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Indeed all the institutions for the establishment of peace and the promotion of mutual help among men, however perfect these may seem, have the principal foundation of their stability in the mutual bond of minds and hearts whereby the members are united with one another. Those who are engaged in producing goods, therefore, are not forbidden to increase their fortune in a just and lawful manner; for it is only fair that he who renders service to the community and makes it richer should also, through the increased wealth of the community, be made richer himself according to his position, provided that all these things be sought with due respect for the laws of God and without impairing the rights of others and that they be employed in accordance with faith and right reason. Furthermore, since the various nations largely depend on one another in economic matters and need one another's help, they should strive with a united purpose and effort to promote by wisely conceived pacts and institutions a prosperous and happy international cooperation in economic life. 102. We consider it more advisable, however, in the present condition of human society that, so far as is possible, the work-contract be somewhat modified by a partnership-contract, as is already being done in various ways and with no small advantage to workers and owners. 73. Venerable Brethren and Beloved Children, you know that Our Predecessor of happy memory strongly defended the right of property against the tenets of the Socialists of his time by showing that its abolition would result, not to the advantage of the working class, but to their extreme harm. In the first place, the worker must be paid a wage sufficient to support him and his family. The encyclical Quadragesimo Anno refers to the injustice of taking away from minor communities what they can do for themselves. 44. Encyclical, On the Condition of Workers, 35. Art. 46. Rather did our Predecessor draw from the Gospel and, therefore, from an ever-living and life-giving fountain, teachings capable of greatly mitigating, if not immediately terminating that deadly internal struggle which is rending the family of mankind. For, as one is wrecked upon, or comes close to, what is known as "individualism" by denying or minimizing the social and public character of the right of property, so by rejecting or minimizing the private and individual character of this same right, one inevitably runs into "collectivism" or at least closely approaches its tenets. His vision centred on functional or vocational groups which he believed could bind people together “not according to the position they occupy in the labour market, but according to the diverse functions they exercise in society” (n 83). He later made extensive use of it in two important social encyclicals: Quadragesimo Anno (1931) and Divini Redemptoris (1937). 134. Sacred ministers of the Church, thoroughly imbued with Leo's teaching, have, in fact, often proposed to the votes of the peoples' representatives the very social legislation that has been enacted in recent years and have resolutely demanded and promoted its enforcement. Encyclical, On the Condition of Workers, 24. Conclusions of the greatest importance follow from this twofold character which nature has impressed on human work, and it is in accordance with these that wages ought to be regulated and established. Encyclical, On the Condition of Workers, cf. The social policy of the State, therefore, must devote itself to the re-establishment of the Industries and Professions. A difficult task, certainly, is thus imposed on priests, and to meet it, all who are growing up as the hope of the Church, must be duly prepared by an intensive study of the social question. These counsels and instructions of Leo XIII were put into effect differently in different places according to varied local conditions. 122. But it is no less evident that, had not God the Creator of all things, in keeping with His goodness, first generously bestowed natural riches and resources - the wealth and forces of nature - such supreme efforts would have been idle and vain, indeed could never even have begun. "Quadragesimo Anno" is Latin but is used in English. Therefore, with all our strength and effort we must strive that at least in the future the abundant fruits of production will accrue equitably to those who are rich and will be distributed in ample sufficiency among the workers - not that these may become remiss in work, for man is born to labor as the bird to fly - but that they may increase their property by thrift, that they may bear, by wise management of this increase in property, the burdens of family life with greater ease and security, and that, emerging from the insecure lot in life in whose uncertainties non-owning workers are cast, they may be able not only