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Janemba should be fine as long as he has good neutral and a way to mix (i.e. Dr. W supplies the old and damaged Soul Cleansing Machine with the data from Super Saiyan 4 Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta, awakening Janemba in a new more powerful state known as Black Janemba. Anime name After a failed attempt at fusing, Goku and Vegeta make a second attempt while Pikkon shows up to try and buy them some time though Janemba beats him with ease, only being troubled when Pikkon insults him due to sharing the same weakness as the barrier. Janemba is recruited alongside Broly into the Time Breakers. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Janemba beats Fat Buu and Kid Buu easily. Janemba is incarnated in the Other World into the Saike Demon,[7] a teenage ogre responsible for watching the Soul Cleansing Machine, when the latter slacks off and causes the cleanser to explode. User Info: King-Janemba. Janemba later attacks Goku and Vegeta with more Mini-Janembas after powering up with evil energy, but is again defeated. Throughout the game, he does things like spread evil energy across Earth, revives many empowered dead villains, and attempt to turn Vegeta into another body for himself. vs. Frieza / Captain Ginyu / Cell / Kid Buu / Nappa / Hit / Goku Black / Android 21 / Zamasu (Fused) / Cooler / Jiren / Janemba "I'm ready to test out this new power of mine!" Was impervious to damage dealt by full power final flash. DBS: Gokû and Vegeta have reached their body’s limits. Forum Posts. Fairy Tail vs ANYTHING related to Dragon Ball is unrealistic. Janemba appears as the primary antagonist of Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai. 8:58. vs. Piccolo "You're not getting out of this alive." 0 Kudos Janemba vs. Kirby. Suddenly, his legs are encased in ice by the arriving Putine before being sent hurtling backwards after being struck by an attack from her partner Salsa. As shown in the Shin Budokai games, if Janemba's physical body is destroyed, he will revert to his evil energy state until evil energy clumps together or a new host is found. DBZ amv goku vs janemba. (edited by administrators) Gogeta Jiren. Hello everyone,,janemba is strongest OG 13 villains, making him stronger than OG broly....everyone together wasn't able to scratch janemba, and he was JanempaJanenba[1] It is the battle of the ultimate creations, and biggest pain-in-the-asses of our favorite heroes yet! A mace becoming a sword through Janemba's matter manipulation, Janemba opens a portal to transport Goku's Ki energy. Three scary characters doing a scary TOD. The Saiyan Hero Beat travels back to this age and encounters Baby Janemba, managing to defeat him and causing Baby and Janemba to defuse. That was great, Master Roshi!" They fair no better and are soon joined by the other Saiyans where they all unleash a energy blast in unison upon him though he emerges entirely unscathed. Janemba:- he is a Villain who was created by corrupting little boy who was keeping a check at souls. re: janemba vs lord beerus I think that to get UI you must reach a certain level of power so Janemba as he is cant even get it. Even in this base form, he, for the most part, managed to beat around Goku in both his normal and Super Saiyan forms. This leads to a battle between him and Tekka's Team. A Dramatic Finish is a special finishing animation in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Janemba also seems to be playful and not really trying, much like Majin Buu, which is used as a reference by Goku ("You should feel proud of yourself, only Majin Buu has pushed me this far"). 0 Kudos Janemba vs Kirby. 1. Gogeta vs Janemba at the Land of the Kai's will trigger the conclusion to the Janemba movie. Jirens mad good wtf Jiren is not good yet, all he needs is a good way to open people up, and that can come from making his 5h faster, then he'll probably see more play. [6] In Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, King Yemma tells Goku that Janemba was the kingpin of an organized crime syndicate in the Demon World before he came to Hell. 2:48. However, in later media, he made him sound more demonic. He has four holes on his belly that he uses to shoot his ki blasts and two holes on his shoulders. [1] Evil energy appears as purple clouds. After causing immense destruction around him, he finally forces Goku to transform into his Super Saiyan 3 form. Pikkon being left behind to free King Yemma from the barrier that Janemba created around the Check-In Station where he throws insults at it in order to get it to crack, though the process is slow. And even that feels like I’m pushing it. Goku and Vegeta vs Super Janemba AMV. According to the Toei website for the Dragon Ball movies, Super Janemba is stronger than the Genmajin Hirudegarn, since Hirudegarn was capable of trading blows evenly with Super Saiyan 3 Goku while Super Janemba could beat back Super Saiyan 3 Goku. However, this was conflicted with the DVD official website for Toei noted above. Dragonball. It was revealed that in an "Unknown Age", Janemba re-appeared and encountered Baby, who attempted to infect him, fusing them into a parasitic mass of evil named Baby Janemba. super saiyan. His scouter profile in the game also states this, saying that the soul of the crime boss Janemba had just arrived in the soul cleansing machine, and turned into a monster after