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The company that makes the Royalex material for NOVACRAFT and all other canoe brands has stopped production. New listings: Keewaydin Royalex Canoe 17' - $150 (Little Falls - Fairfield), Old Town Penobscot 16’ Royalex canoe - $780 (Shelbyville TN) Wooden railed canoes are more prone to this than those with synthetic gunwales. The Vagabond is listed on Wenonah as a recreational boat!! This is a package including two bent shaft wooden paddles, motor mount and trolley. NOTE; We have just a few left Royalex canoes left in stock. Royalex is great material for canoes which we have sold for many years. Royalex canoe for sale 1967 Indian Brand Canoes Print Ad All New Royalex 16 ft Sagamo Birch Bark Design: 6.36 £ | Armitage Shanks S217001 White Sandringham Ro| Find Canoe Royalex in Boats For Sale. The company that makes the Royalex material for WENONAH and all other canoe brands has stopped production. Royalex® canoes can be susceptible to cold cracks due to hull contraction and expansion. By Conor Mihell. Mad River Explorer 16 for sale at Alder Creek. Most canoe manufacturers have taken steps to minimize the possibility of cold cracks and include tips on how to store your boat for the winter season in their owner's manuals. Photos of products. Large database of products for sale. Royalex canoes are so tough they can be pounded with sledge hammers or bounced against boulders without breaking. But the Penobscot performs better as a solo canoe than the Explorer...paddling from the bow instead of the stern. For sale is a 1990 Mad River Quest 14'7" long made of royalex.This canoe wieghs about 55lbs. I already own a solo Yellowstone in kavlar which I love but don’t want to take it on rocky rivers for obvious reasons! Royalex construction. This beautiful canoe has warm inlaid wooden gunnels and “gold leaf” labeling on the hull. Although both boats are Royalex, this boat is not quite as tough due to aluminum gunwales. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - royalex canoe listings. A list of used and new products from around the world. For Sale The time to purchase is now while we still have a few Royalex canoes available. Wenonah has dozens of models to choose from. disappointing!. Has original owner’s manual. I’m looking for a Royalex solo canoe to do rocky rivers in my area and a used Wenonah Vagabond Solo is for sale so I wanted to feedbacks from you guys!! Royalex is the premium material for whitewater and expedition boats. If you can look past the small blemishes mentioned above, this is a solid canoe at a good price.Thanks for looking. Took it out solo for 8 days on Utah's Green River, and it was a great tripper...handled well and as fast as other boats with two paddlers aboard. royalex canoe royalex canoe at – Classifieds across Canada. Royalex is great material for canoes which we have sold for many years. Nice blue Old Town Penobscot 16 for sale.The canoe had some wear on the keel and also a few small cold cracks which have been professionally repaired using gflex epoxy.The boat weighs about 60 pounds and is Royalex material. 1996 model in like new condition. Plastics multinational PolyOne ceased production of Royalex this April, making canoeists, manufacturers and outfitters alike wonder about the future of canoe construction. Royalex is buoyant & warm... A Royalex canoe is double walled, with an internal ABS foam core from end to end. Its been hanging in my garage for years without use.The canoe is in good condition and ready for the water.Because of the size it will be local pick up only.If more info is needed Email me.

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