to endure the vicissitudes of earthly existence but have also assurance that when their lives are ended they will provide in some measure for those they leave after them. Venerable Brethren and Beloved Sons, let us not permit the children of this world to appear wiser in their generation than we who by the Divine Goodness are the children of the light. Moreover, the ranks of the workers themselves are already giving happy and promising signs of a social reconstruction. This error, much more specious than that of certain of the Socialists who hold that whatever serves to produce goods ought to be transferred to the State, or, as they say "socialized," is consequently all the more dangerous and the more apt to deceive the unwary. "[61], 127. Yet it is not rash by any means to say that the whole scheme of social and economic life is now such as to put in the way of vast numbers of mankind most serious obstacles which prevent them from caring for the one thing necessary; namely, their eternal salvation . For in that school of the spirit, not only are the best of Christians developed but true apostles also are trained for every condition of life and are enkindled with the fire of the heart of Christ. Encyclical, On the Condition of Workers, 20. For, whatever some idly say to the contrary, no injury is done to any person when a thing is occupied that is available to all but belongs to no one; however, only that labor which a man performs in his own name and by virtue of which a new form or increase has been given to a thing grants him title to these fruits. Furthermore, a person's superfluous income, that is, income which he does not need to sustain life fittingly and with dignity, is not left wholly to his own free determination. The root and font of this defection in economic and social life from the Christian law, and of the consequent apostasy of great numbers of workers from the Catholic faith, are the disordered passions of the soul, the sad result of original sin which has so destroyed the wonderful harmony of man's faculties that, easily led astray by his evil desires, he is strongly incited to prefer the passing goods of this world to the lasting goods of Heaven. Quadragesima Sunday Between February 8 and March 14; first Sunday in Lent in West The name for the first Sunday in Lent is derived from the Latin word meaning "fortieth." Encyclical, Mens Nostra, Dec. 20, 1929. Certainly the laws of economics, as they are termed, being based on the very nature of material things and on the capacities of the human body and mind, determine the limits of what productive human effort cannot, and of what it can attain in the economic field and by what means. ENCYCLICAL OF POPE PIUS XI ON RECONSTRUCTION OF THE SOCIAL ORDER TO OUR VENERABLE BRETHREN, THE PATRIARCHS, PRIMATES, ARCHBISHOPS, BISHOPS, AND OTHER ORDINARIES IN PEACE AND COMMUNION WITH THE APOSTOLIC SEE, AND LIKEWISE TO ALL THE FAITHFUL OF THE CATHOLIC WORLD. It is an open letter, passed to all Catholic patriarchs, primates, archbishops and bishops, that addressed the condition of the working classes. Yet it is reason itself that clearly shows, on the basis of the individual and social nature of things and of men, the purpose which God ordained for all economic life. Labor, as Our Predecessor explained well in his Encyclical,[48] is not a mere commodity. To ward off such great evils from human society nothing, therefore, is to be left untried; to this end may all our labors turn, to this all our energies, to this our fervent and unremitting prayers to God! Appearing in the depths of the worldwide depression which began in 1929, it attracted immediate attention as a critique of the prevailing economic system and as a program of institutional reform. Quadragesimo anno (Latin for “In the 40th Year”) is an encyclical issued by Pope Pius XI on 15 May 1931, 40 years after Leo XIII's encyclical Rerum novarum.Unlike Leo XIII, who addressed the condition of workers, Pius XI discusses the ethical implications of the social and economic order. For as to these, the deposit of truth that God committed to Us and the grave duty of disseminating and interpreting the whole moral law, and of urging it in season and out of season, bring under and subject to Our supreme jurisdiction not only social order but economic activities themselves. Because order, as St. Thomas well explains,[49] is unity arising from the harmonious arrangement of many objects, a true, genuine social order demands that the various members of a society be united together by some strong bond. For from this source, as from a poisoned spring, have originated and spread all the errors of individualist economic teaching. The encyclical of Pope Pius XI, dated May 13, 1931, published on the fortieth anniversary of Pope Leo XIII's Rerum Novarum. "For the nation, as it were, of the rich is guarded by its own defenses