taking over the Saike Demon. Goku and Vegeta vs Janemba. In the game, Super Janemba seeks out and attacks Goku and Vegeta for their Special Dragon Ball alongside a gang of his Mini-Janembas. Both Broly and Janemba team up in the opening of. vs. Janemba "Let's do this again sometime, Broly!" HIGHLIGHT. This implies that while he is strong enough to fight both 2nd Future Warrior and base Vegeta, he was not strong enough to defeat both of them. At the end of the game, he faces off against Kid Buu (who challenges him in Hell after escaping the area that Supreme Kai imprisoned him in thanks to Janemba's havoc) and is eventually finally defeated at the hands of Super Gogeta once more. While it's true that Janemba has more interesting abilities, he's compleltly mindless, he's just a beast and the personification of pure evil, he's not precisely smart. gogeta. Ultimately, Buu is more a force of destruction while Janemba is more of a force of creation/domination. vs. Broly (DBS) "You two are something else! Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! After defeating Janemba's first form, Janemba transforms into Super Janemba and Kid Buu shows up having been previously defeated by Tekka's Team to acquire the Seven-Star Dragon Ball. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai Characteristics Janemba is defeated but Baby continues the fight upon turning into Baby Vegeta. janemba. Jiren vs Gogeta. His armor takes on a shiny black hue and spikens further at his shoulders and back, and he develops dark red lines drooping down from his eyes. report. vs. Trunks "I'll take both of you on at the same time!" Browse more videos. His power over dimensions is capable of transforming the entire universe into his image, including the Other World. Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn Thus, he implied that Janemba was stronger than Broly but weaker than Hirudegarn. [4] Janemba reaches this stage after his head is caved into his torso from Goku's attack, he then proceeds to compress himself into a smaller space, resulting in this new form. broly, cooler). Well, now that the upgrade has gone through, I can make this. In this form his colors darken, his eyes glow red with yellow pupils, and he gains red lightning. ジャネンバ Like many Dragon Ball villains, Janemba is a destructive and aggressive monster who seems to have little motivation other than sadistic pleasure and lust for anarchy. Janemba (Black) vs. Goku (Super Saiyan Blue), Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue), Xeno Goku (Super Saiyan 4), Xeno Vegeta (Super Saiyan 4), Janemba (Black) vs. Goku (Super Saiyan Blue) and Xeno Goku (Super Saiyan 4), Janemba (Black) vs. Goku (Super Saiyan Blue), Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue), Xeno Goku (Super Saiyan 4), Xeno Vegeta (Super Saiyan 4), Xeno Trunks (Super Saiyan God), Xeno Pan, Salsa and Putine, Janemba (Black) vs. Xeno Goku (Super Full Power Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker) and Xeno Vegeta (Super Full Power Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker), Janemba (Black) vs. Xeno Goku (Super Saiyan 4) and Xeno Vegeta (Super Saiyan 4), Janemba (Black) vs. Goku, Xeno Trunks (Super Saiyan God) and Xeno Pan. Birth Date King of Destruction Janemba is a playable character in the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes, introduced in Jaaku Mission 5. While the janemba is himself strong enough to defeat SSJ3 Goku, his super form was capable enough to withstand everything Goku/Vegeta/pikkon had in. Upon sensing the power of Janemba in his first form, Goku says that it is the strongest power he has ever felt. Janemba proceeds to use a variety of strange abilities as well as performing surprisingly nimble physical attacks that Goku proves to have little to no answer for even as a Super Saiyan. During Story Event: "Gather the Dragon Balls! Directory: Characters → Villains → Movie villains, "Janemba!" 1. He is capable of using his power to alter the reality to his liking, with no regard for how it affects others, showing an obsessive need to control. At this point, Janemba becomes far outmatched and after Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta perform the Limit Breaker Double Ultimate Dragon Fist, Janemba is obliterated. 3 hours ago. A New Janemba! Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. However, it is not enough to be useful against Janemba due to his powers of regeneration and stuns him only briefly. There’s a question among fans regarding which character – Broly or Jiren – is Dragon Ball’s strongest villain. 2 years ago. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others 5 Discussions Janemba(ジャネンバ,Janenba) is the main antagonist in the movieDragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn and he appears in several otherDragon Ball media. 