moscow on the Hudson? (7/27/16)

  • Donald Trump’s joking entreaty to the Russians to release the 33,000 allegedly “personal” emails deleted by Hillary Clinton from her private server on the Hudson, has caused almost spastic responses from the Democrats that Trump is inviting Putin & Company to conduct espionage against the United States –  to “hack” Mrs. Clinton’s lost emails!   “Espionage” to snare details of yoga lessons and wedding plans?   But unless I’m missing something, hasn’t Hillary’s email server long gone to the great motherboard in the sky – having been totally dismantled and dissected by the FBI?    Obviously, if the Russians (or anyone else) have plucked Hillary’s secret shortcake recipe from the cybersphere, the sluthful act happened many months ago – long before The Donald’s “treasonous” proposition! Odds are that salacious details of the Clinton Foundation are already in the hands of our adversaries with the drip, drip, drip of new revelations to come!  -The Chicago Patriot

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Breech at the DNC, and Chappaqua?? (7/24/16)

The Clinton campaign mused that the 20,000 emails hacked from the Democratic Central Committee, that were released by Wikileaks this weekend, originated in Russia.   If true, let’s make an assumption: the DNC’s cyber systems were better protected than Hillary’s home-brewed server in her basement in Chappaqua, New York.   The obvious conclusion from that assumption: the 33,000 emails that Hillary and her minnions deleted from    outstanding subpoenas and Congressional investigations on the claim that they were “personal” are also now in  the hands of the Russians!    In light of questions on the possible “pay to play” ramifications of influence by Secretary Clinton on requests by foreign governments in return for outrageous fees for speeches charged by Bill Clinton, ostensibly for the Clinton Global Initiative, can blackmail be far behind????

Donald Trump’s acceptance speech (7/22/16)

  1. Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican convention was not filled with the conventional right-wing laundry list of GOP hot button items; his address was far from that.    Loaded with attacks on free trade agreements, blank-check foreign intervention and globalism in general, a prime essence of Trump’s speech was based on old-fashioned populism, geared specifically to appeal to the American blue color worker and those who feel dispossessed by the “rigged” economic, political and mass media systems.   The name of Bernie Sanders was specifically invoked in the hope of picking up a percentage of NeverHillary voters!   The question that is raised: does the left to right political spectrum actually curve around into a circle, so that some of Bernie’s supporters may actually vote for Trump?

A post-convention bounce of +5 or greater will be construed to mean that convention was a success.  Watch the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio and New Hampshire.

-The Chicago Patriot

Cleveland tinderbox? (7/17/16)

With the Ohio open carry law in force in Cleveland for the GOP convention, armed protestors and the police will be eyeing each other warily, especially in light of what happened in Baton Rouge today.   The potential for at least one “incident” is high.  However, the potential for a firefight goes beyond merely clashes involving the law, as rival armed groups might confront each other.    A potential interesting scenario: a face-off between the gun-toting New Black Panther Party and the armed Bikers for Trump, which is a real possibility!    -The Chicago Patriot

“I did not send or receive classified emails” (7/13/16)

Why is Hillary continuing to insist that she never sent nor received classified emails, even after FBI Director James Comey’s exhaustive recitation of her repeated lies to the American people? Because she is afraid that Trump may win (Trump now only -3 in Florida; tied in Ohio and ahead by 2 in Pennsylvania) and that Trump will grab the reins of the Justice Department on January 20th! The statute of limitations does not toll for years! (That’s assuming BHO does not pardon her on his last day in office!) -The Chicago Patriot