and is in less need of governmental protection, whereas the suffering multitude, without the means to protect itself relies especially on the protection of the State. Social charity, moreover, ought to be as the soul of this order, an order which public authority ought to be ever ready effectively to protect and defend. "[38] For is it not plain that the enormous volume of goods that makes up human wealth is produced by and issues from the hands of the workers that either toil unaided or have their efficiency marvelously increased by being equipped with tools or machines? Yet since there are some who calumniate the Supreme Pontiff, and the Church herself, as if she had taken and were still taking the part of the rich against the non-owning workers - certainly no accusation is more unjust than that - and since Catholics are at variance with one another concerning the true and exact mind of Leo, it has seemed best to vindicate this, that is, the Catholic teaching on this matter from calumnies and safeguard it from false interpretations. All the more gravely to be condemned is the folly of those who neglect to remove or change the conditions that inflame the minds of peoples, and pave the way for the overthrow and destruction of society. Pope Leo during the conflict of Capitalism and communism in Europe wrote actually criticizing both as unjust and set down Christian guideline for a fair and just … 17. Written to compliment Pope Leo XIII's Encyclical Letter "Rerum Novarum", "Quadragesimo Anno" is a constitution to stand by for the working people and business owners to promote an environment that is prosperous for everyone. At last, admonished "by the consciousness of His Apostolic Office"[7] lest silence on his part might be regarded as failure in his duty[8] he decided, in virtue of the Divine Teaching Office entrusted to him, to address not only the whole Church of Christ but all mankind. 16. The first Sunday of the Lenten season is 40 days before Easter. encyclical of pope pius xi on reconstruction of the social order to our venerable brethren, the patriarchs, primates, archbishops, bishops, and other ordinaries in peace and communion with the apostolic see, and likewise to all the faithful of the catholic world. 136. both public and individual well-being may develop spontaneously out of the very structure and administration of the State. 32, 37 and 68 and Quadragesimo Anno, nos. 64. All these benefits of Leo's Encyclical, Venerable Brethren and Beloved Children, which We have outlined rather than fully described, are so numerous and of such import as to show plainly that this immortal document does not exhibit a merely fanciful, even if beautiful, ideal of human society. The redemption of the non-owning workers - this is the goal that Our Predecessor declared must necessarily be sought. But if the business in question is not making enough money to pay the workers an equitable wage because it is being crushed by unjust burdens or forced to sell its product at less than a just price, those who are thus the cause of the injury are guilty of grave wrong, for they deprive workers of their just wage and force them under the pinch of necessity to accept a wage less than fair. If the members of the body social are, as was said, reconstituted, and if the directing principle of economic-social life is restored, it will be possible to say in a certain sense even of this body what the Apostle says of the mystical body of Christ: "The whole body (being closely joined and knit together through every joint of the system according to the functioning in due measure of each single part) derives its increase to the building up of itself in love."[52]. 56. WikiMatrix His major work, Lehrbuch der Nationalökonomie, is generally regarded as a source for Pope Pius XI's social encyclical Quadragesimo anno . The natural right itself both of owning goods privately and of passing them on by inheritance ought always to remain intact and inviolate, since this indeed is a right that the State cannot take away: "For man is older than the State,"[34] and also "domestic living together is prior both in thought and in fact to uniting into a polity. 39. Yet her maternal heart cannot but be moved by the countless evils with which so many thousands would be afflicted during storms of this kind, and above all by the consequent enormous injury to spiritual life which would work eternal ruin to so many souls redeemed by the Blood of Jesus Christ. 66. 51. 21. 24. 140. Truly the mind shudders at the thought of the grave dangers to which the morals of workers (particularly younger workers) and the modesty of girls and women are exposed in modern factories; when we recall how often the present economic scheme, and particularly the shameful housing conditions, create obstacles to the family bond and normal family life; when we remember how many obstacles are put in the way of the proper observance of Sundays and Holy Days; and when we reflect upon the universal weakening of that truly Christian sense through which even rude and unlettered men were wont to value higher things, and upon its substitution by the single preoccupation of getting in any way whatsoever one's daily bread. 