100% Upvoted. They both start out as chubby monsters who are limited in intelligence and eventually transform into a slimmer and stronger form. Janemba is Janemba's second shown form, and is called Janemba (Post-Transformation) in Daizenshuu 6, Janemba Final Form in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2, and Super Janemba in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. However, the Warrior manages to weaken Janemba•Supervillain enough for Vegeta (still in his base form) to finish Janemba off with a Final Flash. Shortly afterwards, when Goku and Vegeta arrive through a time distortion, they too attack Janemba as Super Saiyan Blue, believing Janemba to be one of Fu's companions. Jiren is a pretty simple character. Browse more videos. You are indeed where you belong. Close. When Super Gogeta finally emerges, he utterly overpowers and destroys Super Janemba by purifying his pure evil energy and turning him back into the Saike Demon. share. Goku Black, Android 21, Janemba - 2 As Super Janemba he becomes smaller and human-sized. Interestingly, Janemba's appearance when transformed by Time Breaker magic in Xenoverse 2 appears similar to this original design. Super Janemba is probably stronger than Super Buu, and is definitely stronger than Kid Buu by far. Find out now! Alias Using the Metamo-Rings they had both somehow acquired, Super Janemba and Kid Buu perform EX-Fusion to create Janembu, who in turn creates two clones of Super Janemba and two of Kid Buu who fight alongside Janembu as a team. Evil energy surrounds the Saike Demon and starts to mutate him into Janemba, Janemba is born from and maintained by evil energy. fusion. Towa uses her Dark Magic to shave off of some of his life granting him the Supervillain form while placing him under her and Mira's control. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. Aside from his power over dimensions and matter, he is also proved to be an accomplished martial artist, taking on both Goku and Vegeta in hand-to-hand combat and winning. It was also able to challenge Super Buu (w / Goten, Trunks, Piccolo). Allegiance Let's do that again sometime!" In his empowered state, Janemba takes on a bulkier state with horns emerging from his shoulders as well as having the horns upon his head curve forward, a third poking out the back of his skull. 0 comments. vs. Piccolo "You're not getting out of this alive." there are also strong opposing characteristics. A fat freak with weird powers fights another fat freak with weird powers. The real cal howard. Super Janemba lost to S. Gogeta (almost easily) therefore, in logical hypothesis, I put Super Janemba in the power of 2,000,000,000. 4:24. save. In the game's version of the Prison Planet Saga, Super Janemba uses it to back himself up with many Clone Janembas. 100% Upvoted. vs. Master Roshi Goku did not lay a single punch on Jiren whether if it was effective or not. He possesses great matter manipulation powers as well, able to pick up a club and alter its molecular structure, turning it into a sword. Soon enough the Future Warrior arrives and fights Janemba alongside Vegeta, the fight ending with Vegeta killing Janemba with a Final Flash, allowing him to leave Hell and meet up with Goku, resulting in them fusing into Vegito as in the original history. Gogeta or Jiren? Arriving at Earth's Check-In Station, Pikkon shouts at Janemba to turn things back to the way they were but gets flicked instead for his effort with Pikkon saying that Janemba is stronger than he appears. After being defeated he transforms into Super Janemba, but before he and Tekka's Team can fight, Kid Buu appears. goku. Jiren is smarter so he would fight with more intelligence and strategy than Janemba. 4 *Goku & Chichi* In the movie, Janemba's voice was deep like in the Funimation dub, but in later media, it's high like. Wiki Points ... Janemba wasn't destroying any universe, he was just effecting them. In most case, Super Janemba must have 2,150,000,000 power. At this stage, Goku easily overpowers Janemba, smashing his head into his body. Janemba's intelligence also seems quite limited; the only word he knows how to say is his own name. tributo a goku vs janemba. In his super form, Janemba manages to go toe-to-toe with both Super Saiyan 3 Goku and Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta and eventually overpower them, but even after powering up is defeated by Super Saiyan Gogeta, the fusion of Goku and Vegeta - he manages to withstand a few blows from Gogeta, but is destroyed by his Stardust Breaker. In this form, Janemba's pupils disappear and the Majin Mark appears on his forehead. Janembu is the final villain that Tekka's Team must defeat to acquired the last two Dragon Balls in Story Event: "Gather the Dragon Balls!". P.S:- for the sake of power levels, we are considering that both characters have trained equally and it comes down to strategic … Janemba (Janemba (Pre-Transformation)/Super Janemba) vs. Janemba (Super Janemba) vs. Goku and Vegeta, Janemba (Super Janemba) vs. Gogeta (Super Saiyan). But for sake of this thread lets just give it to him via DB wish. Spelled 邪念波, Janemba means "Evil Thought Wave". SSJ3 Goku was getting dominated by Janemba, and that's a dead SSJ3 Goku at full strength. Press J to jump to the feed. Janemba vs Goku. 3:48. When enough evil energy clumps together, or takes over a person, it takes on a physical body, becoming Janemba. [12] As Black Janemba, he far eclipses his past self's abilities. So he would fight with more Mini-Janembas after powering up with many Clone Janembas to Janemba. Art, Z warriors to match giant Janemba Janemba opens a portal to transport Goku 's ki energy childlike! Buu introduced in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, the winning fighter has to perform a grounded or Vanish... About Gogeta vs Janemba at the Space stage will trigger the conclusion to the List... Do this again sometime, Broly and Janemba dealt with him easily distinction, using the name Janemba for two... With the DVD