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But when it finally does happen, it happens in a big way. Charles Shaw Chardonnay. This is hands down one of the best buys that I’ve had in a long, long time! Best known for their Franzia boxed wine, this parent company kept the Chuck label in the backpocket until they had a use for it; partnering with Trader Joe’s to develop an ultra-low cost wine. The Charles Shaw Red Blend Wine?! Charles Shaw now offers three different wine options for the store - Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Rosé . The rough taste of burnt matches lurks underneath the fruit, and there’s not much else. The name lives on thanks to Bronco, which is the company that owns the Charles Shaw brand name. The two-dollar tipple? Charles Shaw? Are you kidding me Trader Joe? If you’re not a fanatic, this is enough reason to be. There are lots of things to love about Trader Joe’s, and its collection of awesome, affordable wines is high on the list.. Trader Joe’s is known for fairly cheap prices, but arguably its most famously priced item is Charles Shaw wine, otherwise known as Two Buck Chuck. This wine is more widely known as “Two Buck Chuck” for the stupid cheap price of $2.99 at one time. We’ve been working hand-in-hand with the winemakers for quite some time on these. Whether you realize it or not, this Trader Joe’s staple has more intrigue-per-ounce than it may seem. The morning after a friend served Anna McNeal a glass of Charles Shaw Merlot, she made a beeline to the Mid-Wilshire Trader Joe’s to stock up on the wine … When did they come out with this!? 2016 Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw Shiraz ($2.99) This has won awards, but I can’t figure out why. And where has this been all my life?! The best part: he even liked some. Trader Joe's has released a new line of wines. Charles Shaw wine, also (infamously) known as “Two-Buck Chuck,” is certainly a cultural touchstone. Back in 2002, Trader Joe’s started selling Charles Shaw wines at $1.99 per bottle. These products, made south of Ceres by Bronco Wine Co., soon were nicknamed Two Buck Chuck. If you are a Trader Joe’s fanatic, then you already know about “2 Buck Chuck,” their surprisingly delectable variety of wines that are less than $3. Big as in Charles Shaw big. We asked a sommelier to find the best Two Buck Chuck you can buy. Now we have the next chapter of the story… The Charles Shaw wine at Trader Joe's only costs $2, but is it any good? This is no wine for a mysterious night of wonder…is it? I probably should’ve written this review years ago, but it always seemed like I was going to get to “tomorrow”, but that tomorrow finally came when I picked up a bottle of Charles Shaw 2015 Chardonnay. December 23, 2020 December 23, 2020 Trader Joe's Reviews General, Wine, Beer and Liquor Leave a Comment on Trader Joe’s Organic Wine, Charles Shaw This Trader Joe’s organic wine, made by the same Bronco Wine Co. that also makes Two Buck Chuck , is a decent budget wine for under $4. Introducing Charles Shaw Wines made with Organic Grapes, delightfully drinkable, California wines crafted with 100% organic grapes. But what about the house blend?

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