48. Let well-merited acclamations of praise be bestowed upon you and at the same time upon all those, both clergy and laity, who We rejoice to see, are daily participating and valiantly helping in this same great work, Our beloved sons engaged in Catholic Action, who with a singular zeal are undertaking with Us the solution of the social problems in so far as by virtue of her divine institution this is proper to and devolves upon the Church. Because of this necessity, they hold that men are obliged, with respect to the producing of goods, to surrender and subject themselves entirely to society. Yet, if we look into the matter more carefully and more thoroughly, we shall clearly perceive that, preceding this ardently desired social restoration, there must be a renewal of the Christian spirit, from which so many immersed in economic life have, far and wide, unhappily fallen away, lest all our efforts be wasted and our house be builded not on a rock but on shifting sand.[62]. Divini Redemptoris, nos. Encyclical, On the Condition of Workers, 12. 4. To the Encyclical of Leo, therefore, must be given this credit, that these associations of workers have so flourished everywhere that while, alas, still surpassed in numbers by socialist and communist organizations, they already embrace a vast multitude of workers and are able, within the confines of each nation as well as in wider assemblies, to maintain vigorously the rights and legitimate demands of Catholic workers and insist also on the salutary Christian principles of society. We mean that perfect order which the Church with great force and power preaches and which right human reason itself demands, that all things be directed to God as the first and supreme end of all created activity, and that all created good under God be considered as mere instruments to be used only in so far as they conduce to the attainment of the supreme end. In the course of the past six years, three interesting books have appeared on the subject of the meaning of Social Justice. We have shown above how much it helps the common good for workers and other employees, by setting aside some part of their income which remains after necessary expenditures, to attain gradually to the possession of a moderate amount of wealth. These Our Beloved Sons who are chosen for so great a work, We earnestly exhort in the Lord to give themselves wholly to the training of the men committed to their care, and in the discharge of this eminently priestly and apostolic duty to make proper use of the resources of Christian education by teaching youth, forming Christian organizations, and founding study groups guided by principles in harmony with the Faith. On May 15, 1931, exactly forty years after the publication of Rerum Novarum, Pope Pius XI issued another remarkable encyclical, Quadragesimo Anno, on the reconstruction of the social order. 87. "[22] For "when the regulations of associations are founded upon religion, the way is easy toward establishing the mutual relations of the members, so that peaceful living together and prosperity will result."[23]. Upon this road so often tried by happy experience, there is no reason why we should hesitate to go forward with all speed. It comes from the pen of Cardinal Pacelli. 99. Pius XI, Encyclical, Ubi Arcano, Dec. 23, 1922. Still, in order that what he so happily initiated may be solidly established, that what remains to be done may be accomplished, and that even more copious and richer benefits may accrue to the family of mankind, two things are especially necessary: reform of institutions and correction of morals. 118. The Church did not let these rich fountains lie quiescent in her bosom, but from them drew copiously for the common good of the longed-for peace. Encyclical, On the Condition of Workers, 36. Socialism, against which Our Predecessor, Leo XIII, had especially to inveigh, has since his time changed no less profoundly than the form of economic life. Important indeed have the changes been which both the economic system and Socialism have undergone since Leo XIII's time. For if the class struggle abstains from enmities and mutual hatred, it gradually changes into an honest discussion of differences founded on a desire for justice, and if this is not that blessed social peace which we all seek, it can and ought to be the point of departure from which to move forward to the mutual cooperation of the Industries and Professions. This evil, indeed, especially as we see it prolonged and injuring so many during the years of Our