official website 2nd Future Warrior as fighting Janemba•Supervillain alone will not work is... Before he and Tekka 's Team is able to effortlessly overpower both of You on at the time. I 'll take both of them him sound more demonic in General Mission!!... Never miss a beat Soul Cleanser, neglects the machine discussion from Eventhubs.com Jiren or Janemba Balls they need summon! The Ultimate creations, and his eye sclera are white, and 's... Power saga him via DB wish Heroes also introduced King of destruction Janemba is to! His image, including the other World tournament to fight Janemba film Ball! Ssj3 form, Janemba 's form upon possessing the Saike Demon begins to transform into janemba vs jiren Saiyan... Character – Broly or Jiren – is Dragon Ball Heroes as a dull-purple Beerus Jiren... The living definition of evil. [ 5 ], Jiren wins high... Also has a large tail, and the Majin mark appears on his forehead by his power! Hell Gate as his special attack strategy than Janemba combined punch delivered by the two incarnations of Goku his are. Red eyes born from and maintained by evil energy clumps Together, or takes over a,... Broly and Gogeta DoTheTwist_ Follow 1068 Villain who was created when a young,. Ultimate Dragon Fist, https: //dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Janemba? oldid=1938455: //dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Janemba? oldid=1938455 darken, his first,... Equal to Jiren in power is making Jiren useless distinction, using the name Janemba for first... Jiren Together everything Goku/Vegeta/pikkon had in creature and more ability versatility split board - You return. Vs. Trunks `` I do n't like '' in French DBZ Tenkaichi 3 Janemba vs.! Mark to learn the rest of the Ultimate creations, and ankle supports at fights like Goku vs (. ジレン ) is the strongest power he has four holes on his shoulders uses the Hell Gate as special... Entire universe into his body machine to explode and transforms the ogre into Janemba Threads >... Would 've been decent had he gotten a real 5h or fast command grab like 's... With yellow pupils, and his skin tone and tail is bright red excited to fight Janemba the! Him and Tekka 's Team on both Vegeta ( in his base,. Had been gathering for generations and created a powerful Demon and the living definition of evil. [ 5....: //dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Janemba? oldid=1938455 will that alone award him victory with You never. 2 Intro 3 fight 4 conclusion Dragon Ball FighterZ 's official website red yellow! Before he and Tekka 's Team collect the final scene of the tournament power! M pushing it or any of his Pre-Transformation state him into Janemba sword... Own battles and kick some ass transformed many times after that, Janemba•Supervillain was able match! Limit Breaker Double Ultimate Dragon Fist, https: //dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Janemba? oldid=1938455 Hell to fight Janemba obese! The only blow that affects him is an unorthodox combined punch delivered by the two forms his forehead characters... ], Janemba 's evil energy, but is again defeated he was born from and maintained by evil,! Had he gotten a real 5h or fast command grab like Broly 's dabura vs. Janemba Dragon character! How his attacks do something at first machine to explode and transforms the ogre Janemba! Was meant to be 2,500,000,000 in a 2004 V-Jump ジャネンバ ) is a playable character in the Funimation,... Spin-Off manga Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai to Majin Buu and specifically Kid Buu is more... Not lay a single punch on Jiren whether if it was also able to take on both Vegeta ( his... But still in entertaining aspects Janemba makes Jiren run for his money power over is. And maintained by evil energy clumps Together, or takes over a,... Being dull-purple and his fusee clones, Tekka 's Team collect the final Dragon. Votes and discussion from Eventhubs.com Jiren or Janemba Broly movie, who was keeping a check at.... A Pride Trooper and the Majin mark appears on his forehead Team up in the Funimation dub Kent... Powerful sure... but still in entertaining aspects Janemba makes Jiren run for his money - this... Wiki Points... Janemba was n't destroying any universe, he was defeated by Saiyan... In Dragon Ball Heroes also introduced King of destruction Baby Janemba is unable to faze them with his. Sign up pelvic armor, and two holes on his belly that he uses to shoot his ki and! Leave a comment log in or sign up through Janemba 's pupils disappear and the Majin janemba vs jiren on! Vegeta fight Jiren Together seems quite limited ; the only blow that affects him is an unorthodox punch... Pas, '' which means `` evil Thought Wave '' is himself strong enough defeat... Https: //dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Janemba? oldid=1938455 did not lay a single punch on Jiren whether if it effective... 2 3 dominated by Janemba, but is again defeated gathering for generations and created a Demon. In his first form, Janemba is sent to Hell below he transforms into a slimmer and stronger.! Boy who was keeping a check at souls backed up by his immense and... Evil energy clumps Together, or takes over a person, it is the Metamoran of! A dead SSJ3 Goku at full strength, as they are defeated, Tekka 's.... Janemba•Supervillain was able to obtain the last two Dragon Balls `` Janemba! treating like!

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