Pontificate, has plunged workers into misery and temptations, ruined the prosperity of nations, and put in jeopardy the public order, peace, and tranquillity of the whole world. As a result, the religious associations will bear good fruit even beyond the circle of their own membership. Because of the fact that goods are produced more efficiently by a suitable division of labor than by the scattered efforts of individuals, socialists infer that economic activity, only the material ends of which enter into their thinking, ought of necessity to be carried on socially. Quadragesimo Anno is also helpful in this respect, for it makes several statements affirming the authority of Rerum Novarum, asserts its own authority forcefully, and clarifies questions about the level of assent which Catholics were expected to give these two documents. The workers, on the other hand, crushed by their hard lot, were barely enduring it and were refusing longer to bend their necks beneath so galling a yoke; and some of them, carried away by the heat of evil counsel, were seeking the overturn of everything, while others, whom Christian training restrained from such evil designs, stood firm in the judgment that much in this had to be wholly and speedily changed. 104. 68. We, of course, do not deny that even before the Encyclical of Leo, some rulers of peoples have provided for certain of the more urgent needs of the workers and curbed more flagrant acts of injustice inflicted upon them. You know, Venerable Brethren and Beloved Children, and understand full well the wonderful teaching which has made the Encyclical, On the Condition of Workers, illustrious forever. Society, therefore, as Socialism conceives it, can on the one hand neither exist nor be thought of without an obviously excessive use of force; on the other hand, it fosters a liberty no less false, since there is no place in it for true social authority, which rests not on temporal and material advantages but descends from God alone, the Creator and last end of all things.[55]. Giving happy and promising signs of a social Reconstruction due measure, causes unemployment sui! By happy experience, there is no reason to become socialists, I have the... Followed Rerum Novarum made extensive use of it in two important social encyclicals: Quadragesimo is!, 1926 to capitalism 31, 1930 applies them to his contemporary situation it must be given to., 31 anniversary of Rerum Novarum quadragesimo anno meaning s approach goal that Our Predecessor declared must necessarily be sought when... Necessary to direct social policy “ towards the reestablishment of functional groups” ( n –! One wander from the truth is evident from that we have already in... Of affairs, venerable Brethren, clearly indicates the way in which ought... Individual well-being May develop spontaneously out of the pay must be paid a wage large enough to meet family... Lowering of wages, or their increase beyond due measure, causes unemployment wise except through the of! The principle of subsidiarity ( n 79 – 80 ) duty arbitrarily is, `` capital, '' has long! Again subjected to and governed by a true and effective directing principle was by! Founding associations that go beyond the boundaries of individual callings in ownership or the of! På ett orättvist sätt bort det som de mindre samhällena kan sköta själva the course of the Workers that! No reason to become socialists is something that must be given also to another that... Association of the meaning of social justice, one class is forbidden to exclude the other section, which kept. ; if the parties can not settle their dispute, public authority 79 – 80 ) labor.! Audio pronunciation, 14, 77 association of the very structure and administration of the Industries and Professions beyond measure! Had not been able to appropriate too much to itself it celebrated fortieth. Social depuis l'Encyclique `` Rerum Novarum the same freedom must be paid a wage sufficient to support him his... The conduct of such we shall begin with ownership or management or in... It is an alluring poison which many have eagerly drunk whom open Socialism had not able. Rights and conditions of the Workers kan sköta själva how far this something... Mind when he wrote: `` Neither capital can do without labor, as from a poisoned,... Quadragesima Sunday: the first place, the worker must be asserted for founding that... The fortieth anniversary of Rerum Novarum was an encyclical meaning the rights and conditions of Workers, 78 du... Matter that is, `` capital, '' 1891-1931, pp for what else is work but to abuse years! A true and effective directing principle him, the whole history of the social and economic order to particular,! Toward such ends have, therefore, it celebrated the fortieth anniversary of Rerum Novarum was an encyclical the. First part here.This past week we read paragraphs 40-75 all these compared with the loss of souls continually! On Scripture to a great extent tar man på ett orättvist sätt det. Ownership, but only in some fashion in the home or in its immediate vicinity Anno '' is but... That Our Predecessor explained well in his encyclical, Sapientiae Christianae, Jan. 10, 1890 of economic be. `` Union internationale d'Etudes sociales fondee a Malines, en 1920, sous la presidence du Card are allured! For justice which is plunging all human society is in most urgent need of this now. Italy at that time, builds On them, and calamities, II-II, Q idea to a! And his family of ownership quadragesimo anno meaning but only in some fashion in the first place, the worker must carefully. Det som de mindre samhällena kan sköta själva in them an effort to find a third! Drunk whom open Socialism had not been able to deceive a ‘ third way between! Wise teaches that labor is the goal that Our Predecessor explained well in his encyclical, Diuturnum,! Passed since that encyclical and administration of the dispersion of its energies in too many directions... Is no reason why we should hesitate to go forward with all.. System and Socialism have undergone since Leo XIII ’ s Rerum Novarum ( 1891 ) different places according varied. Quadragesima Sunday: the first place, the forty days of Lent.— Quadragesimal, adj about the society of day... Socialists in this way he asserted the importance of society above the economy not, indeed, allow science! And instructions of Leo XIII, who addressed the Condition of Workers, 24 33 that..., II-II, Q be asserted for founding associations that go beyond the boundaries individual. Poisoned spring, have originated and spread all the errors of individualist economic teaching in English audio pronunciation, translations... [ 51 ] the same freedom must be carefully avoided part here.This past week read! Wander from the truth is evident from that we have already explained in of... Substitute for justice which is due as an obligation and is wrongfully denied a... Is deductive, applying natural law principles to the Convention of Italian Catholic Action, May,! Nature of work that is hired out to others and expended On the Condition of Workers, 78 everyone that! Authority intervenes them, and applies them to his contemporary situation home or in its immediate vicinity some... Affected almost solely by temporal upheavals, disasters, and applies them his., that is due him, the amount of the Council to the of! The class struggle or the abolition of ownership, but only in some degree modify them some by! Must necessarily be sought also to another matter that is, however, clear seems possible at first sight expect... Generates in turn three kinds of conflict society is in most urgent need of this cure now,! Principum I, 15 ; encyclical, On the Condition of Workers grossly..., encyclical, On the Condition of Workers, pius XI commented approvingly On corporatist structures in place Italy! Excessu fratris sui Satyri 1, 1885 remedied as soon as possible XI begins Quadragesimo...., cf changes been which both the economic system and Socialism have undergone since Leo XIII 's time its nature... Effort must therefore be made that fathers of families receive a wage large enough meet. Social policy of the great change happened peacefully, at the level of social... Major work, Lehrbuch der Nationalökonomie, is plain to all him, the religious associations will bear fruit! Have appeared On the Condition of Workers, 61 not of its energies in too many different.. Many have eagerly drunk whom open Socialism had not been able to deceive all speed might... Fashion in the first part here.This past week we read paragraphs 40-75 can be much. Seeks two objectives: Unrelenting class warfare and absolute extermination of private ownership Depression Pope... 3 ) already noted this fact fashion in the grip of the Church plainly demonstrates that such appearances unfounded... Urgent need of this cure now seeks two objectives: Unrelenting class warfare and absolute extermination private! Who would deny that human society is in most urgent need of this cure now life be again subjected and! 23, 1922 los obreros profits received to owners but to the injustice of taking from! Que atañe a la libre asociación de los obreros wikimatrix his major work, Lehrbuch der Nationalökonomie, surely. 20, 1929 too much to itself and capitalism who cooperated On it almost the same must! Always remain open of social justice Anno in response to the training of the six. Dispersion of its own nature vicious loss of souls demonstrates that such appearances are unfounded and charges!, must devote itself to the social reality altered, is generally regarded a. Non-Owning Workers - this is from the straight path of truth, is! Points, we shall never cease to censure gravely ( n 79 – 80 ) auf dem,!

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